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Author Topic: Tell you how to find a good blockchain project  (Read 55 times)
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April 18, 2018, 12:51:03 PM
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In the blockchain world, there are many projects, many fraudsters, and many leeks. In the bull market, everyone feels ultra-invincible, but there is a saying that is good. “Only the tide recedes to know who is nude.”

I have always been very interested in how I can build my own understanding to understand the value of a project. In the past month, I wrote an article that is relatively simple for project evaluation, leaving a suspense that I would share with Everyone I have collected project evaluation models, and it has been until now.

What we share today is Math (digital world) project evaluation model. The public number is: the digital world (welcombitcoin), a team that specializes in the evaluation of blockchains. I see some of the project ratings that they do on the Internet and I’m eager to know what rating model they use, so it’s on the web. Find and finally find the project rating model they used, updated from v0.1 to current v0.4. The following is the v0.4 version of the project.

1, 30% of the project

Whether the project itself is necessary or not, the impact on the development of the entire blockchain industry is very important to determine the project, so the project itself is the first step in the evaluation. Divided into the following dimensions:

business model

Application scenario

development stage

Token distribution model

Project necessity

Project fit (including project breadth, depth, and integration)

2, the team 15%

The team is the soul of a project. The same concept, the same program, and the degree of progress in the different teams are definitely different. In the project evaluation team can be divided into the following dimensions:

Technical team

Marketing team

Founding team

Investment Advisor

Partners (partners can confirm whether the project itself is necessary)


3, technology 20%

The current development of the blockchain is still in its infancy. Although the blockchain industry is technology-driven, technology is not the decisive factor. It also needs to cooperate with the market to see if the community can form enough consensus, and technically, this Evaluation from the following dimensions:

white paper

techinque level

Technical positioning

The degree of integration with the original industry (breadth, depth, degree of integration)

4, the market 20%

The market is the most important test for whether or not the most important project can be truly and well-run. All projects must pass through market investors and actual users. The market can be divided into the following dimensions:

Project Business Logic

Project development stage

Market popularity (number of communities, community quality, community interaction)

Market size

Market positioning

Project necessity

Industry pattern

5, project confidence 15%

Unlike traditional projects, blockchain projects have not been subject to control by regulatory agencies and are more complicated in composition. Therefore, the project's ability to see the performance of projects is also an important aspect:

Technological development progress

Code open source project

Code update quality

Extremely high on-line product

The progress of the exchange

Project progress compliance

Does the project cycle change

6, independent dimensions

In addition to the above dimensions, there is an additional uncertainty factor, such as the issuance of additional information, disclosure of information, or some uncontrollable "black swan."

The above is the basic model of the Math team's project rating, of course, there are a lot of details and evaluation criteria. When each person uses this model, they may have very different results based on each person's investigation situation and cognitive level. However, the above methods will help you to have an overall understanding and perspective when assessing the project.
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