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Mining Seconds (MSEC)

When Value Tells Time


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The MSEC System is a hyperledger-based system that executes a one-second rental contract for any utilities. The concept can be universally applied to all utilities as time has always been the common denominator of all forms of return.

After a selection process, we chose the traditional gold mining business as the first application of MSEC, mirroring the mining contract of mining pools for cryptocurrencies. The particular mining project is chosen based on, inter alia, its comparatively low risk nature.

Holders of MSEC can use it in a designated web portal and effectively rent the equipment, personnel and system for the duration relative to the amount of MSEC so spent. A smart contract shall subsequently be automatically generated. Upon data from the third party surveillance system of the production line, the smart contract shall calculate the return and be paid into the wallet of the user at the web portal automatically.

What is MSEC?

MSEC is a type of cryptocurrency, using one second (1) as its unit, creating a rental contract of one (1) second for the client from an industry or business’ production output.

MSEC is suitable for any industry or business. As long as their production output can be calculated through time, they can apply to join MSEC and have their industry or business added. That’s why even though MSEC is a cryptocurrency, it can act as a platform as well. When more people purchase MSEC and more businesses become part of the MSEC platform, MSECs credibility and price will skyrocket, becoming one of the indicators of the rise and fall of enterprises.

To put it simply, MSEC as a form of cryptocurrency, rents productivity. At the same time, pricing is based on estimating the value of joining an industry or company, which is obviously directed at the real economy.

How can investors ensure full investment returns from a company's output?

This question already has an answer, but it is one that the investment market cannot answer. In a traditional market, if investors want full investment returns from the company’s output, the simplest method is to become that company’s shareholder and receive dividends on a specified date. Other than this, there is no other option. However, this option is not attractive to investors. For one, few investors are willing to take corporate risks. On the other hand, the admission fee to become a shareholder is too high; not to mention that company’s won’t allow new shareholders to join if there is no special need for it.

Investors are then only able to purchase that company’s issued stocks. However, this method does not answer the initial question: how can investors ensure full investment returns from a company’s output? If I buy a company’s stock, and that company profited, it doesn’t mean the stock price would reflect the extra profit made. A company’s stock price is affected by a multitude of factors and the company’s output is only one of the factors. Hence, purchasing a company’s stock does not ensure investors to profit from a company’s output. Our proposed MSEC system targeted this issue exactly and created a new type of system. The MSEC system executes a one-second rental contract for any utilities. Regardless of what application, Mojo acts as a third party to collect all utilities and rent it out. After deducting necessary fees and costs, the buyer would then be entitled to all return from one second of that project’s output. This allows them to participate in different types of projects with the lowest admission fees. At the same time, they’d earn the proportional return of the project directly, achieving “cost sharing and profit sharing”. To put it simply, purchasers of MSEC would pay for the project’s cost (calculated through time) and profit from the revenue after deducting the cost of operation.

What is Mojo?

Mojo is a financial technology company, hiring professional legal experts, IT personnel and a marketing team.

In nine months’ time, Mojo conceptualised, planned and prepared a new cryptocurrency project: MiningSeconds (MSEC), that does not fall into the pitfalls of its predecessors. It is believed to convince the financial world that cryptocurrency is neither ‘fictitious’ or a ‘bubble’.

To protect investors, traditional crowdfunding market applies numerous conditional restrictions. As a result, many companies with development potential are faced with dangerously high costs for crowdfunding in the traditional financial market. Even with the so-called safeguard, scams or market value management that profits from the investor’s loss still exist in the market.

Regarding large-scale blue chip stocks, the influence of general investors is even more insignificant. So-called high transparency is merely the announcement of results.

MSEC can efficiently solve these two problems:
  • 1.   “How can investors ensure full investment returns from a company’s output?”
  • 2.   “How can companies or start-up companies with good development projects pre-sell their output and future results to the mass market more effectively? “
    By solving these two problems, Mojo international limited finally launched a new system which combines financial technology and blockchain: MSEC!

Brief introduction of Mojo:
  • 1.   Using seconds as a unit
    Mojo launched a new system using blockchain and smart contracts to record, calculate and automate the distribution of production and value per second for the real economy
  • 2.   Mojo’s first landed application project is a mining plan in the fifth largest mine producing country in the world and is supported by the local government. The details of the project have been negotiated and the statutory documents have been signed. The production line can be set up and put into production within four months, with 24 hours of remote monitoring and management system.
  • 3.   The promotion and roadshow in major cities around the world can attract and select other suitable and potential application projects or companies to introduce Mojo’s system and increase MSECs visibility, circulation and customer usage.

On 31/05/2018, Mojo International Limited hosted a ribbon cutting ceremony in Sheraton Hotel, Hong Kong, celebrating the successful launch of the MSEC system and the official operation of the Wau gold mine in Papua New Guinea.

Hon. Johnson Ibo Tuke, MP, Papua New Guinea’s Minister for Mining, as a speaker for the event which was reported by more than 30 Chinese and foreign media outlets. After the event, various local and foreign corporations expressed interest and intention to join MSEC by inquiring details and contact information, further solidifying MSECs development plan to progress beyond the Asia Pacific region.

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