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August 02, 2018, 03:45:49 PM
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Whitepaper English
Whitepaper Korean
Referral Program

EOS AUCTION PLATFORM is an auction platform based on EOS.
EOS AUCTION PLATFORM connects the auction market to the blockchain and then we provide a solution that allows anyone to easily and easily participate in auctions and create pages that can be auctioned in an easy way.

The EAP Platform is under development with a total of six main functions.

Network Module = Mechanism for Connecting Users
Chain Module = Mechanism for Blockchain
Wallet Module = Mechanism for Payment
Bid Module = Mechanism for Smart Auction
History Module = Mechanism for Smart Price
Producer Module = Access to Multiple Exchanges Through One interface

In order to meet the needs of users in a wide variety of markets and fast, convenient, we are in the process of developing the platform with the functions per module.

Problem of auction market
The uncertainty of pricing information due to the pursuit of profit by auctioneers and low accessibility
Excess fees due to the growth of the auctioneer (Auction broker)
Unbalance of auction market due to enlargement of auction company

    Some of the auctioneers (brokers) keep their existing auctions and the auction history privately in order to earn high profits without following the pricing of the economic principles and the supply law.

    Some auctions are running a membership system to raise commodity prices. Due to the high membership conditions, the same opportunities are not available to everyone. There are also cases where auctioneers lose
    confidence in the auction market due to false bidding for making membership information private and raising prices.

    The auction needs a charging fee because it costs a lot of money to proceed. However, adding a base 10% ~ 30% auctioneer's feeand some 10% ~ 40% Success Fees to some auction houses adds to the burden on all
    participants in the auction market.

    Due to the large size of global auctions, problems such as price unification, massive buying, and capital attack on opposing forces appear in auction markets around the world as in other markets.

Solution plan
Build auction history data using block chain technology and decentralize the auction market centered on auctioneer (intermediaries) into a transparent and efficient market based on open data

1. FREE commission
    Utilizing block-chain technology, the EAP team charges 0% for the user in principle. We will charge a fee of 0.002% for users who generate some bulk traffic.

2. Decentralization
    Decentralization is one of the key elements of the block chain technology, and we think it is the most appropriate way to implement a real P2P transaction method. The concept of decentralization itself is to allow users
    to trade at their own chosen price without the need of brokers, and thus the unnecessary commission is reduced and trading market growth is expected.

3. Convenient direction
    The goal of the EAP team is to achieve scalability on a user base. For this reason, our team is developing APIs and SDKs so that anyone can easily create a new auction site through user interface development and our
    platform to provide the best web-based environment. Smart contract allows anyone to easily access the auction function.

4. Various platforms
    Through the block chain technology of EAP platform, it can be linked to various partner sites automatically, and it is developed to be used in various mobile and desktop by creating a single auction page.

What market is being discussed?
Our EAP team intends to develop platforms focused on these areas. By applying the characteristics of the Blockchain technology to the auction market (industry) rather than the growth figures, auction companies, auctioneers, and bidders build platforms to win-win all due to fair transactions and we will focus on increasing the amount of platform usage. The selection of key markets may change depending on market conditions, regulations, and partners.

1. ART Market
The art auction market was $ 16.9billion dollars traded in 2016. The Asian art market accounts for 40.5% of the total, which is the largest in the world. We are preparing to focus on Asia market first.

2. WINE Market
The global wine auction market is trading at an average of $ 300million dollars a year. The Asia Market is based on Hong Kong and is renewing its record every year. On our platform, we are preparing to apply a new wine register traceable system.

Most of the real estate auctions are administered by the government. It is centrally controlled from the pricing method. We want to selectively build platforms from decentralized real estate auctions through MOUs with Asian real estate specialists.

4. Other Market
We plan to add new markets sequentially. We are going to develop the development according to the needs of each market. Additional tokens may be issued as market conditions and legal requirements arise.

