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Author Topic: [ANN]Nervos Network[CKB]•Godwoken is LIVE•Interopability•EVM•L1+L2•POW•dAPP•  (Read 567 times)
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March 10, 2022, 12:25:42 PM

Understanding Nervos’ 2022 Roadmap: With Chief Architect Jan Xie

Last week we held a successful AMA with our Chief Architect, Jan Xie. He answered general questions about Nervos and its architecture, our goal of user simplicity, the future of interoperability, and much more.

We would like to share some of the updates from January on the 2022 roadmap, as well as some of his thoughts on Nervos and the blockchain ecosystem in general.
This article should help you get a much better understanding of what is going on in the Nervos Network engine room at the moment.

Some quick Updates from Jan!
- 100% compatibility between Godwoken and Metamask is on its way. Estimate is testnet launch in March and mainnet launch in Q2.
- Progress is being made on Force Bridge to Bitcoin. The asset bridge is easy, but it is the work on enabling Bitcoin users to operate Nervos dApps like we enable Ethereum users that is hard.
- We are working on zkevm (A virtual machine that runs on the zk Rollup network) and hopefully will see that in the next year or two.

Nervos as Layer 0 / Security Layer to the Blockchain Ecosystem?
The Nervos Network is a platform that identified and addressed issues currently dogging the blockchain ecosystem, right from its genesis.
Proposing ‘State Rent’ to beat the State Bloat on Ethereum, as well as other innovations makes Nervos well primed to to be a base layer in a blockchain ecosystem that could be multi layered.

“CKB can definitely be used as a security anchor or "layer 0" of other blockchains,” explains Jan. “You may notice that Godwoken and Axon are both L2 frameworks that can be used to build application specific chains on Nervos.

“Besides the shared security provided by CKB, building on Godwoken/Axon can also enjoy the benefits of Nervos interoperability 2.0 and access to a larger user base..”

“By the way, I don't like the term ‘layer 0’. There were two definitions of layer 0 in crypto: First, a p2p network/protocol that can be used by many blockchain networks. And two, a shared security layer under all other blockchains.”

“The first definition is a misconception because a p2p network is not a layer parallel with layer 1/2; the second definition implies a single ‘layer 0’ blockchain worldview which I disagree with.

There will be multiple layered networks each has its own layer 1 but no one can rule them all.”

Flexibility Leads to Simplicity
One of the goals of Nervos right from the beginning was to create a blockchain platform that can provide a seamless internet-like expereince. This means that it is simple to use, flexible and powerful.
Current blockchain platforms and ecosystems are still very complex and niched, requiring a lot of prior knowledge to get the most utility out of their ecosystem. Nervos wants blockchain to be as easy as sending an email and this all starts with flexibility.

Nervos will make its ecosystem as simple to use as possible by building a layered network and making layer 1 as flexible as possible,” added Jan.
“Security, decentralization and UX are conflicting design goals and the best way to get all of them is divide-and-conquer or achieve them on different layers.”

“With layer 2, middleware and user interface, complicated technical details can be hidden from users. UX can always be optimized or improved at the upper layer.
You don't know how SMTP works but you can use Gmail. You don't know how the TCP handshake is completed but you can watch Netflix.”

“The Internet is as complicated but upper layer protocols and applications hide those details.
The difference between the Internet and blockchain is we have the goal to preserve security and decentralization as much as possible while building apps on top.”

“The extra goal requires a flexible layer 1, otherwise the upper layer applications would have to rely on centralized intermediaries to realize a smooth user interface.
That's why projects like Unipass, an email based web3 identity system, can only be built on CKB without any centralized intermediary.”

CKB Light to Bring More Applications
The roadmap spelled out the path towards the much anticipated CKB light client.
The first protocol update this year will lay out the groundwork for a fly client protocol and CKB light client.

The CKB light client is a long-awaited feature of CKB with the potential to bring the user experience to a whole new level, without sacrificing decentralization.
 It also means new possibilities for dApps on Nervos.

“I would be excited to see the use of CKB light client in mobile, browser and embedded environment,” said Jan. “With CKB light client on mobile we can build easy-to-use payment dApps to facilitate p2p payment,
based on permissionless off-chain payment networks.”

“The payment dApp can integrate with Unipass to support transfer between decentralized email-based identity, or DAS for user-friendly names and sub accounts.
Any UDT, NFT or stablecoin can be transferred easily in a trustless and friendly way.”

“With CKB light client in web browser developers would be able to build trustless web or extension wallet, with no dependency on any centralized API service.
Or we can build a browser extension to support visiting websites with DAS names thereby decentralizing the Internet's domain name system completely.”

Nervos as an Institutional Platform?
The growth of blockchain and cryptocurrency adoption has seen a lot of interest from institutional entities,
but they require rather specific process checks, such as permissioned protocols, AML/KYC and others that are common in the traditional finance world.

It’s conceivable that new institutional focused layers could be built on Nervos as its foundation is rooted in providing
 a broad and flexible platform and solutions could easily incorporate some of the required features from institutions automatically into the layer.

Jan shares his thoughts on potentially tailoring aspects for institutional use cases in the discussion and says “I like the idea of having solutions optimized for institutional use,” says Jan.
“Godwoken, Axon and SMT dapp are all general frameworks with very open licenses, any team should feel free to package them into business solutions that could be geared toward institutions.

A Big Year for Nervos
2022 marks the fifth year of the Nervos Network. This is a nice milestone to tick off, but it also coincides with a year that we see as being fundamental to our growth and establishment in the blockchain and Web3.0 space.
From the roll out of our technology, to the growth across our ecosystem and the traction we are gaining in the space, we feel well primed to deliver on the 2022 roadmap and to make a big impact in this ever changing arena.
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March 16, 2022, 12:48:28 PM

Nervos and XP.NETWORK Partner to Expand Multi-Chain NFT Offerings

The NFT space is arguably one of the fastest growing sectors of the blockchain ecosystem.
And with this, we are excited to announce our latest partnership.
Nervos Network and XP.NETWORK will be partnering to integrate an NFT bridge between the two platforms.

