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Author Topic: Pandarium. The most exciting game in the whole Blockchain.  (Read 74 times)
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March 19, 2018, 05:59:07 PM


Pandarium is an economic and educational game built around breeding digital creatures - pandas - using Ethereum blockchain.
There is no secret that we have been inspired by CryptoKitties, however we think we could tremendously improve the way players breed and collect digital pandas.
Respecting the player’s wallet since like...right now.


Once upon a time a squad of desperate little pandas decided to leave their homeland and find a better place to live. After days and days of unsuccessful searches they finally spotted an amazing valley guarded by ancient spirits of the Forgotten Mountains. These spirits were very happy with their new residents. Very soon the valley turned into a blooming garden with rich harvests thanks to hard-working pandas. When work is done - now have your fun! The ancient spirits came up with a brilliant idea how to entertain pandas - they created the annual Dance Tournament, which took place on Harvest day.|

Eventually the Dance Tournament grew so popular among pandas that it literally became the most important event of the year!Pandas were preparing to it with special care, because only high-quality genes could lead a panda to victory. Pandas figured out that breeding is most important issue, because their children inherited both parents genes and choosing the right partner could help their babies become  great dancers!In a little while the news of the Dance Tournament have spread all over the world. And pandas from across the globe came to the valley to take part in Tournament to win the Bamboo Trophy. Pandarium had been expanding.

Game purpose

Become the best dancer in Pandarium.
Panda must inherit an exceptional genotypein order to win the Tournament. Now, let’s talk about the way you approach breeding in Pandarium.


Every panda has a unique genotype which is represented by 12 attributes.
Every attribute is represented with 4 genes in its locus (positions).

In order to improve a gene of your offspring in specific attribute, you would need to find another panda with higher gene value and make love with it.
It’s all about love, you know.

However, breeding can’t affect only one specific attribute of your offspring. The whole genotype will be affected during the process. If you happen to receive a low-score panda, don’t get frustrated. Your chances to have a better offspring are going to become a bit higher within next breeding. A bigger difference, remember?


Pandarium's scoring algorithm is simple and unique among all crypto collectibles in the Blockchain.
It provides a precise value of the owner’s panda, based on its genotype.

You know that all pandas in Pandarium love dancing, right?
However some pandas dance better than others thanks to its genotype. In other words, they were born with those skills because their parents or grandparents could have been geniuses...or at least one was Smiley You could always look up at "Dance Matrix" to get a better idea of what strategy to try.


Higher gene appears in locus (its position) once sum of all gene values reaches the top value before next breeding.


Scoring system is transparent which gives the clear idea of the panda’s value which is controlled by market.

Founders of Pandarium

“Gen X” pandas have higher values of genes in order to give a birth to new greater population of Pandarium.
Pandarium offers a limited number of “Gen X” pandas - 4 096 individuals. They will be open for sale on closed pre-sale event.No more founders will never appear after it. Those founders will be highly attractive for breeding with “Gen 0” panda.

Gen 0 panda

There is only one panda "Gen 0" in Pandarium. It's available for everyone for free.
Every player could start breeding with Gen 0 panda. Public breeding depends on siring price.

Revenue model

There are two sources of income that help in development and support Pandarium:
  • Pandarium gets a 3.75% commission from the deal of selling, breeding or gifting.
  • Pandarium offers a limited number of pandas-founders of Gen X.

We stick to the idea of the Scandinavian auction, in which the seller exposes the initial and final price for a certain period of time


Pandarium provides a practical use case for digital scarcity and digital collectibles by Pioneering ERC-721, a non-fungible token protocol.|

In general, tokens on the blockchain are fungible. The value of every token is the same and, similar to cash, it doesn’t matter what token you receive. Because of this, blockchains track counts of tokens instead of the specific tokens themselves. This works well for things like stocks or currencies, but because Pandarium has breedable pandas, we needed to create a non-fungible token environment. To do this, we took the ERC- 721 protocol for non-fungible tokens, the standard for transactions and ownership of non-fungible assets on the blockchain. Using this protocol, Pandarium provides both an interface to browse unique items and robust smart contracts to conduct transactions (breeding) once both parties agree.


We believe that blockchain technology could deliver totally new and exciting experience in gaming that players never met before. Pandarium is the next step in breeding crypto collectibles which contributes it’s value to the whole crypto gaming industry.

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