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Author Topic: [ANN][ICO][HAI] The HAI Project | 🚀 Hybrid Artificial Intelligence 🚀  (Read 180 times)
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March 20, 2018, 03:37:46 AM
Last edit: March 28, 2018, 09:05:58 PM by HAIProject

HAI Project
Public AI for Cyber Security, Finances & Business Intelligence

The HAI Project is the culmination of a research made by a team fully dedicated, creating an advanced solution to the main issues our team spotted.
The world has been changing with an unprecedent growth in most of the industries but such an immeasurable growth creates some issues.
The Vision for the HAI Project is to create the first Hybrid Artificial Intelligence capable of detecting new cyber-threats, opportunities both traditional financial markets and data applied to business intelligence. Multiple infrastructures in every industry have flaws or misconfigured elements, allowing malicious users to abuse their systems or even try to attack them in order to get a personal benefit at the expenses of other people, this is why we need more than just men power.
It has been proven in multiple competitions that Artificial Intelligence is superior to humans when it is guided through the entire learning process this way it helps transforming raw information into usable knowledge. The most critical industries that the HAI Project Team identified were Financial, Cyber Security and Business Intelligence sectors.

How does the HAI Ecosystem work?

The Ecosystem depends on 3 key parts, the backend HAI system powered by a green facility housing computing power and main hosting plant, HAIper a platform designed to allow users to interact with HAI and set the different options desired in order to make HAI generate reports, strategies or perform an active activity such as network firewall or threat hunting and the last key part of the ecosystem are the HAI tokens, required to interact with HAIper by using the blockchain technology of ETH called Smart Contracts which are a key part of the lending program too, each HAI token represents a direct relationship with HAI’s computing power with the fully HAI tokens supply representing it.

HAIper & Smart Contracts

In order to make HAIper a reality a trustful mediating part was needed and it can be done with the Ethereum Block chain technology: Smart Contracts. With smart contracts HAIper is able to lock-up tokens for certain periods of time depending on the task desired to be performed by HAI allowing tokens to have a stable price (which can go higher because of locked up tokens) and in order to avoid spikes in the price and allow HAI owners to earn a passive income we created a lending program.

Lending Program

The lending program allows HAI holders to get a passive income by just owning HAI tokens, this program resides in the HAIper platform in which the owner of the tokens puts the tokens in the market with a lock up period from 1 week up to 6 months and a fixed lending percentage based on the market price of HAI tokens, on the other hand anyone who wants to use HAI for a specific reason and doesn’t want to deal with market prices or big acquisitions of HAI tokens can get any amount required from other users using the inner market in which the user can find the best offer depending on the lock-up time and lending rate.

Key Features

  • HAI Project has an agenda leading to improve HAI and create hardware solutions for medium/big businesses
  • HAI tokens will be rebought and burned out by the HAI team using funds from the lending program commission.
  • The Token Sale will be public using the ETH platform for investors security.

HAIper Use Cases

Threat Hunting
Allows HAI to perform threat hunting all over the internet using key AI functionalities to learn and identify threats such as malware, fake websites, scams and add them to the HAI’s own threat vault creating reports and finding solutions to block them.

Network Watchdog
Once a business gets bigger it needs to deal with bigger problems, such as malware attacks like ransomware, espionage or event inside attacks from any employee that’s why HAI can be the main wall to prevent it without costing a fortune and being easy to install inside the network keeping the data secure without sacrificing privacy as not a single bit of information will be redirected to HAI’s main network.

Market Prediction
Financial sector and cryptocurrencies can be pretty volatile and nobody knows exactly how the price of a stock/currency react but a prediction can be made by HAI, taking into consideration hundreds of thousands of different variables, and it is a fact that AI can predict the market better than humans or even hedge funds, allowing anyone to take a successful trade based on the results of HAI.

Marketing Strategies
Small and Medium sized businesses often can’t compete against bigger companies that rule a market this is because of limited resources with HAI this ends now, creating a complex solution easy to use allowing a business to identify the key differentiators between products and different facts that help a marketing campaign to be viral and successful.

Business Research
Same as the previous case it is pretty hard for a business to survive in its early stages as at least 70% of startups fail to continue for more than 5 years, HAI Project aims to change that, providing business strategy reports, business predictions and more, taking into consideration every detail with just a tiny bit of information as HAI can do a research on the internet and learn by itself about any industry/company.

A thousand more
HAIper is not an obstacle for HAI as it will allow users to fill options as they wish and the AI behind it will be able to understand the main objectives with a supervised learning and conclusions by our AI experts team.

The HAI Project aims to create a public tool inexpensive, reliable & fast allowing everyone to create high end solutions and make their dreams a reality


The vision comes of disruption of the known, allowing the people from different parts in the world to fight monopolies in different industries and get a better wealth distribution by providing accurate solutions to anyone.