The bridge will allow Nervos to add an even greater variety of NFTs to the platform through XP.NETWORK,
giving access to other chains. Nervos’ multi-chain approach to growing out the ecosystem is perfectly suited to
integrating this bridge and will fit in well with our desire to expand NFT offerings on Nervos.

Bringing You More NFT Opportunities

XP.NETWORK aims to turn the growing NFT market into an accessible and easy-to-use place through their
chain-agnostic bridge designed specially to let NFTs flow freely between networks and wallets while avoiding complications such as different NFT standards.

This approach to multi-chain NFT application is similar to Nervos’ general multi-chain strategy, which begins with the Force Bridge.
Being able to integrate with XP.NETWORK through the NFT bridge is like a gateway to multiple different NFT opportunities, on a variety of different chains.

This is a huge boost to Nervos’ own growing NFT ecosystem, and is a move that is predicated on massive multi-chain growth potential.

“At Nervos, we strongly believe that the future of blockchain is multi-chain, so we are always looking to work with projects that are
helping connect and remove barriers to interoperability. With XP.Network and their ability to provide a simple user infrastructure
for a burgeoning multi-chain NFT world, we believe this will open up many exciting opportunities for our community” explained Kevin Wang, co-founder of Nervos.


Since it went live in 2021, the XP.NETWORK bridge has become the world’s most potent NFT bridge with over a dozen connected chains,
supporting hundreds of dApps – making it the ideal superhighway that turns every chain into a central intersection of information.

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March 19, 2022, 02:16:26 PM

**Overview: Web3 Championship - March 18th**

The Web3 World Championship is the first-ever global and unique hackathon to highlight, support, and promote the best talents in web3.
The contenders will be competing against the best coders & artists from across the world in the following tracks:

## Tracks
- **100M DASH -** Fastest contender to port an EVM dapp to Nervos wins the dash.
- **RELAY -** Contribute your strongest skills to the dapp and pass it on to next team member
- **MARATHON -** Teams battle to complete the marathon by building a meaningful dapp!
- **ART ATTACK -** Create mind-blowing NFT art and launch on Nervos


The Web3 Championship is the first ever Hackathon hosted by Nervos with a prize pool of $75,000.
The goal of this event is to increase the number of developers on Nervos and show how simple it is to Port other ETH projects to Nervos,
build a dApp on Nervos’ EVM compatible L2 or mint an NFT on Nervos. First 500 signups for the championship get an NFT created by @ilham_nft

**Event Details**

- Host: Nervos
- Date: Start of Championship - March 18th, 2022 at 10AM ET
- Date: Announcement of winners - May 18th
- Submission Period: March 18 - May 2

**Prizes Categories  - Total prize pool of** $75,000 USD in CKB + NFTs for Gold Silver & Bronze

- **100m Dash -** Race to port an ethereum dapp project and launch on Nervos L2. First 10 win a prize.
- **Marathon** - Create a dApp and launch on Nervos Blockchain EVM compatible L2.
- **Relay -** Get teamed up and create a dApp and launch on Nervos Blockchain EVM compatible L2 with your relay team. Three people per team.
- **Art Attack** - Create and mint an NFT on, Nervos’ flagship NFT platform. Top 10 NFTs win a prize.

**Key Highlights**
- First ever Web3 Championship hackathon hosted by Nervos
- One of the main points of this event is to show how quickly and easily it is to port an ethereum dApp on Nervos L2, hence the “race” style of the championship
- With multi events to enter this makes it fun for developers to pick and choose an area to focus on and win one of many prizes
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March 23, 2022, 02:06:05 PM

Now Use Ledger to Store, Send and Receive Nervos CKB Tokens
In our continuing bid to make Nervos easy to use and user friendly, we are excited to, finally, announce we have completed a full integration with Ledger. Ledger is well known in the cryptocurrency space as one of the leading makers of hardware wallets.

Starting today, Nervos users can store, send and receive $CKB using their Ledger Nano X and Ledger Nano S wallets.

Hardware wallets like Ledger, allow users to secure their cryptocurrency with a hardware wallet device to reduce security risks vs. those commonly associated with storing and transacting with an online wallet or what is commonly referred to as a hot wallet.

A Major Step for Nervos
Ledger devices support only select crypto tokens so for Nervos to be one of only a few projects that have completed a full integration with the wallet provider it is a testament to progress of the platform that is being built. This major accomplishment is a proud moment for Nervos as this is an integration that has been one of the most frequent requests from our community. We heard you and we listened to you and now we are excited to offer Ledger capability for everyone’s Nervos CKB.

Get Started Using Your Ledger with Nervos CKB
In order to start using Ledger to manage your $CKB, we have a useful tutorial that will walk you through the steps. Click here to to get going with Ledger!

Additionally, one of our community members has created a walkthrough tutorial video to show you exactly what to expect when using Nervos on Ledger. Click here!

Win a Ledger Hardware Wallet!
Additionally, we want to show you just how simple managing your $CKB can be with Ledger, but with some added incentives. We have a giveaway promotion where you can win 1 of 30 Ledger wallets.

If you would like to get involved, stay tuned for our Gleam Campaign coming tomorrow!
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March 24, 2022, 05:44:17 PM

Win a Ledger Hardware Wallet!

We want to show you just how simple managing your $CKB can be with Ledger, but with some added incentives. We have a giveaway promotion where you can win 1 of 30 Ledger wallets.

