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Author Topic: [ANN] CONNECT COIN - CONNECTING THE WORLD  (Read 49 times)
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October 31, 2018, 12:55:20 PM
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     Connect coin(XCON) is Ethereum based coin (ERC20) design to “connect the world” by simplify means of payment and transfer of  money grobally, It aims to empower merchants by giving them easy and trusted payment system based on blockchain  by using Connect coin. Connect coin will connect buyers and sellers in its grobal market for goods and services known as Connect market place where sellers will be able to advertise their goods and services and buyers can see and purchase easly by using Connect coin.
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                                   OUR SOLUTIONS
Cross-Border Payments:
Having a cryptocurrency allows users to make secure cashless transactions. Cryptocurrency operates
at the universal level, making transactions quite easy. It helps solve the problem of inflation
as money can depreciate its value over time. It enables everyone to do business globally, travel
worldwide and participate in events without having to convert into regional currencies. The
peer-to-peer mechanism allows easier international trade without having complications over the
exchange fluctuations. In countries like Tanzania and farther afield, XCON will provide the best
payment solutions for wholesale and retail businesses, as well as utilities and services vendors.
By cutting off the middleman payments can be made with infinitesimal charges almost instantaneously
from buyer to seller.

It is noted, in the developing world, that only 41% of the population has a bank account. But
about 89% of adults in Africa now own a cell phone. With the influx of cheaper Chinese smartphones
making in-roads into Africa, most people own smartphones. This population with smartphones
can make cashless payments globally with the help of Blockchain technology. CITL’s
multi-currency mobile wallet allows cryptocurrency users to store crypto-tokens, exchange currencies,
make purchase instantaneously and transfer money

Double Spending or Double Booking:
Blockchain technology’s strong confirmation mechanism and transaction recordings don’t allow
cryptocurrency users to double book or double spend, i.e., it doesn’t allow multiple transactions
for the same coin. This enables users to register tickets for events, concerts, conferences, and
music festivals etc.

Data Tampering:
Cryptocurrencies are digital and cannot be counterfeited. They exist only as values in a global
ledger platform that contains the entire history of everyone’s cryptocurrency transactions. This
information is shared with every node in the Blockchain. It has to be validated and accepted by
all parties rather than one central administrator. As the order of the transaction is performed by
grouping them into blocks and linking them into a chain, swapping a block out is impossible to
complete the transaction. So it avoids editing or removing the information through unauthorized

Identity Theft:
Cryptocurrency allows users to send exactly what she/he wants to the recipient without any further
information. Blockchain consists of many nodes that are scattered across the world.
Since Blockchain is stored in a decentralized database, any hacker will find it difficult to access the
holder’s information. The decentralized nature of the Blockchain technology along with the public-key
cryptography doesn’t allow anyone to crack the chain.

Due to the de-centralized nature of cryptocurrencies, there are zero to negligible charges.

We offer decentralization of e-commerce by turning every extra space at your home or office into
a distribution center. In addition to distribution centers run by CITL, now anyone can become a
node on the Connect Coin (XCON) by staking tokens (buy-in) and leveraging existing storage in
their homes or offices to become a micro-distribution center. This solves the last mile logistics
issue that has plagued e-commerce for the longest time. It is similar to how Airbnb turns every
spare room in a home to a hotel room, or how Uber leverages excess driving capacity to turn
every automobile into a taxi.

Bulk Pricing:
Enables online stores & consumers to receive direct from manufacturer pricing through bulk order
quotes unlocked by achieving the Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ).

Real Logistics:
Leverages Blockchain solutions to deliver real-time logistics data, provide transparent smart contract
enforced audit trails, integrate PROXEUS, & protect users with data encryption such as the
SHA-protocol that will keep information secured. Manufacturers, businesses and consumers will
have seamless access to real time shipping data to optimize drop-shipping costs provided by a
permission-less public Blockchain.

Transparent and Auditable:
We combine the best of Blockchain to offer customers a digital ledger that offers fraud-proof
solution and auto-verifies transactions leaving behind a transparent, immutable audit trail. Our
ecosystem will provide features such as automated verification, shipping cost optimization, security
enhancement, smart contracts, and a superior pricing model

                      PURPOSE OF CONNECT COIN

The XCON token will be used in the following ways:
•Used to raise funds to build and enable the CITL Academy, Connectmarketplace and Merchant
Builder Platform and CITL Exchange which it will be used as a form of payment.
•Used for staking tokens in order for Micro-distribution centers to participate
•Used for staking tokens in order for delivery operators to participate
•Used as rewards when a user recommends XCON to another service, the former receives rewards
in the form of tokens
•As a form of payment to Micro-distribution centers and delivery operators for providing a service
•As a form of dividend payment to investors

