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Author Topic: про MtGox  (Read 718 times)
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March 13, 2014, 08:49:58 PM
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посмотреть данные по ID аккаунта:

Скачать файл с вирусами и троянами:
The magnetlink is:


 snip@snip ~> sha256
  SHA256 ( = ffcf6742ab84d7e29ef16ca4f0829d7c4e7a4f739414d2b6d2ded52f05e75a67

md5sum for as originally placed on both and Mark's blog: 90e78be95914f93030b04eaceb22b447

How you receive your latest balance from MtGox:

You need the mtgox_balances.csv file from the MtGox leak.

    Check your first mail from MtGox that you ever received.
    There you find a link with your ID (ID=...)
    Check in the mtgox_balances.csv

You will see at once at which postion you are in the list. That means at which possition your loss is, because the SQL query sorted by BTC balance..
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