📢 Nervos is giving away 30 ledgers to 30 lucky people in celebration of $CKB’s integration with Ledger! 🔥
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March 30, 2022, 03:57:30 PM
Last edit: April 04, 2022, 12:02:06 PM by materazi

The Nervos Network is pleased to meet at another destination this year and that’s #ETHDubai, having already been to #ETHDenver,
its part of our mission to cross the world to highlight our ambition to bring global awareness to the #NervosNetwork $CKB to search for new partnerships,
more talent and gain new ideas at the ever changing environment surrounding the #blockchain, #defi and #Web3 space. The conference runs from the 29th-31st March

ETHDubai is the conference for passionate devs and contributors on anything related to **Ethereum, DeFi, EVM and more** with a focus on decentralisation and **
community projects such as Yearn and its ecosystem**. Expect **great speakers, talks, workshops for both experts and beginners and tons of great social events** you will not forget.
Dubai is one of the easiest place on Earth to get to **without a visa and without a vaccine passport (only PCR test)** wherever you are from, with beautiful pristine sand beaches, great weather, affordable accommodation and endless entertainment for all.

Last but not least, if you are a frontend developer that wants to learn #web3 but don't know where to start, we will have workshops with experts so that you can get started writing your first dapp with Solidity,
Typescript and basic React knowledge. **We will also provide more advanced workshops for people already familiar with #web3 technologies**.

The conference runs from the 29th-31st March
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April 04, 2022, 02:16:51 PM

Hello Godwoken: DIA Oracles Available in the Nervos EVM Layer

We are thrilled to announce the deployment of DIA’s data infrastructure into Godwoken, the EVM layer-2 blockchain by Nervos.

Update 31.03.2022: DIA’s open-sources oracles have been successfully integrated with Godwoken, the Nervos Network EVM Layer.
Decentralised applications built on top of Nervos EVM layer can now natively access DIA’s broad set of data feeds, including price feeds for 6k+ digital assets, 20k+ traditional financial assets, a range of lending rates, FX rates and other data feeds.

Try now the DIA demo oracle on the Godwoken Testnet: 0x96c5f1e50c4393efa890699cd9aecf3fb58dcb99

The Nervos Network is an open blockchain platform to build applications that are decentralised, autonomous and universally accessible.
Nervos aims to create an all-encompassing build architecture that allows dApp developers to build once and reach all users, everywhere.
The Nervos blockchain is formed by two main components: Nervos CKB and Nervos Godwoken.

On one hand, the Nervos CKB is a layer 1 proof-of-work public blockchain protocol: any crypto-asset can be stored with the security, immutability and permissionless nature of Bitcoin,
while enabling smart contracts, layer 2 capabilities and capture the total network value through a unique crypto-economic “store of value” design and native token, the CKByte.
On the other hand, Godwoken is a newly launched, Ethereum-compatible layer on top of Nervos allowing ETH dApps the ability to port to CKB with a generic framework to build roll-up solutions upon Nervos CKB.

We are excited to announce that DIA’s trusted oracles services will be integrated into Godwoken, the EVM layer-2 blockchain by Nervos.
This new deployment is set to provide a new reliable oracle service for dApps building on this layer, or porting over from Ethereum.
This collaboration will expand Nervo’s oracle offering and enable dApp builders to access DIA’s broad set of more than 5.000 data feeds on Nervos’ layer-2 Godwoken.

“It s pleasing to be working with so many great companies who want to help build out our network and support our burgeoning ecosystem,”
said Nervos co-founder Kevin Wang. “We all know the importance of oracles in the DeFi world, and as we look to grow out our own DeFi offering,
it is great to know that developers will have choices when they choose to come to Nervos”

“The DeFi ecosystem is witnessing a growing number of scaling solutions surge in the last months, focussed on solving the interoperability and scalability issues of the blockchains,”
mentions Michael Weber, DIA Association President. “We are very excited to contribute to these new exciting ecosystems like Nervos by deploying DIA’s oracle data provision into these networks.”
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April 10, 2022, 11:05:06 AM

Why Nervos Works: Layer 1 for Security and Decentralization

Since Nervos was founded in 2018, we have been working to create a blockchain platform that has the capabilities to forge a new path in Web 3.0.
This means not only being a successful and viable platform today, but also having the foundations to be future-proof in a fast-paced space.

The construction of Nervos is what makes it a platform with such potential.
A solid and secure Layer 1, with a Layer 2 environment that is flexible and scalable, is aimed at being inherently multi-chain.

To better understand Nervos’ goals, it is good to get a grasp of its foundational layer – The Common Knowledge Base (CKB).
CKB, while also the token ticker, is Nervos’ Layer 1 and provides, among other things, the highest degree of blockchain security and potential for decentralization.

More than this, the construction of CKB allows for a flexible and scalable Layer 2 to work independently and independently on top of it, making it an ideal playground for blockchain dApp developers.

In this article, we will be diving into Why Nervos Works: Layer 1

Store of Assets

At its core, CKB is a Store of Assets public permissionless blockchain; the same description can also be given to Bitcoin.
 However, CKB is different from Bitcoin, but does borrow a lot of its good bits.

First of all, CKB, like Bitcoin, is Proof-of-Work, and while there has been a lot of debate around the environmental impact of PoW coins, much of the arguments are straw man fallacies.
PoW was selected for Nervos’ Layer 1 because only PoW meets all the demands for a truly decentralized system.

Proof-of-Stake systems permission the consensus process, allowing the largest validators to consolidate their status over time and entrench themselves in positions of power on the network.
PoW, on the other hand, offers far more open access to competition, and no one is likely to maintain a leading edge in technology and operation forever.

A Layered Approach

PoW helps with decentralization, but also with security, this is because CKB is purposefully tasked with security for the network.
This layer doesn’t do any computation, but focuses solely on validation of transactions, keeping the blockchain honest.

CKB is referred to as being a “cryptographic court” because it serves as a regulator for off-chain transactions.
This frees up Layer 2 to focus on scalability while providing optimal decentralization.

This layered architecture of Nervos, as highlighted above, shows how the two layers work independently and independently of each other.
It also shows how we have settled issues of scalability and fluidity while maintaining security and decentralization due to the make up of CKB.

