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Author Topic: New Alt-coin Trading Bot [Fink Agent] with free Trial  (Read 29 times)
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July 05, 2018, 07:05:43 AM

Hi Everyone,

As part of a university project, I've spent time in developing my own Alt-coin Trading Bot, "Fink Agent".

We've gone through quite a bit of a bear market since the start of the year, which means higher risk and lower rewards. Therefore risk management and consistency is priority

I've built the strategy to work off the following:

- EMA (55,21,13,8)
- Ichimoku (tenkansen & kijunsen) with custom parameters
- Di+ and Di-, Directional index
- Fib retracement for the given data stream

The strategy is relatively simple and has been constructed to ensure a low risk entry & exit position. It identifies 2 zones, a buy zone and an active zone:
- Buy zone is characterised by Fib level, the price relative to the Kijunsen, the state of the Directional Index, and the state of the Ichimoku trend.
- Sell zone is characterised by the state of the ichimoku trend, EMA crossovers and the state of the Directional Index.  

A visual representation of this strategy is shown below (having trouble including the picture onto this post):

I don't have the time yet to build a fancy website, infographic or front-end interface. My focus has been solely on getting the strategy right as I've put my savings into testing (you can't sell something that won't work with your own stuff) and I've put in considerable amount of time into testing.

There are two systems available under 1 package:

1.) Full Fink system

The full fink system allows you to rollout multiple agents depending on your system specs. Each individual agents will work independently in parallel as separate processes with unique PIDs. A manager application is provided to ensure that all agents are running and will restart any agent that isn't. An account tracking application is also provided to simply track your portfolio holdings.

All components of the Fink system connect to a local Fink Database (MySQL DB) to log necessary data such as Account balances, Buy / Sell orders, Buy / Sell Signals and also the PIDs for all agents (which is used for the manger application). A simple php frontend is provided for you to monitor the agent, but its still in very early development. You can build your own custom interface or any script on top of this system as long as it accesses the Database.

To run the fink system, you will require:

- Software wise:
1. MySQL DB server to host the Fink DB
2. A web server to host the front-end

- Hardware wise:
1. 2 Core CPU with 2 Gb RAM minimum --> this should comfortable support up to 25 pairs at 5 min interval with 25 second cycle delay.

Architecture wise, there is a single Fink agent executable that takes in a couple of arguments:

~/Fink/source/fink/fink -p (pair) -k (api-key) -s (api-secret) -u (unique id) -t (time interval) -e (delay between each cycle) -m (buy buffer) -n (sell buffer) -d (distance) -l (buy limit) -f (fib zone) -ex (simulation mode) -st (strategy)

A manager application starts up individual agents based on all the pairs that are registered in the Database.  You can insert a custom list of pairs into the database either via the terminal or through PHPMyAdmin, I will build a little script to do so in the future. The Full System will also provide you a simulation mode where you can test out your custom parameters so you can get a good idea of the probability of returns and buy/sell orders.

2.) Fink Lite

The Fink lite package will provide you with:

1.) Fink lite system

This is a modified version of the Bot which handles multiple pairs simultaneously (1 by 1) not in parallel. It also retrieves a list of pairs (40+ pairs) from my private database, so you cannot specify which pair it will trade. It is lightweight and requires very minimal resource so it can run on very small systems (e.g. raspberry pi).

2.) Fink Agent

This is a single Fink Agent that has been stripped off its ability to log data or run in simulation mode. Treat it as the core bot. You can use integrate this onto your own system as long as you provide it the correct parameters.

Details on how to use the system are included in the software package


Right Now the agent works only with BTC Pairs (it will work with ETH pairs but not yet completely tested) and for Bittrex. There will be future support for all pairs (Fiat, ETH, BTC) and other exchanges but I will only add such support when there is enough interest.

- 0.018 ฿ (BTC)
- 0.021 ฿ (BTC) if you need me to help with setup
- 0.025 ฿ (BTC) if you need me to include custom agreed modifications.  

I'm offering limited licenses and for now you get 3 day trial with my support for installation and operation. You can download the application via the following link:

If you don't have the capacity to set up the full system, I suggest running fink-lite (you can even run that on a raspberry pi!). There is a HowToUse text file which documents instructions on how to use the agent. When you're ready to begin the trial, PM me and I will send you a license registered under your email, and you will get a 3 day trial.

Please register your interest by contacting me via:  [it's easier for me to manage everyone via email]

I'm a 1 man team and have committed full-time to my project which includes this Bot, and I have a good vision of where it will head in the future. I haven't yet settled on a roadmap but will share so when I receive some interest in the Fink Bot. Like all students, I need to pay bills to survive so I unfortunately am not able to give my work for free. But what I can guarantee is my continuous commitment and ongoing support. I'd like to build up a team to deliver improvements quicker, so I'm very open to collaboration. I'm not here to compete with publicly available agents, the agent is a small part of my bigger vision, and I think people deserve to have public access to my agent.


1.) Will there be support for other Exchanges:

Yes there will be upcoming support for other Exchanges for no added costs.

2.) Are there support for USDT Pairs or Eth-Pairs?

At the moment Fink only works with BTC Pairs (e.g. BTC-SC) but support for other type of Paris will be included in the future.

3.) Will there be other strategies included ?

Yes there will be new strategies included in the future.

4.) What time-intervals are supported?

Right now, Fink is able to work in 1-min, 5 -min, 30-min and 60-min intervals.

5.) What’s the expected Return?

It will vary depending on the Market condition, time interval, list of pairs and parameters chosen. With the default parameters, an average of 0.8% return per order (average duration of 240 min) can be achieved. I’ve optimised my parameters to provide me with average 6% return per day.

6.) Can the agents priorities which Pair to be traded.

Right now it is first-come first serve. Whichever Pair enters the specified Buy zone fill will be the first Pair to be traded. There will be upcoming support for a strategy to rank Pairs and few strategies have been tested in the past but nothing has been settled on yet.

7.) Can we limit the amount to be bought or sold?

Right now it is possible to limit the amount to be bought (in BTC) but not for specific Pair (set for all Pairs); the default limit is 0.01 BTC. It is not possible to limit the amount to be sold, but if such feature is in demand, it can be easily added.

8.) Do I need to supply my API & Key for licensing and will multiple API Keys be supported under 1 license?

No. The agent does need to know your API Key to proceed with trading but does not need it for license check; as this relies on two UIDs generated by the agent that is linked to your Email address. Only 1 API key is allowed for a single license
(1 License per API key).

9.) Will my API Key be protected ?

Yes, no trace of your API key can be found as it is not stored permanently in any file / Database.

10.) What kind of Reporting system is available to track performance of Agent?

This is still in development. As for right now (v a.01), the complete Fink system logs trading signals and trading actions (Buy or Sell) in the Database. There is no tracking of trade returns or the state of orders. This is because there is a limit to the amount of API calls allowed per 1 minute,

11.) Are we able to run any kind of simulation to test out new parameters?

There is a simulation mode (-ex 1) available  in which the Agents will log simulated Buy & Sell orders, including possible returns, in the Database under the Table “ExLog”.

12.) Will there be UI that is not web-based or requiring a web-server?

Right now it’s not part of the roadmap. The Fink databases is easily accessible and a custom UI can be made (non-web based) easily that accesses the Database.
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