                                 XCON UTILITY VALUE

The utility value of XCON comes, first of all, from the fact that it has a low volume of supply.
The low coin supply means it has even less risk. Secondly, the usability of the coin in other CITL
platforms such as Academy, Merchant Builder and Exchange ensure that its value will rise due to
hiked demand. So because the cause has routine use its value will rise.
Using a Marketing S-Curve Adoption Model, we have computed the Utility Value of the XCON
Token. For this model, we have assumed the following:
Global e-commerce Market of $2.86T in 2018 growing at a CAGR of 19%
An initial market share of 0.01% tailing off at 2% over 10 years
Discount Rate of 21% (adjust for risk)
Token Velocity is assumed to 10
Formula: MV = PT
Where: M= size of the asset base, V= velocity of the asset (the number of times that an average
coin changes hands every day), P= price of the digital resource being provisioned, T= transaction
volume (the economic value of transactions per time). We can rearrange this equation to solve for
Token Price =PQ/VM. In the crypto world, to calculate token price, one computes the market cap
in dollars (PQ), divided by the velocity (V) and the number of coins in supply.
The formula for token velocity is as follows:
Formula: Velocity = Total Transactional Volume / Average Network Volume
Formula: Average Network Volume = Total Transaction Volume / Velocity
Token velocity is total transaction value divided by the average network value. This means the average
network value is equal to the velocity divided by the total transaction value. Velocity is typically
measured annually. If transactions are absent, then the token lacks liquidity and its velocity
equals zero. Consequently, the asset will trade at a discounted rate. There must be some minimal
velocity for a token to reach its full value. With tokens that people do not hold, velocity increases
linearly with transactional value.
The Present Value of the Utility Value of the Token in 2028 is computed to be $25.00 while the
ICO-sale offering price is $0.25. While this is not an indication of the token’s market value, it is
a model that measures the value of the token in its ability to generate revenues within the CITL

With the invention of Cryptocurrencies transferring value across state borders has never been easier;
however, this doesn’t come without its challenges. In the wake of cryptocurrencies a number
of both consumers and entrepreneurs have fallen victim to manipulation and scamming from dishonest
players in the market. Thanks to the anonymity associated with cryptocurrencies dishonest
players have gotten away with impunity.
What’s if there was a safer one global marketplace where service providers and consumers can
meet? “Connectmarketplace” is a Blockchain based global market place where vetted and verified
service providers and consumers meet both online and offline and transact safely under one
payment system. The connect market place shall have built in it, the biggest advertising house
that utilizes new media to bring verified commodity producers and service providers to the global
market both online and offline. Offline the connect market place shall comprise of local vendor
ranging shops, supermarkets, medical stores, restaurants, resorts, theaters, schools, hospitals
etc. The online market on the other hand shall comprise the typical online business as we know
it today. In both these market places both businesses and consumers shall use the Connect coin
payment system.
Connect Marketplace is a next-generation decentralized e-commerce network that harnesses the
power of distributed ledger technology along with innovations in Bulk Pricing, real-time logistics,
e-commerce and cryptocurrency. Our Marketplace must share space with other token marketplaces
as a directory in order to share services and expand our users’ reach and variety of available
products and services.
We boast a robust vertically integrated e-commerce platform on Blockchain, and a decentralized
distribution system to compete with the likes of Amazon in reach, leveraging existing latent capacity
of garage space similar to Airbnb model. We also boast a Direct-to-Consumer technology
which lets buyers group their purchases together to meet minimum-order quantities to gain economies
of scale — a model that works wonders for Alibaba.
Our platform will use built-in XCON tokens with incentive schemes for Node operators to help
scale the network. Also a delivery network to match local delivery to the last mile with Uber-like
capabilities for anyone to deliver goods. CITL combines the best of Blockchains to offer customers
a digital ledger that offers a fraud-proof solution and auto-verification of transactions for a
tamper-proof, secure, immutable audit trail. Connect Marketplace will give access to hundreds of
brand names for sale through e-commerce storefronts.