This layered approach means Nervos has the ability to store assets, like Bitcoin, but it also has smart contract capabilities, like Ethereum.
However, CKB has been designed to be a state verification and storage system instead of a computation platform.
The Layer 1 blockchain verifies and stores states, while the computation-intensive state generation happens on Layer 2.

The Common Knowledge Base

The name for our Layer 1 is not arbitrarily chosen. Common knowledge is information that is accepted by a group of people, but not only does this group have common knowledge,
they also know that other participants in the group have the same knowledge – and this is important for Nervos and Blockchain.

The idea of Bitcoin was to create a public accounting ledger that records who owns what, and keeps track of all transactions. Money is the common knowledge stored in the Bitcoin ledger.

At Nervos, we want to take this one step further and store more kinds of common knowledge (e.g. digital assets, smart contracts, crypto proofs for arbitration, identities, etc.) on the Nervos CKB.
This is different to current blockchains which are fundamentally fixed, once they are built.

While they will be upgraded over time, their structure will generally remain the same.
To see the challenge this brings, we can look at how difficult it has been to bring Segwit to Bitcoin or Wasm to Ethereum.

CKB takes a step back. Scripts are far more primitive than smart contracts in Ethereum, but carry a significant benefit:
flexibility. Almost all algorithms and data structures are implemented in CKB scripts stored within cells.

On CKB, if you are not satisfied with fundamental functionality, such as a signature algorithm or hash function, just roll up your sleeves and build what you need.

CKB is like an organic construction, rather than a work of traditional engineering.
It allows the network to evolve at its lowest level, and for there to be continual adaptation and adjustment from the ground up.

This is the first in a four-part series that breaks down the architecture of Nervos and why it works as a blockchain platform for today, and into the future, Stay tuned for part 2:
Why Nervos Works: Layer 2 for Flexibility and Future Proofing
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April 12, 2022, 02:06:51 PM

Nervos Layer 1 – A Major Protocol Upgrade is Rolling Out

The Nervos Network core team is one step closer to checking off one of the biggest milestones in our roadmap for 2022.
A Major Protocol Upgrade is completed and will soon launch on the Nervos L1 Mainnet.

This significant achievement is the first hard fork since the Nervos Network 2019 initial Mainnet “Lina” launch.
And with it, we are excited to announce the new version of Mainnet will be named “Mirana.”

This Major Protocol Upgrade (RFCs available) will pave the way for brand new features such as cryptographic-friendly instruction sets,
virtual machine versioning, extensible block header, and new cryptography standards to improve efficiency, capability, and smart contract composability.

Numerous library updates have been provided along with the non-contentious hardfork (all consensus rule changes have been discussed and activated on Aggron Testnet since October 24th, 2021).

Our partners will begin their updates in preparation for the full upgrade launch on Mainnet at epoch 5414 (estimated date May 10th at 01:00 UTC).
We have provided a complete migration guide to ensure preparation for node operators, miners, wallets, exchanges, and L1 dApps. Please note that this does not require any action for CKB holders.

Watch out for future posts as we break down the specific changes made and their benefits!

For questions, comments or concerns, please join our Discord and discussion on the #2022-protocol-upgrade channel.
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April 13, 2022, 07:51:06 AM

What we do on summit?
- The mission is to create a narrative that Nervos are attending more functions, more summits and more conventions to elevate and push Nervos forward in 2022
- Nervos means business
- Generate excitement to get community to share with others
- We’ll be there using it our booth as a platform to attract new partnerships and to gather as many contacts as possible for new projects, developers and help build more community liasons

Paris Blockchain Week Summit is the flagship event of Paris Blockchain Week
gathering more than 3000 attendees, 70 sponsors, 250 speakers and 100 media partners.

During two days, PBWS will host sessions about traceability, leveraging blockchain on the innovation journey, digital governance,
what's been built in 2021/2022, the state of digital asset liquidity, international regulatory cooperation and much more!

Renowned speakers from the best blockchain and digital asset companies in the world will
share their stories and insights on the market and its prospects.

Join Nervos as we bring together a diverse group representing the brightest minds, game changers, creators,
regulators and insiders along with business professionals and leading investors / VC’s to help you navigate througth the blockchain industry.

Palais Brongniart is a historic building, located in the heart of Paris and formerly served as the French Stock Exchange for nearly 200 years will be the new location for the most exciting digital assets events in the world, the third edition of Paris Blockchain Week Summit on April 13th-14th 2022!”

Nervos are proud to be attending this majestic new location to showcase our tech.
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April 15, 2022, 03:40:51 PM

Getting the Most out of $CKB: What Wallets?
In order to get the most out of a cryptocurrency, users will always look for good wallet support. At Nervos, we are proud of the wallet integrations we have done to enable seamless storage and usage of $CKB.

From the world’s most popular hardware wallet – Ledger,  to being one of the first few coins to integrate with Web 3.0 browser Opera, Nervos is ensuring the safe storage and usability of its token.

While $CKB can be used and stored across a multitude of wallets, we will be looking at five of the more popular choices for our community – Ledger, Opera, Safepal, imToken, and Portal Wallet.

Recently, it was announced that Ledger had added support for $CKB. Meaning Ledger users can now store, send and receive $CKB using their Ledger Nano X and Ledger Nano S wallets.

This is a major integration for $CKB as it not only provides excellent opportunities for cold storage of the token, but also allows for a lot more utility through the full suite of services available through Ledger.

As part of the integration, users are able to utilize Ledger to sign transactions securely as they use the many new dApps available on Nervos’ EVM-compatible Layer 2 blockchain Godwoken.

Click here for Ledger guide

Click here for a walkthrough tutorial video

Click here for a user guide for Neuron users

Having announced that Opera would become the fourth blockchain integrated into the Opera browser, we are happy to announce that our Layer 1 integration is currently live!