Meet The Team

David Moon
Co-founder / Developer
He studied computer science and business. he participating in development using solidity, CC ++, elang/OTP technology. He worked for Datacenter team of D company in South Korea for 2 years. He has three years of experience in developing apps for smart phone applications. He has established a wine investment company to develop platforms related to wine market analysis and investment. He  believe that the value of action is never giving up. He still working on development today.

Young-su Kim
Co-founder / Developer
He studied political diplomacy. He started to the block chain two years ago, studied solidity, C/C ++ and engaged in the development of the company. He has a lot of experience with systems and platforms around E-commerce. He will developing with a passion and a positive mind that will not give up until the end.

Jin-ho Park
Co-founder / Business
He studied business, worked for a social commerce company, and He was excellent at management and finance for the company.
As a human being with surprising return from various experience in cryptocurrency investment, we are still working hard on cryptocurrency. He is responsible for managing EAP teams with extensive market analysis and experience in development.

Road map

Market research
Planning for Project

Basic development

EAP PreSale (Start : July/12 End : Oct/12)
Initial Partnerships

EAP Token Sale
EAP 0.1 Deployment(EOS Dapp SDK/API)

Exchange New EAP Token
EAP 1.0 Alpha Release
Open payment-based servic for EAP
llisting on the exchange

Release for Enterprise SDK/API
Release for User APP/Web

EAP 1.0  Beta Release
Analysis/History System Release

Open EAP Mainnet

Token Distribution
Token distribution and use of proceeds  plan. See White Paper for details.
* All unsold tokens will be reserved for the Team and locked up for 1 year.

Token Name = EAP
Platform = Ethereum
Token Standard = ERC20
Price of 1 EAP = 0.1 USD (During the ICO)
Soft Cap = 5,000,000 USD

Token contract address : 0xD20AA22062dbC0a4e07181894bF590391f25c2e7


Looking for partners

  • Artwork / Wine / Real Estate, ETC auction comapny
  • Block-chain security technology developer

We are negotiating a formal partnership with an auctioneer (broker) in the auction market that wants to use block chain technology. When the partnership is concluded, we plan to announce through the various SNS channels of the EAP team. The EAP team is also open to everyone in the auction market.

​Please contact us
cooperation and partnership.
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August 21, 2018, 06:38:17 PM


Link: Referral Program Page
Link: Get additional +3% Code

To participate in the referrals program, you must do 3 things first.

1. Signup our Website

2. Join KYC

3. Invest to EAP over 0.1 ETH

4. After that you can get your Referral code & link

1. Commission & bonus
A recommended person 10% commission
The commission you receive from the referral program will initially be set at a rate of 10%. If a person who recommends you, friend buy over 50,000 EAP, You can get 20% commission.

2. Who enter the referral code you can get 3% additional bonus

    Ex) Send 1 ETH = 3,006 EAP + 1,202 EAP (20%) + 90 EAP(3%)

3. Invite friends
Anyone who visit your referral link page. You can get 1 person visit your page = 1 EAP
There are limitation on "invite friends". Limit rewards to 10,000 EAP token.
This counts will update for 24 hours later, will remove duplicate users.
This rewards EAP token will be send in after the event is over.

4. Competition
The rankings of those who participated in the Referral program.
Rewards will be paid to the top 100.
The total prize EAP is 1,000,000 EAP token
The EAP prizes page will be released soon.

Effective as of 2018/08/20 0:00 AM (GMT) ~ 2018/10/11 23:59 PM (GMT)
1. Each referee must be signed up through your Referral Link, or Referral Code.
2. EAP team will check for duplicate or fake visit and will not pay out referral bonuses on these accounts. Duplicate or shared finances will result in disqualification.
3. Referral program will only run during the PreICO period.

Important Notice
EAP team reserves the right to change the terms of the referral program at any time due to changing market conditions, risk of fraud, or any other factors we deem relevant.
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