Witholding transactions

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Quote from: pc on October 13, 2011, 01:48:41 AM

I believe that some people have posited that in the future, the norm will be for transactions to get submitted directly to one's preferred miner, for which one already knows the expected fee schedule. While miners may not have an incentive to relay transactions to other miners, miners do have an incentive to make it easy for people to submit transactions directly to them, so I doubt it will be difficult for people with transactions that they want processed to connect to the miners they want working on the transaction. I don't think this'll become a real problem, although one never knows for certain.

Why would a client want that.  While I can see making sure your preferred miner gets your transaction it is still in the client's best interest to ensure every single miner sees their transaction.

Say I am sending a transaction w/ a fee of X.
Say also my preferred miner has 20TH of capacity, the entire network has 100TH of capacity, and 80TH worth of miners will accept my transaction at the fee I offered.

Same fee.  I can either have 20TH or 80TH including my transaction in the next block.  I would rather have the option with 1/4th the expected confirmation time.

I can't ever see a situation where a client would *only* want one group of miners to hash their transaction.  They want higher fees with slower confirmations?


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