Opera’s millions of users can send and receive $CKB within the crypto wallet built into the Opera browser on Android. Once the next phase of integration is complete, the wallet will support token transactions on Nervos’ Layer 2, Godwoken.

Nervos is the latest blockchain to complete an integration with the browser after Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Celo.

Click here to read more

Nervos was also recently added to the SafePal wallet ecosystem. Users of SafePal are now able to store their $CKB assets both on layer 1 and layer 2 directly within the SafePal wallet. However, SafePal offers more than just wallet support.

Through SafePal users have access to a fiat/$CKB gateway via Simplex, an EU-licensed financial institution. SafePal has also integrated the bridge between Nervos and Godwoken and will support liquidity mining of Nervos DeFi projects. Not to mention, SafePal supports $CKB Swap. (More on SafePal Support.)

SafePal has also been heavily involved in growing our first integrated DEX – YokaiSwap – choosing the DEX  as its first-ever layer 2 partner for Wallet Holder Offering (WHO).

Click here for a guide on Getting CKB to Yokai and back again

Click here for a user guide

imToken is a well established digital asset management platform offering an easy, simple and powerful interface for users. They support over 10 million users across more than 100 countries, and provide a multi-chain wallet, built-in token exchange, and a web3 dApp browser.

Read More about CKB on Nervos

Click here for guide on imToken 2.5.0

Click here for CKB DAO staking Tutorial with imToken

Portal Wallet
After the mainnet launch of Nervos in November 2019, Portal Wallet became the first dApp available on the network.

Portal Wallet is not only a wallet but also a complete dApp that leverages various features of Nervos. Users do not need to download new software or generate new keys/addresses to access Nervos, they can use their existing Ethereum addresses and wallets to receive and send CKB directly.

To enjoy this seamless experience, users can open the Portal Wallet with MetaMask, imToken, or a variety of other Ethereum dApp browsers to get started.

Portal Wallet bids farewell to the old process of downloading a new wallet to use a new public blockchain dApp, by allowing users to simply use their existing Ethereum address to send and receive CKB.

Read more about Portal Wallet

Watch a Portal Wallet Guide
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April 24, 2022, 08:18:28 PM

Why Nervos Works: Multi-chain for internet-like Interoperability

For the past few weeks, we have broken down ‘Why Nervos Works’. Starting with the Layer 1 Common Knowledge Foundation,
for security and decentralization, and moving to the Layer 2 of our architecture, which offers flexibility and future-proofing – we now turn to interoperability.

Interoperability has always been a particular target for Nervos.
We noted how early internet applications lived on segregated networks needing different ways to access and interact, and now,
in today’s decentralized world, we again see this segregation into different ecosystems with poor interoperability.

The Nervos Network solves this problem by offering a layered architecture that leads inherently to a powerful multi-chain approach

A foundation for Multi-Chain Capabilities

At the foundation of the ecosystem is the layer 1 CKB blockchain. It is designed to maximize security and decentralization.
It provides trust and validation to all layers built on top of it.

Layer 2 is designed to maximize scalability and throughput with near-instant transaction finality.
Multiple Layer 2s can be used in parallel to give higher throughput and bring additional features to the ecosystem.

Structurally, the Nervos virtual machine uses a computer architecture that gives blockchain developers a
level of flexibility and power that cannot be found on any other platform. This makes it easy for Nervos to quickly adapt to rapid changes in the industry, ongoing limitations, or respond to future challenges.

Having this structured architecture and utilizing different tools, Nervos becomes a platform designed to be inherently multi-chain.

Because of the construction of the Layer 1 CKB, Nervos operates at the lowest foundational level,
by emulating hardware itself on its virtual machine. This enables it to adapt quickly to future changes in the industry because the developer is given the flexibility of a full computer in a blockchain environment.

Adopting new cryptography – as in the fundamentals of another chain – is a massive undertaking that requires a
hard fork on many other platforms. On Nervos, it’s as simple as importing a new library into your smart contract.

Nervos’ vision of interoperability does not require that other projects be forced to conform to a single protocol.
This is an unrealistic expectation for an industry where innovation occurs rapidly, and competing protocols are always changing.

Not all interoperability solutions are created equal, and many stop at a superficial level.
Nervos excels in this regard, by demonstrating that it has the ability to adapt itself to the protocols of other platforms.

Force Bridge and More

The process starts with Force Bridge, a cross-chain bridge that allows assets like tokens and NFTs to move freely back and forth between Nervos and other networks.
At the same time, bridges are nothing new, Nervos’ ability to adapt means that it can support multiple address formats from other blockchains directly on the Nervos blockchain.

This means that users can use their existing dApp wallets with dApps built on Nervos even though the wallet was never designed to support Nervos.
This means there is nothing new to install and nothing new to learn; everything just works seamlessly – a true multi-chain, internet-like experience.

Nervos’ goal is to eventually provide bridges to all of the major blockchains, giving developers access to the largest reach possible.
Developers get massive efficiency savings because, on Nervos, all users will be able to use their dApp without having to create a separate version for every individual chain.

Through the capability enabled by Nervos, developers no longer need to create dApps that can require extensive resources to build on other blockchains.
Eventually, all dApps on Nervos will be connected to many blockchains, thereby making the dApp an instant universal dApp.

As it stands, Ethereum is the biggest and most popular programmable blockchain – however, it has limitations and flaws.
Additionally, while well documented for developers on how to build, the ecosystem is saturated and siloed.

Nervos solves this with its Layer 2; the first Layer 2 is designed for scalability and Ethereum compatibility.
It is fully compatible with the Ethereum programming environment – EVM – which means that existing dApps written in the
Solidity programming language can port to Nervos with no smart contract changes necessary. Ethereum developers will feel right at home building on Nervos.

