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Author Topic: [ANN] Sword Coin ICO - Transforming Trading And Investment Management  (Read 61 times)
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June 21, 2018, 06:39:47 PM

Blockchain Platform For Transforming Trading And Investment Management

Sword Coin is brought to you by Sword Capital, a global company and trademark engaged in the global capital markets and brokerage business.

Sword Coin ICO started on June 1st, 2018!

Sword Coin will implement a custom blockchain, allowing us to implement features specific to trading and fintech application platforms, and will be technologically tied to the award-winning Sword Capital brokerage software used in over 100 countries so that it will be available to the existing userbase of Sword Capital for use on our trading platforms. This assures a broad userbase that can make extensive usage of Sword Coin in their transactions right from the outset. Sword Capital will implement the technology to allow traders to easily and seamlessly use Sword Coin for conducting trading transactions using our existing trading platforms. In order to achieve this, the Sword Capital trading platforms will be integrated with the Sword Coin blockchain and the Sword Coin cryptocurrency exchange. Our Sword Coin integrated trading platform will be used to further develop and expand our business out of Hong Kong, where we have already established a company to focus on global business. Using sword coin for trading transactions through the Sword Capital platform will provide traders with advantages such as lower fees and other rewards. This will ensure widespread usage of Sword Coin and will also allow Sword Capital to perfect the blockchain technology for the Coin for use with trading platforms, as we have the full ecosystem for implementing and using the coin.

When completed, the Sword Coin blockchain technology will be available to brokerage platforms and other fintech systems the world over for integrating rapidly and using with their platforms, further growing the usage of the Sword Coin blockchain network

Sword Coin will additionally implement several more features to benefit people using Sword Coin including:
•   A cryptocurrency exchange that allows people to trade not just Sword Coin but several additional cryptocurrencies, between each other and for fiat currencies
•   An index fund called the “Sword Index” that will combine BTC, LTC ETH, XRP, DASH and SWD allowing investors to balance their investments across multiple cryptocurrencies
•   Cryptocurrency portfolio management algorithms allowing users of the Sword Coin exchange to maintain a profitable portfolio of cryptocurrencies
•   An automated altcoin mining facility in Iceland and Ukraine that will allow Sword Coin users to gain from the mining of multiple altcoins. The mining feature will be tied to the Sword Coin exchange and wallet allowing users to take advantage of it seamlessly. It will also be used to provide rewards to people using the Sword Coin network and Exchange, for example, customers can pay their exchange transaction fees with their altcoin mining rewards
•   Establish a bank in Switzerland that will provide innovative services related to cryptocurrency trading for individuals and businesses
•   Invest part of the funding raised in NASDAQ stocks and index to generate returns for SWD coin holders, who will receive dividends based on returns from this investment

Sword Coin is being developed by Sword Capital and will be tied to the Sword Capital Brokerage platform to drive its adoption. This means that Sword Coin will be available to our customer base of thousands of1 traders that conduct billions of dollars of transactions every month, right from the time it is launched.

Sword Coin is solving the major stumbling blocks and bottlenecks faced by Bitcoin and other major cryptocurrencies by developing a cryptocurrency that is:

1. Truly decentralized, and resists control by a few parties that can acquire more mining power
2. Highly scalable, to handle high transaction loads efficiently
3. Sustainable, by having a truly democratic governance and reward system that will sustain the network in perpetuity
4. Anonymous, providing much needed anonymity required for ensuring security of users, and for wide scale integration and implementation with Fintech platforms.
Sword Coin achieves this while still meeting KYC and AML requirements

Mohammed Dakson (Chairman)
Mohammed is an experienced Investor and Businessman with strong experience in managing Financial Trading & Financial Brokerage services, IT, E-commerce and Telecommunications and is active in Business and Blockchain Technology Development. He is a well-known Business figure in the Arab Region and is the Owner & Chairman of Sword Capital Group.

Sadiq Dakson (CEO)
Mohammed is an experienced Investor and Businessman with strong experience in managing Financial Trading & Financial Brokerage services, IT, E-commerce and Telecommunications and is active in Business and Blockchain Technology Development. He is a well-known Business figure in the Arab Region and is the Owner & Chairman of Sword Capital Group.

Nour Mohammadi (Strategy Planning and Business Development Manager)
Nour is a Management Professional with 22 years of experience in the Telecommunication, Engineering, Financial Brokerage Services, IT Solutions and Blockchain Projects. She held Managerial role in Financial Management, Financial Trading, Regional Sales and Operations Management Strategy. Nour manages multiple Crypto Currency and Blockchain projects. She is currently appointed as Strategy Planning and Business Development Manager for Sword Capital Group.

