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Author Topic: [ANN] Izzy Care - empowering healthcare in emerging markets.  (Read 89 times)
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March 06, 2019, 03:29:57 PM
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We are Izzy Care, a digital healthcare company that focuses on providing healthcare solutions in developing countries using Blockchain technology and Artificial Intelligence(AI).

Our Mission

Izzy Care ultimate objective is to become the ecosystem for all health and wellness needs around the world, providing the best patient experience to the maximum by producing technologies to drive innovation with the help of visionaries, developers, and entrepreneurs.

We foresee a future in which the human right to quality primary care will be accessible and affordable for all, without exception.



As seen in MedCity News, , , Healthcare Weekly, and Yahoo! Finance.

Our first product

Izzy Health - A low-cost monthly membership with no surprise fees. Unlimited access to your own personal doctor, therapist, and nutrition & wellness coach -- anytime, anywhere. Communication all via encrypted text messages, audio calls, and live video for a fixed fee of $ 9.99 per month per adult, $ 5.99 for adolescents, and children 12 and under receive totally free consultations. Members that do not use credit cards can be able to pay with Ethereum. Subscription prices are determined in part using the Purchasing Power Parity (PPP) coefficient for each respective country. Using PPP helps us ensure the affordability of the membership, while also ensuring clinicians can be properly compensated for their work.

Can you describe your product/service?

The easiest way to describe Izzy Health is the best patient experience. When you sign up, you are matched to three hand-picked clinicians who make up your personal care team - a family medicine physician, a psychotherapist, and a nutrition & wellness coach.  

You can have unlimited consultations with them via encrypted messaging, audio call, and live video.

Our AI bot assistant, Izzy, helps improve your overall health and wellness.  

How does this model work?

Izzy Health's model is built around two major themes: (1) reinventing care delivery to put patients at the center and provide better support for clinicians, and (2) combining innovative technologies to improve the experience and reduce cost.

Izzy Health's reinvention of care delivery builds upon two key models: What's known as "Direct Primary Care" and what's known as "Collaborative Care".

A Direct Primary Care Model forgoes third-party insurance by establishing an unimpeded financial relationship between the physician and patient. Think of it as a primary care subscription you pay for unlimited access to your primary care doctor, instead of paying co-pays or making payments toward your deductible for routine check-ups or other general medical needs.  Benefits include reduced out-of-pocket costs; increased access to and more time spent with your doctor; better outcomes for you; and reduced stress, better quality of life, and even better pay for your doctor.

A Collaborative Care Model integrates behavioral health into more typical "medical" settings. Think of this as a psychotherapist, and perhaps even a nutritionist, being a part of the same team as your primary care doctor -- each focusing on a different part of your overall health, yet working together to provide you with the best care possible. Benefits include: again, reduced out-of-pocket costs and better outcomes; earlier identification and better management of chronic conditions (diabetes, depression, etc.)

Our membership combines and builds on these two models to produce a unique healthcare delivery system, which we supplement and enhance with innovative technologies like our intelligent assistant, Izzy, to support both you and your care team; blockchain technology and tokenized rewards to incentivize healthy behaviors and allow patients to benefit financially from the cost reduction these healthy behaviors produce; and a custom-built electronic medical record to enable your care team to focus on what's best for your care, not on maximizing the number of tests and procedures a health system can bill for.

What's your current status? Who can sign up?

Mobile App (Android) its launching in the coming weeks. We have formed care teams based in the regions we currently operating: Mexico, Colombia, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, Nigeria, and India. We are currently enabling potential users to sign-up and get a 10-days free trial to chat with the care team and free IZZY coins, no credit cards needed.

How far is the development of the App?

Our application is currently in the last phase of the Alpha stage, very close to the Beta stage.

Alpha: The initial moment of development and when they are adding constant characteristics, that is to say, the first versions.

Beta:The development team chooses the features that will be released to the market and implements them in the beta version of the application or software. This version is now available for all those who want to try it, there is usually an option to test the beta versions of the applications.

For what devices will this App be available?

The initial version will only be available for Android. A few months after the launch of Android, it will be available for iOs.

What will I have access to once this App is available for download?

Everyone can download and have access to health content totally free. If you wish to have access to the doctors with the membership, the user must update the App and request an invitation.

How will I have access to the care team?

Users have access to the care team only by invitation. Anyone interested to have immediate access to the doctors must request an invitation. To sign up

What are the payment methods for the membership plan?

We accept Credit Cards, Ethereum, and only 2 IZZY for monthly memberships, users that pay 2 IZZY every month will have $2 OFF their total membership amount. If the user selects the annual plan and pays 3 IZZY will have $15 OFF.