This is the third part of a four-part series that breaks down the architecture of Nervos and why it works as a blockchain platform for today, and into the future.
Stay tuned for our final article on Blockchain Abstraction.
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April 29, 2022, 10:29:13 AM

Get Ready to Hash it Out
Our successful weekly Twitter Spaces session of Hashing it Out is getting a major overhaul this April.
We are excited to let you know that starting this month, we will be bringing you a new and improved Hashing it Out.

This revamp of Hashing it Out will feature monthly Youtube audio episodes where we will cover major updates from in and around the Nervos Network.
It will also give the community an opportunity to get their questions answered.

With the likes of Hashing it Out regulars Jordan, Matt, Kylee, Taylor, and Amir appearing on the show, we hope you will listen in to keep up to date on the latest Nervos news.
Not only will it be news around Nervos, but in a podcast style, the team will tackle issues in the blockchain space and how they relate to Nervos.

Since everyone in our community is so important to us we want to make sure we gather input and answer questions from YOU.
We will be opening it up for questions from the community where you will be able to hear straight from foundation members exactly what is going on behind the scenes.
Just make sure to join our Discord to submit any questions you have there within the channel.

And More!
In addition to our new monthly Hashing it Out, we will also be holding ad hoc Twitter Space sessions for big news and updates.

If there is a major partnership coming up, or a big new launch, perhaps even a tech update or an AMA – we want to be there to explain it all.
Kylee will be on hand to host these Twitter spaces where we will dive into the latest update from Nervos that we think you will definitely want to hear first hand from our team.

Make sure to follow NervosNetwork on Twitter and stay tuned to find out when these will be happening as we will always announce them a few days beforehand.

Here for You

We know that our loyal community is always really interested in all the happenings at Nervos. We want to be available to share information and answer questions.
With this in mind we hope that our monthly Hashing it Out Youtube Podcasts and Twitter Spaces will provide the community with everything that they are
looking for to stay on top of our latest developments and hear directly from our dedicated team.

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April 29, 2022, 10:35:57 AM

Nervos Foundation Launches Support Program For Web3 dApp Builders

Nervos Network is excited to introduce the Nervos Build Club which is a brand new program that will bring together Web3 builders and provide them with the resources and peer-to-peer support they need to successfully launch their dApps.

Who can join the Build Club?
The program is for everyone passionate about creating Web3 projects with real-life applications and a desire to transform them into scalable businesses.

Nervos Build Club is accepting members wanting to work on DeFi projects, integrations, original projects, clones, utility projects, NFTs, and more.
Although every group’s needs will be different, we can meet all of them with our support and technology. Our program will help Web3 project builders with:

- Guided marketing support from the Foundation
- Priority technical support
- Access to online lectures from key leaders in the Web3 space
- Peer-to-peer builder support
- Venture Capitalist (VC) and Initial Dex Offerings (IDO) introductions
- Grant opportunities

Why build on Nervos?
Nervos will help you launch dApps that are inherently multi-chain. You can use Solidity, just like you would on Ethereum,
but you get the added benefit of interoperability with other blockchains.

So, you don’t have to build different versions of your dApps for different blockchains.

But how is this possible?

Our blockchain platform has 2 Layers:

Layer 1 provides the highest layer of blockchain security and decentralization capabilities.
Layer 2 is reserved for handling functions requiring high throughput. It’s flexible and offers a better UI with unlimited transactional capabilities and minimal transactional costs.
Thus, the two layers work together to solve the current interoperability and scalability issues in the current blockchain system.

In short, the Nervos ecosystem offers a solution for those looking for the benefits of Ethereum – with its establishment, good tooling, and documentation—but without the drawbacks, such as network congestion, high gas fees, over-saturation, and scalability issues.

If you would like to be a part of the Nervos Build Club, please fill out the application below:
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May 08, 2022, 01:48:51 PM

Why Nervos Works: The Next Evolution

For the past few weeks, we have broken down the layered architecture of Nervos and discussed why it works for us,
and how having these layers lends itself to us building towards an internet-like experience.

But, in this final segment of the ‘Why Nervos Works’ series, we will be looking back at the words of our Chief Architect, Jan Xie.
He noted how Nervos, and the CKB blockchain, are an abstraction of Ethereum, just as Ethereum is an abstraction of Bitcoin.

This is an interesting concept, but one that underpins exactly what Nervos is striving to do with its layered approach and
multi-chain strategies to forge an even better blockchain platform.
In this article, we’ll do a quick recap of the very short history of the blockchain space and share with you how Nervos is positioned to help usher in the next blockchain evolution.

In the beginning…

Bitcoin was the original blockchain, and in its simple whitepaper, it set out to solve a problem with the financial system.
Bitcoin introduced the idea of being trustless through its consensus model,
removing the need for financial intermediaries and providing a basic framework for improving how we control money.

Ethereum built on this basic model but pushed it even further with the smart contract solutions,
which could remove any intermediaries in nearly any instance, adding a whole new world of flexibility and potential.

Forging a new path

Bitcoin set us on a revolutionary path to a more decentralized financial world. However, the lack of capability of the underlying technology required evolution.
Hence, Ethereum came along and provided a novel solution that continued to progress the evolution and capability of blockchain technology.

The reason for Ethereum’s success is that it solved thousands of problems systematically while others were trying to solve only one at a time.
Smart contracts were a huge evolution from what Bitcoin could do – moving value around in a decentralized peer-to-peer manner.

With smart contracts, Ethereum’s ability to be a ‘World computer’, lay the foundations of programmable blockchain,
and evolve to solve many different problems became a reality thanks to its abstraction from Bitcoin.

Just as the abstraction occurred from Bitcoin to Ethereum, there will likely be a next level abstraction as Jan explains:

“I would argue that a new abstraction is the hallmark of evolution and that the next-generation blockchain must be more abstract than its predecessor.
The Bitcoin to Ethereum leap was the first blockchain abstraction, and I believe it won’t be the last. As for how the post-Ethereum era might resemble, one should initially think about what can be abstracted further away from Ethereum.”