Mohsen Khan (Technical Analyst)
Mohsen is appointed as a Technical Analyst for Sword Capital Group. He holds 13 years experience in Financial Trading, Business Development and Project Management. He has served several Management Executive roles in Financial Services firms and managed complex IT and Investment Projects. Mohsen is an experienced Trader in Crypto Currency Portfolio Management and Blockchain Projects.

Shaaswat Sharma (Technical Lead)
Shaaswat is a highly energetic and talented architect and manager with a multi-faceted skill set and the ability to deliver complex software systems to aggressive timelines. In his highly progressive experience, he has led the implementation of multiple blockchain projects for investment management, infrastructure, healthcare and cryptocurrency organizations. He has also implemented the most sophisticated health insurance exchange mobile platform in USA. He lives and breathes the blockchain and complex platforms, and is known to regularly sit up nights churning out volumes of code and solving complex algorithmic problems

Hisham Muneer (Lead Blockchain Developer)
Hisham is a multi-faceted developer with extensive experience in designing and developing complex application systems. He has worked on multiple blockchain and cryptocurrency projects for investment management, healthcare and infrastructure organizations, and he is a true blockchain enthusiast.

Ankit Monga (Social Media & Community Manager)
Ankit is a versatile and talented manager and analyst with extensive experience in business development, social media, marketing and community building. He has a background in deep analytics, having helped several large financial services, manufacturing and technology organizations with analyzing and optimizing their business operations and marketing.

Saurabh Thakur (System Developer)
Saurabh is a full stack developer with multifarious interests who likes to work end-to-end on products using innovative yet simple solutions to complex problems. He is a proficient developer who has developed complex application systems for healthcare, health insurance and financial services organizations. He is a proficient developer who is experienced in doing both front end and services development. He is deeply familiar with Angular and Java/Java EE i and applies engineering principles in all development work.

Vedant Singh (System Developer)
Vedant Singh is full stack programmer with extensive experience and knowledge of developing complex enterprise systems. He has worked on complex solutions for healthcare, health insurance and financial services using a variety of technologies including Java/JEE, Angular, Spring, relational and non-relational databases like MongoDB. He has developed several web-based systems and RESTful services platforms that support both web and mobile systems. He is work has included innovative application of blockchain and cryptocurrency to problems in different industries.


The soft cap for the ICO is $1,000,000 and the hard cap is $50,000,000
SOFTCAP $1M raised successfully within 48 hours!

Allocation of ICO funds
Platform Operation & Marketing – 40%
Technology Development & Maintenance – 22%
Invest in NASDAQ index – 21%
Infrastructure – 14%
Legal & Advisory – 3%

Token Info
Token: SWDC
Platform: Ethereum
Type: ERC20
Price in ICO: 1 SWDC = 0.07 USD

Investment info
Accepting:   ETH, BTC, Fiat
Token supply: 1,000,000,000 tokens
Distributed in ICO: 75%
Soft cap: 1,000,000 USD
Hard cap: 50,000,000 USD


Tower 78, Bonham Strand, Sheung Wan, Hong Kong
Contact: +852 58085069
Get in touch with our support team:
Report any bugs or technical issues:
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July 04, 2018, 04:05:29 PM

Using sword coin for trading transactions through the Sword Capital platform will provide traders with advantages such as lower fees and other rewards
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July 05, 2018, 02:40:55 PM

 Ethereum provided a blockchain platform for developing decentralized apps and multiple cryptocurrency tokens based on the Ethereum blockchain, sparking the growth of the industry by allowing people to rapidly create cryptocurrency tokens
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July 31, 2018, 12:48:10 PM

Hi everyone! Just added this incredible ICO to my website - ICO rating, listing, and calendar with details on top ICOs from various industries. Learn more about ICO funding, whitepaper, dates, teams, and roadmaps.Findico mission is to make it easy for users to find the best ICOs to join. We strive to provide useful and transparent information on ICOs, helping users find projects that have a great potential for success.
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July 31, 2018, 01:18:42 PM

softcap reached just under a week or more exactly 48 hours, it is very impressive according to me.
I think for the future this project has a very good potential.

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  ████▄  ▄█████▄  ▄████
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August 12, 2018, 01:37:42 PM

The fact that the project makes the team from Switzerland, I think this is a big plus. As everyone knows, Switzerland is a country of banks. But, time seems to me, it's not entirely successful. The crisis in the world of crypto currency in general. And maybe, on the contrary, it is now and time?
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