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Author Topic: We are in Hogwartz!  (Read 36 times)
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July 07, 2018, 01:06:04 PM

"The narrow path had opened suddenly onto the edge of a great black lake. Perched atop a high mountain on the other side, its windows sparkling in the starry sky, was a vast castle with many turrets and towers. And the fleet of little boats moved off all at once, gliding across the lake, which was as smooth as glass. Everyone was silent, staring up at the great castle overhead. It towered over them as they sailed nearer and nearer to the cliff on which it stood."
jk rowling
Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone

Imagine suddenly you are in the Hogwarts castle, in a gloomy day, the giant Hagrid snores right behind you, some little brats of house ravenclaw play a game of quidditch with their latest nimbus 3000 broomsticks as few dragons lay idle in the ground.

That's how I felt when I was first introduced to the world of crypto, I wasn't aware that there is a totally different wonderful universe out there. There are senior members with an immense knowledge of the field (Like the great wizards), There are young learners who try to learn (Newcomers to the Hogwarts ) , scammers who try to scam not only newbies but even senior members (You thought right, They must be in the house Slytherin), Bounty spammers who do know nothing about bitcoin or its concepts or the community but only focuses on the bounties and airdrops (They must be the Muggles who do not know a thing about magic!) and the great mysterious Satoshi who created this wonderful Universe! (Yeah,The creator of Hogwarts, Godric Gryffindor of course!!)

As the mist of curiousness embraced me harder and harder I tried to dig deeper, I tried be a part of this history, I tried to witness the milestones of this adventurous journey of Bitcoin. With the very very limited knowledge in the field I managed to gain in last few weeks (Forgive me!) I did compile a little article regarding some facts which did not fail to amaze me! In this article I am not talking about historical milestones of Bitcoin but about some numerical values, numbers, probabilities which i found really fascinating!

    i) These coins are said to be mined by Satoshi in the early months of invention of bitcoin, as each and every block generated 50 bitcoins he was the only miner in the world!! (Shame on you Slush pool, Ant pool!! )

    ii) Million bitcoins worth well more than 6 Billion US dollars which is more than the twice of the net worth of famous shark tank member Marc Cuban and only 250 people in the entire world have more than that amount of money!

    iii) There are more than 60 countries in the world which have less gross national income  than the worth satoshi's 1 million BTC!

    i) 1630 BTCs worth 10 and half million US dollars as of today's value!
    ii) And Now for 1 US dollar you can buy 0.00015 Bitcoins!  
    iii) Here are some fun ways to spend that much of money!

    Quote from: laszlo
    So nobody wants to buy me pizza?  Is the bitcoin amount I'm offering too low?
    Above is a real message of a man after offering 10,000btc for two pizza!!

    As I said above there are wizards in this forum who can see the future!!
    Quote from:  ribuck
    Will this eventually become the world's first million-dollar pizza?

    i) Here is an interview with our hero Lazlo!

    ii) 10,000btc worth more than 65 million USD!
    iii) For 10,000 btc you can buy 1/29 of the Domino's pizza as its total equity is 1.88 billion USD!
    iv) Although the Bitcoin Wiki page suggests that the pizza were bought from Dominoes the pictures show Papa John's!!!

    v)  Jeremy Sturdivant aka “Jercos” who delivered pizza (who was just 18 years old that time) has cashed out those 10,000 btc for 400 USD! (Still profitable for him!)

    i) Now 3000 btc worth 19 million USD and you can buy 47 Lamborghini Aventadors!!
    ii) Right now the most expensive car worths 1980 BTC!
    iii) And of course you can easily buy two or three private jets for 19 million USD (3000 bitcoins)!

    • In 2014, famous rapper 50 Cent let people buy his album Animal Ambition using bitcoin which pulled in about 700 bitcoin in sales

    i) The rapper made an Instagram an Twitter post about this in 2018 saying that he kept those Bitcoins and they gave a fortune to him but later revealed that it was a lie!  

    i) Later one of his friends shared a picture of him holding a yellow notepad that had 'buy bitcoin' scribbled on it, along with his bitcoin wallet address where donators from all around the world showered him with donations. .


    I hope to edit this article further with the time.
    If this article is not up to standards or a repetitive thread please let me know I will lock the thread ASAP.  


    Since I am not a native English speaker there may be numerous errors in here and I apologize for that.
    All the references links are embedded to the article!
    Any suggestions, critics, ideas are more than welcome!


    All of the above scenarios made what Bitcoin is today! They are the pillars of success of Bitcoin!
    As Jercos (Guy who sold pizzas to Lazlo)

    "Bitcoin as a currency is meant to be spent."
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