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Author Topic: ✅ [ANN][MN/PoS] BeHeroCoin - the coin of the heroes ✅  (Read 128 times)
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January 10, 2019, 04:05:12 AM

The Coin of the Heroes

Bounty Campaign

BeHeroCoin - Introduction

Imagine that animals or people are affected or endangered for some reason, say there is a fire, an earthquake, a dog abandoned on the road, a school in deplorable conditions; then a person or groups of people realize that need and instead of standing aside decide to help, decide to change that misfortune or difficult situation without expecting anything in return other than the satisfaction of having changed the destiny of a life, that makes those people heroes. Although sometimes heroes only receive a "thank you" for saving a life or lives. For example some foundations that rescue animals that suffered mistreatment, the work that firefighters do to save lives. That work is practically carried out day by day. Groups like "Los Topos" that rescue people trapped in rubble by an earthquake. They all need support, they need help.

But let's be honest. How many times have you decided not to donate money because it actually means an expense? Maybe not strong, but it is a reduction of your finances in the end.
Due to all these reasons, we have decided to create Be Hero Coin. Now you can invest and at the same time support a good cause. Our main philosophy is to erase the fear of donating and turn it into an opportunity. With BeHeroCoin, donating is the same as investing. Our donation-investment model will be based on the structure of mining through masternodes. Thanks to which each person who donates will receive a daily coin reward. Our way of work will be the next:

1. A cause, need, foundation, association, group or hero will be identified and proposed to receive help through the cryptocurrency Be Hero Coin, this cause will not only be raised by the BHN team, but any person or association can make a proposal by contacting us from our website by filling out the appropriate form, which should include a youtube video explaining / showing the cause and how it is feasible to deliver the capital to it.
2.   The BHN team will upload a video on their website where they will sell a certain amount of their coins specifying that upon completion of the sale 80% will be donated or used to support the cause that was proposed in the previous point, while 20% will be for administrative expenses.
3.   Once the bitcoins have been collected for the sale of the be hero coins, the BHN team will go to deliver the capital to the cause of the target, in doing so 360 cameras will be used for viewers, donors and investors to verify that the money was actually delivered or was used to buy items to support the cause/need/group/hero that was proposed.
4.   Those who purchased BHN coins will have three options for passive income:
        a. You can simply leave them in their wallet and activate the stake option. This option to generates the least amount of BHN coins in the network.
        b. If you buy enough coins, you will be able to form and manage your own Master Node. This is the option to generate the most BHN coins in the network.
        c. They will have the option to send their coins to an address authorized by the Be Hero Coin team and in this way we will assemble Collective Master Nodes, which will generate the profits of a common Master Node (respectively to the number of coins they have sent) but without the need for the investor/donor to have bought all the coins necessary to form it. This option generates the most BHN coins in the network.
In this way investors/donors will receive passive income in BHN currencies.
5.   In order to be able to review the gains generated from the Master Nodes we have created the first crypto-banknote with Augmented Reality, to be able to use it will only be necessary to follow these steps:
a.   Download the editable file crypto-banknote file inside the page.
b.   Replace the QR code and the wallet by default , both with your personal wallet.
c.   Print the crypto-bucket on any sheet of paper (do not modify its size) and download the LAYAR app on your smartphone to scan it.

Once you have scanned it, you will have access to:

-The explorer where you can enter the address of your wallet where your Master Node is and see the increase in the number of BHN coins
-You will be able to visualize in a video the cause that the BHN team is supporting at that moment
-And at the same time you can use your crypto-bucket to receive BHN coins as a quick and easy form of payment (letting the sender/purchaser scan your QR code)

BeHeroCoin Specifications and Block Rewards

BeHeroCoin - How to be a hero?

BeHeroCoin - Premine

When we founded BeHeroCoin, we contacted 2 developers to code our cryptocurrency, so we agreed to pay them 500,000 coins. This is the main reason why our coin has a premined of 1 250 000; which are distributed as follows:

500 000 BHN (40%) - Payment to developers
125 000 BHN (10%) - Reserve fund for the support of our heroes
 75 000 BHN (6%)  - Marketing and other administrative costs
 50 000 BHN (4%)  - Bounty Program
250 000 BHN (20%) - Pre-sale
250 000 BHN (20%) - Founder Payments

BeHeroCoin - Presale

As mentioned above in the premine structure, we've decided to set aside 250 000 BHN for presale, which will consist of 3 sales phases of masternodes and 3 staking packages.

Masternode Phases

Phase One (10 MNs) = 0.2 BTC each one
Phase Two (20 MNs) = 0.225 BTC each one
Phase Three (20 MNs) = 0.25 BTC each one

Staking Packages

Package #1 (500 BHN) = 0.025 BTC
Package #2 (1,000 BHN) = 0.05 BTC
Package #3 (2,000 BHN) = 0.1 BTC

BeHeroCoin - Masternode ROI

To calculate the rewards you will receive for the purchase of your masternodes, please download this spreadsheet.

BeHeroCoin - External Links

Github: BeHeroCoin Github
Masternode Guide: BeHeroCoin Masternode Guide
Video Presentation with option of subtitles: BeHeroCoin Video Presentation
Whitepaper english: Whitepaper
Whitepaper spanish: Whitepaper

Linux Wallet: Linux Wallet
Windows Wallet: Windows Wallet
Mac Wallet: Mac Wallet


Note: This roadmap is projected only to the point where BHN is already a
Crypto-coin that can be bought or sold in an exchange. Subsequent to that is
where we will begin to use the currency to support the causes or needs that
require it.

BeHeroCoin - Block Explorer

Official Explorer -

BeHeroCoin - Exchanges

We hope to complete the pre-sale as soon as possible so that we can be listed on CryptoBridge, Graviex and Southxchange. We will then surprise you with a big exchange that is in the launch phase where we will list ourselves as one of the first coins.
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January 10, 2019, 04:10:24 AM

So what is the aim in short ? TLDR;
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January 10, 2019, 05:04:05 AM

So what is the aim in short ? TLDR;

Don't mind the aim, it's just another MN project, just buy and sell!

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January 10, 2019, 07:44:36 AM

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January 10, 2019, 07:56:29 AM

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January 10, 2019, 08:23:27 AM

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