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Author Topic: Does everyone already know about New Cash Coin (NEWC)? Let's know a little more  (Read 192 times)
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October 08, 2019, 10:44:34 PM

New Cash Coin

Bitcoin has initiated a technological and financial revolution that is impacting the world in a significant way. The cryptocurrency created by Satoshi Nakamoto drew people's attention for reasons other than their unprecedented appreciation in contemporary history.
Concepts such as: decentralization, transparency, agility and security in borderless transactions without barriers have captivated enthusiasts and investors broadly opening up their world and business perspectives.
A new financial system is evolving, and enthusiasm for new technology goes along to turn what is potential in reality.
New Cash Coin is part of the new new system that is emerging.
Bitcoin's main secret is to have no secrets. Its open source development enabled many others to tap into the potential of its fundamental technology, Blockchain, in alternative designs. Alternative currencies to Bitcoin have emerged by creating a vast ecosystem of altcoins and tokens that flows to the market bringing their own innovations and disruptive solutions to the world of finance.
New Cash Coin was built with PIVX technology that is a Bitcoin Fork.

In the wake of the Bitcoin revolution and moving toward a future where digital currencies will reign, everyone should be aware that decentralized technologies are capable of creating much more robust systems than those that form the basis of the current banking and government system.

New resources will be created and new opportunities will be opened to those who are attentive.

Cryptocurrencies, however, will only become a reality in most people's lives in the future, when this technology as a whole will be more mature. But this future is already a reality today, at least in the lives of those who are currently at the forefront of history.
  • New Cash Coin is a present alternative with great potential in the future!
  • New Cash Coin is being born in a very attractive value and its long-term appreciation potential is real.
  • New Cash Coin will be used in negotiation contexts at New Cash Exchange (
  • New Cash Coin facilitates practical access to the world of cryptocurrencies and fosters the development, education and promotion of this new technology.

You are facing a unique opportunity and a project that combines disruptive technology, practical utility and social revolution in the direction of financial freedom.
The cryptocurrencies market is extremely promising, but it should be emphasized that no one should turn a blind eye to the risks involved in it.
Bitcoin's volatility, for example, is one of the most evocative features of investors fears, since with price fluctuation one can see their money depreciate greatly overnight. The other side of this, however, is that the money invested in Bitcoin can also increase exponentially overnight.
For example, in a relatively short time, the Bitcoin bitter devaluation between the end of 2017 and the end of 2018. But when you take into account a longer period of price comparison, Bitcoin accumulated appreciation of about 1,900% between October 2015 and October 2018. And more than 150% in the first semester of 2019.
The conclusion is that we are facing a developing market with great profit possibilities!

New Cash Coin is a cryptocurrency that uses the algorithm QUARK generated from a fork of PIVX cryptocurrency, that is a fork of Bitcoin, but improved. This indicates that all security, privacy and technology of the project follow high quality standards.
The PoS (proof-of-stake) system ensures the computational power of it's blockchain in a decentralized manner, without high costs with energy or equipaments.
In terms of Privacy, the transactions can be made without revealing their origin.
Masternodes immunize the network against attacks and provide investment opportunity for any investor profile in a practical and low cost way.
New Cash Coin will also serve as a currency for projects that want to list their own crypto and tokens on our platform, and serve as a premium for active users on Exchange in specific campaigns.

There will be 600 million coins (600.000.000 NEWC).
No new NEWC units will be created at any time or future circumstance!
Pre-Mined 152 Mi NEWC.
See the chart above for details of the distribution of the 152 Mi pre-mined NEWC.

PoS - Masternode
Proof-of-stake / PoS
Proof-of-stake emerged as an alternative for Proof-of-work. The technology consists of nodes that have a number of coins, defined by the network, in order to generate blocks and earn more coins based on a so-called participation test.

PoS has some advantages like:
  • Lower energy costs when compared to PoW
  • Protection against 51% attacks and DDoS
  • The Nodes run in multiplatforms (hardware e software)
  • Ease of integration and participation leading to greater decentralization
Just like PoW, PoS cannot be easily falsified, thus meeting the requirements of a safe and revolutionary monetary system.

Masternode is a dedicated server, trustable and available to expand the descentralization and generate private transactions in the network, among other things. In order for a node to become a Masternode it must meet some technical requirements and have a minimum balance of coins in its possession.
To create a Masternode you must have 200,000 NEWC in your possession.
Masternodes also becomes an investment opportunity, since they generate return in cryptocurrency!
See more technical details in our Documentation on: PoS - Masternodes

Rewards - Masternode
The return on investment in a Masternode works as follows:
A Cryptocurrency has as its functional base a chain of blocks (blockchain) that are generated by the nodes of that network.
Every 2 minutes a new block of 2 Mb is generated and its difficulty is adjusted to each new block, according to the demand of the network.
The rewards for Masternodes can reach 70%.
Check in the table below the generation of currencies by block height and periodicity and their inflation.

Total amount of coins Generated over 64 years: 275939303,125

Control over all the information of the transactions
It is everyone's right to be able to decide what information they would like to make public and record and what information they would not like to share.
New Cash Coin allows the user to choose whether or not to disclose the origin of their movements.
This is possible because NEWC technology allows multiple nodes in the network to shuffle transactions between existing blocks and transactions, making it impossible to trace the source of a balance sent to a given portfolio.

  • NEWC supports 87 transactions per second in the New Cash Coin Network
  • The fee to register and confirm one transaction is 0.0001 NEWC
  • There is no maximum volume to be transmitted and the minimum value only must be greater than the transaction fee.

Pre-sale start
The NEWC will be sold directly through the website and may be purchased using the following cryptocurrencies:

  • Bitcoin
  • Litecoin
  • Dash


Point of Sale Solution (POS)
An exclusive payment solution machine for New Cash Coin, will be available in various places in Brazil, to help spread crypto use in payments through exclusive cards and NFC ( Smartphone ).
Crypto ATM
Once we reach 80% of phase 2, some of the tokens sold will be used to establish a network of ATMs of Bitcoin and other Cryptocurrencies implemented at the discretion of New Cash Exchange in strategic locations in Brazil.
Listing NEWC in other exchanges
The team behind NEW CASH COIN affirms the commitment to work for the listing of NEWC in other Exchanges, in order to offer greater scope for the project in terms of liquidity, market, accessibility and to enhance its potential valuation.

The goal is for NEWC to have its reach extended beyond regional boundaries and positively impact the global market in some way.

Who we are
New Cash is an exchange of Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies based in Brazil.

The current team of the New Cash Exchange began its work with cryptocurrencies working in Bitcoin's p2p trading and also in the area of software development. New Cash has developed the codes of its platform from zero, which avoids the dependence of any third party on the Exchange operation. Our technology meets the needs and desires of a modern and innovative market.

In terms of management, security and transparency, our team works endlessly and is always attentive to all the details of the development and maintenance of the platform.






Masternodes info

Connect With Us
Telegram Official
Telegram Brazil(more active)

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