Market Potential
Research has been done to measure the impact of HAI in the future, currently we are supporting 3 pilars at the beginning as it will allow a healthy development of HAI.

Cyber Security:
Only in the 2016 because of cybercriminals there are reported financial losses for up to 450 billion dollars, this doesn’t only affect the financial sector, it even affects you, data leakage, degraded critical services; you are not safe, many experts in the industry predict an increase of 600% generating losses of at least 3 trillion dollars by 2019.

Financial & Business Intelligence:
Industry leaders have monopolized big markets, stealing costumers from small business owners that’s because they invest millions of dollars for market research and that needs to end, once the bigger companies have gained control over a market, they tend to increase prices that only makes the 1% richer.
Curious fact in the United States 90% of the media is controlled by only 6 companies.

Token Sale Details
Token Name: HAI Token
Symbol: HAI
Soft Cap: 5,500 ETH
Hard Cap: 25,000 ETH
Price: 0.2 and 0.25 USD depending on the token sale phase and ETH price
Accepted currency: ETH
Min. Contribution Size: 0.1 ETH
Restrictions: Tokensale is unavailable to residents of the United States of America and the Republic of China.

Token Distribution
Total Supply: 100,000,000 HAI

5% (5,000,000) Bounty Fund – In order to give an incentive to the community we will have a referrals program and different bounty campaigns.

5% (5,000,000) HAI Project’s Team – Allowing the team to continue working on the project receiving an equal part of the tokens.

5% (5,000,000) Advisors Fund – In order to give something back to our advisors we will lock up a fund for everyone who wants to help make HAI Project a reality.

5% (5,000,000) Research Fund – In order to continue innovating the Project will own a part of the whole computing power of HAI.

15% (15,000,000) Pre-ICO
– The first token sale phase requires a fixed number of tokens to begin the process of funds acquisition.

65% (65,000,000) ICO – Divided in 2 phases the main token sale will give everyone in the world to own tokens and use the soon to be released HAI platform.

Funds Allocation

In order to create a trustful relationship with the community we will have a full funds allocation disclosure.

35% - Hardware: Since HAI will be hosted in our own facilities we will need to acquire hardware capable of giving HAI a lot of computing power.

40% - Research & Development: In order to make HAI a reality research needs to be done and there are many expenses associated plus the development of the different hardware solutions to be designed in the early future.

5% - Advertising: We will have a small percentage of the funds dedicated to advertising as we will rely on our community to spread the word about HAI Project.

10% - Operation: In order to keep the HAI’s main network up and running we will need to use different paid services such as connectivity, electricity and more.


CEO/Co-Founder - Alfredo Aguirre
An enthusiast of cybersecurity and finances with experience in both fields and vast knowledge in programming.

CTO/Co-Founder - Alejandro Flores
More than 4 years in the Data Warehousing industry and a passion for threat hunting in cybersecurity.

AI Developer - Lui Ferrandiz
Professional with +10 years of experience working as a programmer in C#, ASP.NET and AI specialist.

PR Manager - Keyla Garza
Passionate professional for crypto-marketing with experience in the technology field and capable of showing the vision of HAI Project.

UX/UI Lead Designer - Grecia Villegas

Experienced professional with +100 different apps in her portfolio allowing HAI to be easy to use.

Lead Infrastructure & Hardware Designer - David Covarrubias

High qualified professional with 5 years of experience in the hardware cybersecurity solutions industry.


Michael Scrollavezza
Professional with +4 years of experience as a Project Manager and designer experience.

Parthik Acharya
An expert in finances working as a Senior Financial Analyst for one of the biggest banks in India with 3 years of experience.

Official Media Accounts
Slack: https://[Suspicious link removed]/yExk7A
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March 20, 2018, 03:48:01 AM

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March 20, 2018, 04:06:42 AM

Looks like a great token!
Looking forward to this
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March 20, 2018, 04:12:43 AM

Looks like a great token!
Looking forward to this
Thank you! We hope to have you in our community and help us make HAI a reality, please visit our website for more information & join our telegram room
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March 27, 2018, 11:01:28 AM

Dev team and advisors profile have no links to see the experience of them it seems some college friends decided to launch this project. Is testnet planned to launch before launch of ICO or it will happen after finish of it.
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March 29, 2018, 08:25:27 AM

Finally this project is now up! Ive been waiting for this and I am very excited as I read the goal and vision of the project.  This is very interesting and would be glad and proud to support this all the way up. happy to be part of it. 🙂

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March 29, 2018, 01:54:36 PM


HAI Project has been listed on TrackICO (link:

Feel free to contact us via if you have any questions.

Thank you! The newest thread is the following:
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March 31, 2018, 08:53:55 PM

The part of the project which I like best and makes me endeared to the project is the use case of using artificial intelligence to detect new cyber-threats. I'm not a prophet, but I tell you what? This will be massive if it goes as planned and the project is successful
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