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Author Topic: 2018/10/8-2018/10/12 DACC Weekly News  (Read 8 times)
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October 17, 2018, 08:14:56 PM

2018/10/8-2018/10/12    DACC Weekly News

Introduction: DACC is the world’s first decentralised IAM-based content blockchain, dedicated to solving the issues of content and data rights management in the content and media industries.


1. Functional Development of the Public Chain Delegated Proof-of-Stake
1.1 Designed and implemented the data structure of Byzantine Fault Tolerance
 (BFT) algorithm
1.2 Optimised DPOS configuration items in the genesis block
1.3 Optimised the Transaction type structure, and reduced the relevant code of Transaction type check
1.4 Developed the DPOS-related API data query interface
1.5 Wrote relevant unit test and joint test code for later-stage continuous integration (CI)
1.6 Modified the underlying Trie data structure to better support the election-related business logic
1.7 Optimised the relevant code logic generated by the block
1.8 Increased the number of blocks produced by block producers in each cycle

2. Development of Public Chain Development Tools (dacc-dev-tools)
2.1 Wrote the Transactions Per Second (TPS) performance test scripts
2.2 Fixed the Front-end partial display bug
2.3 Upgraded the code version of all nodes in the test cluster

3. Design of DACC User System
3.1 Extended the Account structure of the public chain account to realise the mapping of IDs in public chain accounts and IAM file systems


1. DACC Morning Post Events
The Morning Post adds the DACC activity notification and the DACC market section to help users understand the daily activities of DACC and the DACC market.

2. English Community Talk Show Event
The English Community Talk Show Event started on September 18th, Beijing time. The guest speaker lvan lvanov gave opinions on the theme “Trust the Exchange” and provided some suggestions to new users.

3. Lucky Star Lucky Number Event
From October 1st to October 8th, DACC launched the lucky star lucky number event. Participants who fill out the Google form to choose their lucky number and constellation would have chance to win the 500,000 DACC grand prize. A total of 229 people participated in the event, 38 people won the prize, and the user joe hufman won the grand prize.

4. DACC & Dididu Event
From October 10th to October 24th, DACC teamed up with Dididu to hold events. During the event, users will receive 100 DACC for every 10,000 DACC they recharge, and each account can get up to 10,000 DACC (that is, 10,000 DACC can be obtained by recharging 1 million DACC or above), and a total of 2,000,000 DACC will be sent.

5. DACC Community Admin Plan
With the expansion of the DACC telegraph community, the DACC recruiting community admin activity is underway and welcomes DACC enthusiasts who want to contribute to DACC.

6. LendChain Activity
As a result of users’ enthusiastic participation, DACC decided to open a new round of LendChain activities. The new event will be held from October 11th to October 25th.

7. Fan Name Collection Activity
For the respect of DACC fans, DACC will collect a wave of fan names. The activity is currently under preparation.


1. DACC First Anniversary events
To celebrate the first anniversary of DACC, DACC is planning the anniversary of the series activities to give back to its users. DACC has organised different activities for English, Korean and Chinese users, including ‘DACC Love letter’, ‘DACC one-year summary’, ‘summary of technological progress’, etc. The Korean Community Event began on October 11th, with great response, which is explained in more details below.

2. Korean community event
On 11 October, at 6 p.m., the Kakao Group of DACC Korea initiated a question-and-answer campaign. A total of 5 multiple-choice questions are available for fans to grab, and the top 3 correct fans for each question receive 800 DACC. A total of 51 participants participated in the event, and over 600 responses were received. A total of 24,000 DACC were sent on the day.
3. Korean Web Celebrity Publicises DACC
On Oct. 10, KOL조상혁, a blockchain industry in South Korea, gave a detailed introduction to the DACC on the telegram channel, fireantcoin, which has a total subscription of more than 2,000 people, The DACC has attracted a lot of interest from Korean investors. The size of the DACC Korean community has further expanded.

4. ‘Add subtitles for the latest interview video of DACC Event’
The "Add subtitles for the latest interview video of DACC and win 2000 DACC" event ended successfully. A total of 500 tweets were retweeted during the event, with 620 likes. After the event, a total of six users received DACCs as rewards.

5. DACC Reported by Korean Media
On Sept. 22, DACC gave an interview on Brink Asset Meet-up to KOL, FireAntIco, Korea's blockchain field. On 9 October, FireAntIco released an event report featuring DACC.

6. Dissemination of DACC News
Multi-lingual and multi-channel dissemination of the "DACC and Lendchain" campaign.

7. UK Market Development
DACC Overseas Station is in talks with UK campaign contractors and will actively cooperate with the UK market.
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