The next evolution

At Nervos, we believe we are on the path to the next evolution stage. Just as Ethereum managed to solve issues arising from Bitcoin’s limitation by abstraction out,
so Nervos is already showing solutions to Ethereum’s current scaling and state bloat concerns that have troubled even some of the most popular chains in the space.

Additionally, we believe in order to head toward a new global decentralized economy, we need a new vision of what an ideal blockchain should be like in the future. One with multiple permissionless blockchains, permissioned blockchains, and tools that enable the mass migration from Web2 to Web3.
All of these working together to create a universal internet-like public network – this is what the next evolution will look like.

Since launching Nervos, Jan and the rest of the team have been working towards creating this next evolutionary step.
The secure and decentralized CKB chain, with its flexible and future proof layer 2 architecture,
is inherently multi-chain and can be the foundation of a universal internet-like public network that will abstract away many of the complexities currently faced by new users.
This lays the foundation for a better experience by the next generation of users.

A better user experience

As we look at the post-Ethereum era, we have always believed that a better user experience will be vital in solidifying the next abstraction.
Established pain points are currently holding back a massive wave of mainstream blockchain adoption.

At Nervos, we have been working towards creating solutions to many of these problems and we aim to provide an internet-like experience for users.
We want Nervos to be the one single place that users go to, to use one wallet and still access multiple chains and the opportunities they present,
use dApps across multiple chains and basically have unfettered access to the entire blockchain ecosystem through Nervos.

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May 15, 2022, 03:11:52 PM

The Nervos Layer 1 Major Protocol Upgrade has Arrived

At Nervos we’re excited to share that after much hard work with our many partners, the foundation and with the support of our community,
we have collectively launched a Major Protocol Upgrade to the Nervos Layer 1 which we call “Mirana”.

This is an exciting time, as many of the improvements that are now live have been in development for sometime and are extremely beneficial for all our partners.
Now developers who are working on building on our Layer 1 they will be able to build even better dApps with many improvements over our previous Layer 1 version.

Over the course of the next few weeks we’ll be going deeper into the exact details of the benefits of all the features launched with this upgrade.
But for now you can read through a brief overview of some of the biggest highlights from this launch which we’ll be covering and going deeper into soon.

Contributing to RFCs on Nervos Web3

The Nervos RFC is a standard that enables the community to participate, suggest and comment on improvements to the platform.
Without participation from our community it would be impossible for the platform to evolve and improve over time.
Hence the reason why RFCs have played a critical role in the development leading up to the Major Protocol Upgrade launch.
Many of the key feature improvements which you’ll read about below, were initiated and discussed first within individual Nervos RFCs.

Upgrade Protocol Address Changes
Improving the protocol address format is one of the key tasks to helping improve the Nervos L1 to enable it to be more future proof.
Previously with short addresses there was favorism for 3 different lock types which prevented some partners from not upgrading their libraries.
Now in order to ensure that all parties follow through on upgrades for improvements to the Nervos L1 this upgrade removes the favoritism to make sure all parties are upgrading.
Additionally this enables addresses to be more flexible and require less maintenance by developers in the future.

Virtual Machine Versioning
This part of the upgrade is arguably the largest and one of the most important parts of the upgrade and includes several major improvements
to the CKB-VM which is the virtual machine that executes smart contracts on Nervos. With this upgrade the CKB VM will support two key features,
RISC-V B extension and Marco-op fusion. Together both of these features will boost the CKB-VM performance and make crypto algorithms more
efficient on CKB-VM to allow for even more functionality to be built on top of the Nervos Layer 1.

Extensible Block Header
This feature lays the foundation for the future roll out of the flyclient which is a form of a light client.
What this means is that in the future you’ll be able to run a CKB node on practically any hardware device, something as simple as a phone or even Raspberry Pi.
Additionally this improvement will work without sacrificing any security while maintaining trustless modes of communication and validation.
This improvement lays the groundwork for flyclicent by providing additional block storage filed on Layer 1.

Cryptographic Friendly Instruction Sets
With new cryptography standards growing in popularity such as Boneh-Lynn-Shacham or BLS for short,
Nervos has now integrated this feature to enable better multi-signature security.
These new cryptographic instruction sets provide defense against index calculus attacks and at the same time allow for shorter signatures
than FDH signatures which improves the overall security for the Nervos Layer 1 and forms an even stronger foundation for the network.

All these features are significant improvements that help propel the latest “Mirana” version of the Nervos Layer 1 to new heights in performance.
We couldn’t be more happy to know that developers and partners who are working closely on our L1 will now be able to derive many
immediate and future benefits from this Major Protocol Upgrade.
This upgrade is key to enabling Nervos to grow at scale even faster and more securely well into the future.
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May 15, 2022, 05:10:05 PM

Nervos: The Ultimate Elevator Pitch


The elevator door opens and you step in. People in the back corner are talking about the most popular blockchains in an excited manner.

You turn around looking inquisitively and say:  “Oh, have you heard of the Nervos Network?”

They both say “No… what’s that, a dApp?”

You say “No, but it’s a blockchain platform that is quite incredible and probably one of the most underrated ones out there with a lot of potential”.

Then they say “Oh really? Tell us more.” 

And now it’s your time to shine and you begin the pitch..

“Nervos is a unique multi-layered blockchain platform where a wide variety of dApps can be built. It is powered by an incredibly secure Layer 1,
based on the most secure consensus model, the Bitcoin Proof-of-Work model. 

The next layer is EVM compatible for flexible dApp building and easy porting.

Then to give those dApps massive reach Nervos provides multi-chain tools such as wallets, bridges and more, making it so dApps don’t need to think about what chain to build on next.
Building on Nervos means expanding and connecting to the most popular chains for a growing ecosystem of dApps.”

“Wait a minute… let me digest that,” they say.

Now let’s dive deeper into the pitch so when they inevitably ask you questions, you’re ready to go.