XCON is built upon a very secure Blockchain technology, Ethereum. Ethereum is an open-source,
public Blockchain-based distributed computing platform featuring “smart contracts” functionality.
It provides the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM), a decentralized turing-complete virtual machine,
which can execute scripts using an international networks of public nodes. Ethereum platform
also provides a crypto-token called Ether which can be transferred between accounts and used to
compensate participant nodes for computation performed.
Ethereum-based Smart Contracts are account holding objects which contain code functions and
can interact with other contracts, make decisions, store data and send Ether to others. Contracts
are creator-designed, but their execution is provided by the Ethereum network itself. As long as
the whole network exists they will also exist and be executable. They will only disappear if they
were internally programmed to self-destruct.
Smart Contracts “are applications that run exactly as programmed without any possibility of
downtime, censorship, frau or third party interference. These apps run on a custom-built Blockchain,
an enormously powerful shared global infrastructure that can move value around and
represent the ownership of property. This enables developers to create markets, store registries of
debts or promises, move funds in accordance with instructions given long in the past (like a will or
futures contract) and many other things that have not been invented yet, all without a middle man
or counter-party risk.” – Source:
Now, XCON is a crypto-token built upon the foundation of the Ethereum smart contract. This
means it is quite secure.
Of note also is the fact that XCON is tethered to a company that has other on-going concerns
such as CITL Academy, CITL Exchange, Merchant Builder etc. This creates security for XCON because
then it is used to support those other concerns and create more value for itself.

                      THE TEAM

11 years experience in global business development,Digital
Transformation Expert, Analytical Business and Internet
Technology leader with strong technical and management
skills, leadership skill. Experience in building
and managing organizations, developing and executing
strategic and operational plans, participation and Strong
analytical skills combined with object oriented programming
techniques and attention to detail for design. Compatible
team player through complete project cycles:
Market Research, Strategy, User Research, Information
Architecture, Application & Design, Development, Testing,
Implementation and Excellent communication skills
marketing initiatives. knowledge in business verticals including
financial services, high technology, and. Advisor
to hedge funds, private equity firms and mutual funds on
Search and E-Commerce.

Chief technology officer and blockchain developer in CITL
company, Also hie is inventor of CONNECT COIN (XCON),
Founder of RCM which deal with helping society to get
knoledge on cryptocurrency and blockchain. Also particpated
in development of some ICO,Dapps, and decentralized
exchange. Invester in some cryptocurrency coins, Expert in
cryptocurrency trading and mentor in cryptocurrency trading.

-Bachelor degree of Arts in finance and accounting (BAF)
-Bachelor degree of Banking and finance
first established as the financial planning at National
Bureau Statistics Co., Ltd. Tanzania from 2011, acting as
finance consultant for 4 years.Then established the financial
planning office Roadmark & Signs Co., Ltd. in Tanzania
in 2015-2017, acting as finance planner for 2 years.
He then resigned from Roadmark & Signs Co., Ltd. and
incorporated CITL in 2017 in Tanzania, which provides
Cryptocurrency education/business and forex trading. He
works as a Co-founder and CFO and an advisor in various
industries including FOREX Trade, educational and
global investment. He joined CONNECT COIN as CFO
in 2017.

Chief Blockchain Engineer and Chief Tech Evangelist in
CONNECTCOIN project. Believe that blockchain will
take the world to the next stage and the healthy market
is the key factor for that. Master of computer science.
Majored in Ethereum blockchain and developed some
dapps in a way forward. Got the top works from there
when developed some apps. Started working in the field
of chatter apps studios after graduation. Founded and
which undertake projects related to blockchain, natural
language processing and machine learning in 2018.
In the blockchain field, have worked for ICO, development
of token exchange and etc. GOT BEST PERSON

In 2015 he started his web development career. Since
then he has been working actively as a web developer
for the last years and quickly worked his way up as System
Developer. Over this time, he managed to acquire
quite a few prizes for his web development capabilities.
Emmanuel worked at one of the largest Cryptocurrency
Company in Tanzania as Developer
At Real Crypto Market he was head of development for
a web-based LIMS developed in JavaScript (AngularJS).
All web projects are developed on the framework he
implemented. Implementation of the backend consistent
of various tech: C#, WebService, RESTful services and
reporting with SSRS.
Emmanuel is currently a lead JavaScript developer for
one of the largest software firms in Tanzania. He fulfils the
role of Lead JavaScript developer at Momentum\’s head
office. He is tasked to manage and overview the coding
standards of all JavaScript projects for his department.
As a developer he has quite a technical edge - working
with programming language spanning a broad range:
HTML5, WordPress, Pascal, Python, C#, Visual Basic, PHP,
JavaScript, Java and will without play a leading role with
MOBU especially in terms of IT support and development.

One of the founding of the founding members Cryptocurrency
International Tanzania Limited. He holds a
Bachelors of laws (LLB) and a Master’s Degree in Comparative
Law Economics and Finance (LLM) A blockchain
and cryptocurrency enthusiast with a year’s experience
working as a lawyer for Cryptocurrency International
Tanzania Limited where he has dealt first hand with
legal questions relating with blockchain technology
and cryptocurrencies. He is currently privileged to
work as the legal officer for the Connect Coin project.


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