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Author Topic: [ANN] Global Digital Content (GDC) token - gamified sports/esports/media/games!  (Read 122 times)
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December 11, 2019, 03:12:54 AM
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Hi guys! We’re here today to share basic facts about GDC. We understand some of you may be curious about what’s happening with GDC and what exactly the token is about. To provide better understanding, we’ve prepared a general fact sheet for you guys to get an idea of how vast and exciting this project is!  Cool

GDC token is an ERC-20 based utility token issued by ArenaCast ( Currently there is a total supply of 4,765,815,836 GDC and the token is listed on Coinbene with plans in near future to get on more than a handful of leading global exchanges. GDC is expected to be widely used across millennial-target sectors such as games, e-commerce, e-sports, finance, entertainment and more! Our team determined that it would be better to provide a token which offers MANY use-cases across everything digital-content based. That’s how GDC came about!

ArenaCast is the issuer of GDC. The company has its headquarter in Irvine, CA and its Asia-based offices in Singapore and South Korea. Now most of you guys probably spend quite a lot of time on streaming platforms such as Youtube, Twitch, Netflix and so forth to watch your favorite competition shows whether it’s sports, e-sports, casual social competition and more. Now, imagine watching all of your favorite competition shows and participating in it real-time with great benefits! ArenaCast brings you the world’s first interactive sports/e-sports gaming content platform. Basically, you can watch all-things-competition via ArenaCast and engage in various gaming content such as trivia, quizzes, and more. The goal is to create value and entertainment in a way that has never been done before!

We gave you a simple intro into GDC background and now we’d like to share actual use-case applications!

GAMES: You can use GDC to participate in all Rankingball Games which specializes in gamified interaction for live sports ( There are over 300,000 active Rankingball participants who gather to watch their favorite sports/e-sports games real-time while playing interactive games to make some profit. Rankingball Games offer a play-by-play strategy prediction game platform which is highly popular in North America and Europe. It quantifies real-time events that occur in sports/esports and reflect them in a scoring system similar to Bingo, the world’s all-time-favorite game.

E-COMMERCE: Now you can use GDC to purchase mobile top-ups and gift cards for yourself, your family members, your friends, and anyone you would like! Download the KEEN Wallet ( which offers more than 10,000 number of games, retail gift cards and mobile top-ups at a very affordable price when purchased using GDC. Instead of having to shop through various sites or having to go through various payment gateways, you can purchase your select item using GDC which makes the process easier and intuitive! Also, having the purchases on blockchain provides no fraud, high security, and a guarantee that you will get what you pay for! You can also list the items you own on KEEN Wallet’s marketplace to trade with others.

ARENACAST: Use GDC to watch and or participate in ArenaCast’s streaming service which will broadcast popular e-sports/sports games as well as its own games. Also, influencers and streamers will be invited to participate in social casual competition and users can use GDC to support the event. GDC will serve as a ticket for users to maximize their fun and scalability in all-things-competition platform. For example, imagine watching your favorite e-sports game, sports competition, and random competition events such as ‘Who can eat the most hamburgers in 15 minutes?’ via gamified interaction or sponsoring a live-game between living basketball legends Michael Jordan and Shaq! (We can dream, right?)

ENTERTAINMENT: You can use GDC to add value and support your favorite celebrity via celebrity tokenized platform Celebeco. Celebeco is a celebrity token index trading platform where users can use GDC to contribute to their favorite celebrity’s popularity and brand value. Celebeco will provide tokenization of celebrities’ popularity which will create new content value and deliver a means for new shape of communication between fans and celebrities. Imagine taking part in boosting your favorite celebrity (Justin Bieber, BTS, Taylor Swift) popularity index with GDC!

FINANCE: You can also use GDC as collateral for GST which is a stable coin based on collateralized GDC/ETH. The volatility will be low which means low risk for users.

You can learn more about us via our social media channels:



We hope this has been helpful in introducing GDC in a simple yet easy-to-understand way. Going forward, we are eager to bring exciting news to you guys!

Thank you for participating in the GDC journey with us.

- GDC token team

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