The Nervos Layer 1 is Proof-of-Work for the best security
Proof-of-work is the same model that Bitcoin runs on, and also one of the reasons that Bitcoin has remained so vital to the blockchain ecosystem.
It is the most secure model because as the network grows so does the security resulting in greater decentralization.

This is the exact same reason that Nervos uses this consensus mechanism.

Nervos has made further improvements upon the original model to make the platform even more secure and efficient.
With this rock-solid secure foundation, the Nervos Layer 1 acts as the anchor for the platform.

The Nervos Layer 2 is EVM compatible for quick building and easy porting
Nervos’ Layer 2 is EVM compatible making it easy for developers to build upon.
Any developer who is experienced in Solidity will have no problem building in a familiar environment on Nervos. 

With EVM compatibility in the Layer 2, on top of a very secure Layer 1, this combination provides the basic framework to enable developers to do what they do best, focus on building.
Then to add even more capability for developers they also have access to a multi-chain toolset.

Multi-Chain Tools for Interoperability
Nervos’ multi-chain tools make the broad blockchain ecosystem far more accessible, and easy to reach.

On Nervos, you can have access to Ethereum and BSC liquidity from your chosen wallet through the Force Bridge,
with Cardano on the way, and eventually many more chains.

This is just the beginning as Nervos works to integrate with all chains to provide easy direct access to the entire blockchain ecosystem.

Every day more and more multi-chain tools are being introduced into the Nervos platform that continually reduce the silos across blockchains.

So, you see that Nervos provides a comprehensive platform solution comprising of a highly secure Layer 1,
an easy to build on EVM compatible Layer 2 and finally multi-chain tools for massive reach.

With all these benefits combined you have a platform that is on a path to enable an ever growing ecosystem of dApps that will power the future of the Web3.0 world.

For those who want to learn more we encourage anyone to visit and join our communities!
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May 23, 2022, 06:20:36 PM

Nervos Launches BlockJam: A Virtual Conference for Game Developers Looking to Harness the Power of Blockchain

The Nervos Network is excited to launch BlockJam, a 16-day online conference and hackathon starting June 17th,
to educate and excite traditional game developers about how blockchain can take their games to the next level.

There is over $50,000 up for grabs for developers who take part in this gaming-themed GameJam hackathon.
Additionally, with the help of our partners, we will be hosting talks and educational sessions from Web & Gaming experts.

Blockchain is already proving to be a powerful tool in adding an edge to the global gaming industry.
We hope to shine a brighter light on what this technology can do, especially on the Nervos Network.

Nervos is taking a particular interest in the gaming industry. We believe that our platform can be a destination
of choice for developers who want to improve their games, bolster the gaming community, change how game stores work and add new types of value creation.

What is BlockJam?
BlockJam 2022 is a global virtual conference and hackathon bringing game developers into the Web3 ecosystem.
This 16 day value-packed event will begin with talks and sessions from Web3 & gaming experts, followed by a traditional style GameJam hackathon, with a blockchain flavor!

BlockJam is here for devs to test their mettle and stand a chance to win part of the $50,000+ prize pool,
and for them to hear directly from industry leaders about how blockchain can improve the gaming space.

In association with our partners at Chainsafe and Filecoin, BlockJam participants will learn about ERC-1155,
the future of gameFi and Play to Earn, all while competing for big cash-value prizes.

Nervos is hosting this event because we are looking to grow the gaming segment of our expanding ecosystem.
As a blockchain platform, we are well-positioned to help gaming advance to the next level,
and we want to be part of the grassroots movement to meld gaming development with blockchain technology.

What to expect at BlockJam
BlockJam will begin with talks and sessions from leaders in the Web and Gaming space.
The GameJam competition will then kick-off and run for two weeks.
We will then close out the event with the results and a closing ceremony.

June 17 2022: Opening Sessions talk
June 18-19 2022: Talks and Sessions from Web & Gaming experts
June 20 – July 4 2022: GameJam
July 10 2022: Results Announcement & Closing Ceremony

Why look to Nervos and Blockchain for Games?
There are several ways blockchain can improve games, but to get a taste of what is possible,
we have outlined a few points that will be discussed further at BlockJam.

With blockchain technology built on Nervos, we can offer all the points outlined below, plus a lot more, to game developers.

Game Improvements
- Make a single-player game multiplayer asynchronously
- Provide alternate methods of sign-in accounts
- Rent in-game items to other players

In-Game Store
- Allow users to sell and trade in-game currency and items without the risk of fraud
- Create methods for players to sell purchased items after they are finished using them
- Export items from one game and import them into another game.

Game Community
- Allow early supporters to verifiable benefit from their community or monetary support.
- Allow for in-game governance through fair methods
- Reward core players over the loudest voices

Value Creation
- Create optional monetisation methods
- Generate income by collecting a small percent on all items sold and keep your game free to play (or not)!
- Allow users to trade, sell, buy or give accounts.

The registration for BlockJam 2022 is now open! Participate individually or as a team and compete with the best in the industry.

Sign up here!
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Today at 09:15:01 AM

Nervos is excited to introduce our new ecosystem partner WalletGuard, a grant recipient part of BuildClub!

What is the function of WalletGuard?👇
It's an open-source Chrome extension that keeps users safe and has an allowlist of popular Web3 projects,
so you don't have to worry about getting phished—protecting users from phishing attacks.

What unique in WalletGuard?
Wallet Guard comes with a built-in whitelist for your favourite web3 apps such as Metamask, OpenSea, TradingView, Uniswap, and hundreds more,
so you always know when you are on a verified site.
This whitelist is also used to detect and block suspicious URLs from a variety of common phishing attack methods.

What about Privacy?
In Web 3.0 world privacy is a core of all users, we have many crypto wallets, extensions, projects and many of this are fake.
So WalletGuard keep us safe from this and does NOT collect or transmit any user or browsing data

Check it in Chrome:
And look closer in GitHub:
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