Economic Devastation
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If we see capital as "the means of production" then in modern economy capital IS knowledge and the knowledge worker, and the Banks are the Patent Offices. Problem is for Industry as we know it is that the Machine stays where you put it, while a Knowledge worker can move to a higher bidder. True they try to pin them using NDAs but that goes against the principles of free-market.
If we take this situation to the extreme where everyone offers services instead of employed work then the only barrier is a discovery, scheduling and transaction platform for the vast network services, cryptos can help here. Still I think groups will arise in order to have some result guaranties, and fixed networks that have achieved optimality or have broken through a new scape.
Corporations will hang around I guess as long as they can hold on to finite resources, or operate complex processes that will lose efficiency in a decentralized network. But for the Knowledge workers I think it will be the norm.

I think Steam shows a future here.
I have refined my theory. Here is discussion:

blablahblah, 3D printers can print themselves. Grow up man. You can't even understand the point, that chemicals don't allow you produce creations. The computer and the 3D printer change the landscape of what individuals can produce. Don't come in my thread. I will not allow you to post there. You are permanently banned from my life. Talk about garbage out. Everything you say is complete garbage. And that attack is intentional. Because it is true. I don't have time to respond to all your garbage drivel.
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blablahblah, 3D printers can print themselves. Grow up man.

It's called debate and I'm not letting this point slide. Please show evidence of 3d printers that can fully self-replicate, including printing their own embedded electronics, or your claim is busted.

I've seen the cool viral advertising where they print replacement plastics which are then assembled with manual labour, but AFAIK the only fully self-replicating things in existence, which are integrated enough to call machines, are biological. Or virtual.

Come on. You're talking about "material production at the asymptote" and stuff. This one should be a breeze.

Graphene may change that, and nano-printing, but it's not that what bothers me...
If you take a look at current printing market status you will see that the printer costs as much as a ink cartridge replacement.
Everything will be solved once you have even 1% of humanity doing autonomous knowledge production full-time.

The first computer was so clunky that they had to test 1000s of vacuum tubes if one malfunctioned:

We are at the cusp.

And you are going to swept away.
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Can we just blame the Gov and talk about basic libertarian solutions?

The Libertarian platform advocates for:
Minimally regulated markets
A less powerful federal government Strong civil liberties
Separation of church and state
Open immigration

We had a government like this at one point (the US government circa 1800). Unfortunately it spontaneously degenerated into what we have today.....

..spontaneously degenerated?
The Federalists won out over the Anti-Federalists; I wouldn't call it spontaneous.
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