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Author Topic: [ANN] [ICOKE] Coca-Cola Coin  (Read 91629 times)
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September 30, 2022, 09:11:54 AM
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Coca-Cola Coin
The coins are an artistic representation of the company's future coins.
The coins are real and can be traded but are not backed by the company depicted in the image and name.*
[ICOKE] A Coupon-Coin*
* The "Coupon-Coin" coin model is my intellectual property

The Coca-Cola Coin is the first in a series of coins which are made
to present the future of crypto-currencies, and the future of a true free market which breaks the state's monopoly on currency.*

The coins can be traded P2P
on the counterwallet exchange platform

open wallet here to buy coins

"....Then I will create a CocaCola Coin.... and other industry coins.
Each coin will be created as an illustration for the real coins these industry may create one day"

The representation of each company is done using the artistic freedom, an artist
like myself has, to paint a very clear vision of the reality I wish to represent
[ICOKE] Coupon-Coin sale
A limited addition of 10,000 [ICOKE] coins have been issued on Counterwallet
Each coin will act as a Coupon to buy my product at a discount.
1 bottles of Coca-Cola for 1 Coca-Cola coin.
My Coca-Cola bottles are art pieces, Original art prints, using the Coca-Cola brand images
These rt piece can be bought using any currency but using the [ICOKE] gives a discount.
1 coin unit sells for 0.01 bitcoin and 1 art piece unit sells for 0.1 bitcoin or more
1 [ICOKE] coin  = 1 Coca-Coal soda bottle*
*This bottle is an art piece not real soda bottle

1[ICOKE] coin = 0.01 Bitcoin*
*coins that are issued and put in the market for sell in the first round

1 Coca-Cola soda bottle* = 0.1 bitcoin*
* The art bottles can be bought directly with bitcoin but the coin acts as a coupon.
 In the real Coca- Cola coins case it will make sense to keep a much smaller gap between the market price and the coupon coins.

COUPON-COIN monetary model

1 coupon unit = 1 product unit
price of 1 coupon unit < price of 1 product unit in the market

The coupon units has no expiration date (unlike most coupons)
The coupon units will always be redeemable by issuer (or risk management agent) for the monetary value that it was issued at.

The monetary benefits of the model:

1. coin value stability - A value that range between the market price of the product unit ,and the issue price of the coupon unit.
    The smaller the gap is, the less fluctuations of value are possible
2. Ease of rating the real value and risks of the coin - The balance of,  products in production, damned for this product and the total value of      
    other assets can be evaluated to determine the real value of the coin at any given momen

These coins is where fiction meets reality.

*The representation of each company is done using the artistic freedom to depict any image in order to create the artistic clear vision of reality that I wish to represent.


Independent-Currencies Market

As virtual wallets are taking shape and the rise of Bitcoin shatters the paradigm of money held for centuries,
the roads are now open for industries and corporate to start capitalizing directly with their own issued currency.
Also communities of users such as the social networks and organisations are ready to put their community power in the market and create their own currencies.
We are approaching this stage demonstrated by Coca-Cola Coin [ICOKE] as we speak,however this is only the beginning.....

Payment on work
Choice of payment on work will become the greatest factor to determine these new currencies value. The primary value of a coin, that which on its behalf the currency was issued, will rise dramatically once a person will ask to be payed on his/her work with this coin. By making a choice in which currency one is getting paid, this person’s work become valued as a product of the industry he choose to be paid by its currency. Thus the currency is now representing not only the future products of the industry that issued it, but also the future products (of any industry) gained by that person’s work.
This factor will have great effect on the future credit market and will stop the abusive practices of the current banking system

The greatest force in modern economy is credit, all currencies originated in credit, and any expansion of the money in circulation is based on credit.
In the current system central banks and commercial banks through the consent of the states are the ones issuing credit in a form of fiat money.
But credit in itself is originating in a system of trust and can not be owned by any state.
This so called trust is backed by credit rating which is a combination of statistical data and periodical evaluations.
Thus it is the evaluation process which will soon favor the currencies which will perform better than that of the national currencies.
This free evaluation process will expend the credit market into the independent currencies market.

Since most of us need credit to buy our education, cars and homes, we will "work" for the currencies which will provide us with the best credit package.
Credit provider which will share profit with it's users community will be most attractive to users and thus create grater demand to its coin

Reposting the OG announcement with OG image
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