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Author Topic: [ANN][REGI] Regium ERC-223  (Read 221 times)
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September 23, 2018, 10:22:12 PM
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Name: Regium

Ticker: REGI

Digits: 18

Type: ERC223

Contractsaddess: 0x9996a0b4d0d7ed1b7e41ad08bdc4acb198e232a9

Total supply: 7,200,000


Interesting article:

What is Regium: REGI
First, let’s look at what a REGI token is. It is a token that has a limited
offer of 7,2 million tokens (one of the lowest supplies on the market).


Regium offers a unique opportunity to progressively generate profit thanks to returns on your financial
assets produced by the simple laws of mathematics, the supply and demand.

Regium is a global tool of the future, that aims to change the world of cryptocurrency.
It runs on a self-explanatory financial algorithm that will continuously accumulate profit
solely based on business 101, the supply and demand. If you understand the basics of
trading, this is the project for you. If you are a professional trader, than you already knows
about the laws of mathematics and understands the potential of the project.

Our mission was to create a digital Currency based on strict guidelines that will allow users to
grow their capital in a steady rate, while keeping the risks of whales dumping millions of tokens
on exchanges to a minimum.

We made sure that there are regulations in place for when coins will be released to the market that
are applied equally to all users and support fair play. Developers establish the deploying of tokens to
market in a rate that not creates congestion on the trading places and exchanges.

Regium is not about any fancy technology, its about building a brand, marketing and a community
that adopts use and trade the coin. We are not trying to reinvent the wheel. What we do is going
back to basics of business, the supply and demand. We are building up a demand and our adopters
and investors can in time reap the benefits of our labor. its simple and honest business.

We are crypto lovers and run the Regium project to raise awareness of
cryptocurrencies amongst the general population in the world. Hopefully we can educate and get more
average joe's in to crypto trading. Crypto is the future and adoption can make you a fortune if you invest
wisely. We will do our utmost to assist you.

Regium aims to bring more security to the cryptocurrency trading through Ethereum ERC-223 smart contract technology.

3 Primary improvements with ERC-223:

(1) Eliminates the problem of lost tokens which happens during the transfer of ERC20 tokens to a contract
(when people mistakenly use the instructions for sending tokens to a wallet). Or for example sending tokens to
a contract with the same ticker as the intended one, this will lock token up in wrong contract, without possibility
to retrieve token, which equals to money and token lost.

ERC223 allows users to send their tokens to either wallet or contract with the same function transfer, thereby
eliminating the potential for confusion and lost tokens.

(2) Allows developers to handle incoming token transactions, and reject non-supported tokens (not possible with ERC20)
If ERC223 tokens sends to wrong contract it will be returned to sender. minus the gas used to transfer.

(3) Energy savings. The transfer of ERC223 tokens to a contract is a one step process rather than 2 step process (for ERC20),
and this means 2 times less gas and no extra blockchain bloating.


In our test sending Regium ERC-223 token, we notice a 50% reduction of gas price and faster transaction time.
All in all, the combination with improved security features and energy savings we are very happy to have successfully
implemented the new standard.

List of all ERC223 Tokens:

The low supply of Regium will generate demand and interest for the coin.
The price will follow the curve of other cryptocurrencys with similar low supply.
As we team up with new business partners the value will stedely climbe.
Regium is not intended to be a cryptocurrency for daytrading, instead we intend to be a wealth transfer system.

Save your funds in Regium and keep supply low on exchanges will generate a steadily climb of the price.
Dev team will use 50% of income from sold coins first year to pay for higher volume exchanges
to promote interest and growth.

The circulating coin supply will increase every six month until the total supply of 7,2mil is released.
Total yearly amount of released Regium`s depends of interest for the coin, but we will
keep the demand higher than the available supply on exchanges to avoid price dumps.

Our goal is to make Regium a well known and respected currency, with multiple business partners and users.
We are aiming to reach several exchanges to make the value of Regium increase massively in the coming years.
We are aiming to implement Regium in as many payment apps and crypto card services as possible.
This will secure the value of Regium as a cryptocurrency and the low supply will generate demand.
Team aiming for a long term steady growth, instead of fast pumps of price.

we strive to become totally comunitydriven, we will have votings on what exchanges community members
wish us to be traded on, and community members will do social tasks, such as going to the exchange and vote for
regium coin to be listed, maybe advertising on their social media pages, and so on. Decentralized meaning
there is no way for anyone (state or government) to shut down the project.

Regium currency is a software in constant evolution. Developers continues to implement new features when
the Ethereum blockchain allows us to build a stable and working product. Regium will continue to be a low supply
crypto currency even after any possible hardfork.

Why 70% of ICO Tokens Are Not Exchange Listed.

Projects that failed to hit their hard cap simply
can’t afford an exchange listing, while those that
did may still balk at the price. The discrepancy
between what exchanges charge is huge, ranging from
around $100,000 to $3 million for the largest and most liquid exchanges.

(It has been claimed that Binance charges as much as $7 million in some cases.)
In fairness to cryptocurrency exchanges, listing a
new token isn’t as simple as many traders seem to think.

70% of this year’s ICO tokens have yet to make an exchange.
Most of them never will.

This is why Regium choose not to have an ico, instead we are going directly to exchange,
just to prove to the investors that we believe in our project and will deliver.

In 22 april 2019-14 may 2019 starts the first Airdrop from regium. Airdrop takes place on Etherflyer exchange.

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September 23, 2018, 11:25:30 PM
Last edit: September 24, 2018, 12:09:22 AM by P E K K A


Name: Regium

Name: Regium

Ticker: REGI

Digits: 18

Type: ERC20

Contractsaddess: 0x39ce08f757200b37cec623c293c3ebd93b1bbdd5

Total supply: 7,200,000

Circulating supply first year: 1,000.000

so what the next plan?
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September 23, 2018, 11:34:10 PM

Has it been created just for the fun of it or it intends solving some problems? And this ANN is very porous a lot of details about this coin is needed. Hope to read more about it pretty shortly!

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September 23, 2018, 11:52:50 PM

Has it been created just for the fun of it or it intends solving some problems? And this ANN is very porous a lot of details about this coin is needed. Hope to read more about it pretty shortly!

Maybe this is just a school project? Lol! The things you see during crypto bear market!

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September 24, 2018, 12:11:19 AM

Dogecoin Remember that this project was created for the sake of joking. And what results he achieved. It is possible that this project will be needed in the market Wink
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September 24, 2018, 01:08:36 AM

very modest announcement! will there be a bounty airdrop or something else?
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October 24, 2018, 10:25:35 AM

all updated. we just forked to ERC-223 standard.
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March 07, 2019, 03:36:35 AM

Regium is listed on CoinGecko!
Check it out here for price and information on Regium:

Track bitcoin holdings by public companies and bitcoin price on CoinGecko
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March 08, 2019, 02:38:57 PM

I didn't think much of this crypto at first, but now i see a nice project evolving Grin i like the progress on the site also. it's minimalistic and simple yet nice.
The idea to help us noobs to get in to crypto trading is smart, its like 70% of the population that know nothing of crypto. Keep up the good work   Cool
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July 12, 2019, 10:33:03 AM

What is the news on this project? Is the roadmap being executed?
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