How can I buy or sell IZZY?

You can buy or sell IZZY tokens at; the video tutorial on How to Buy and Sell on EtherDelta  YouTube

IZZY Etherdelta direct link:

Token details:

Ethereum ERC-20 TOKEN
Contract: 0xCa472B7CDa9865E80C0897A83baC9c1105d4374E
Symbol: IZY


Reward system inside our application

In our application, we integrated a reward system where users are rewarded in our own native cryptocurrency IZZY (ERC-20) a digital currency built in the Ethereum network. The purpose of this reward system is to incentivize healthy behaviors and patient progress towards their own personal goals. The clinicians will also be rewarded in our token based on their performance and commitment with their patients and our platform.

Users can generate our digital currency, and use it to reduce the cost of their membership. In this way, Izzy Health becomes much more affordable. Users and the clinicians also have the option of exchanging our currency on exchange platforms for other digital currencies such as Bitcoin or Ethereum, or their own local currency.

What we do with the medical data collected in our app?

The data collected from our patients, we use it for internal use only to improve our deep learning algorithms(AI)[/u],population-level health insights, and guide precision medicine efforts. This will result in, lowering the cost of care, helping the clinicians with medical and productivity efforts, and developing and enhancing patient triaging functionality, preventive health functionality.

After Izzy Health, what are the next products/services?

Decentralized Data Exchange platform - Earning IZZY tokens in exchange for sharing health data - This is a must-have for our members. Opt-in to securely share data with medical researchers on a case-by-case basis, healthcare institutions, and pharmaceutical companies with clear information on how your data will be used and for what purpose.

Purpose of the Data Exchange Platform

To allow patients to have control over their personal data and share the financial benefit they create for healthcare companies when engaging in these healthy behaviors.

dApp Platform - Allowing for other decentralized applications to be built atop Izzy Care platform. Think of it as the first Healthcare App Store - giving entrepreneurs access to a wide number of users to scale and monetize their products/services.    

Purpose of the dApp Platfrom

To provide tools and allow entrepreneurs in emerging markets that live and understand the pressing issues of their regions the opportunity to join the digital healthcare revolution and provide solutions.

Decentralized VR Health Media Exchange- Allowing designers to collaborate with entrepreneurs and institutions to accelerate VR by selling or donating media assets(Hubs, etc.).  

Purpose of the VR Health Media Exchange

As the Virtual Reality space becomes more preeminent, it is very important to create a platform to enable designers all over the globe to supply institutions, organizations, and individuals with healthcare related media that will be utilized to improve the quality of life.

Can you describe your token? Supply? Token sale structure?

Token Purpose

The inclusion of average patients and healthcare professionals to be involved as stakeholders and participate in decision making, also to incentivize healthy behaviors and patient progress towards their own personal goals.  

Check out the video explainer for the IZZY token on YouTube

Token Supply

600M IZZY tokens have been "pre-mined". This represents a finite supply, as no new IZZY tokens will be created.

-40% of IZZY Tokens, or 200M IZZY, are available for Airdrop. 200M tokens will be given out.

-30% of IZZY Tokens, or 220M IZZY, are reserved for bounties. Bounties may be earned through our opt-in wellness rewards, or awarded for referring friends and family to sign up for the Izzy Care Membership.

-20% of IZZY tokens, or 120M IZZY, are reserved for Izzy Cares, a program which, as mentioned previously, subsidizes Izzy Care memberships for low-income individuals and families across the globe, who often struggle to keep up with rising healthcare costs.

-10% of IZZY tokens, or 60M IZZY, will be retained by Izzy Care to be distributed amongst team members, advisors, Izzy Care as a company, and as donations to support select non-profit initiatives.

Token Sale

Note: Our team has decided to discontinue the token sale and just focus on airdropping the bonus 35% of the IZZY tokens to the general public including healthcare professionals, medical students, social impact blockchain entrepreneurs, developers, any blockchain or healthcare enthusiast. We are conducting secret Airdrops on selected dates, anyone interested in being a token holder must follow our project on social media

Why it is important for our team to stop the token sale?

We are airdropping 200M IZZY to our community in order for the members to benefit the most. It is very important for our community to be token holders in order to build a fair and strong ecosystem of stakeholders that truly believe and care about the social impact aspect and digital health in emerging markets; instead of having a special interest, we must remember that the blockchain and cryptocurrency network was created to benefit everyone.  

How can I stay updated?

There are a few ways you can stay up-to-date on the latest with Izzy Care.

The first is joining us on Telegram!

Follow us on LinkedIn,

Follow us on Steemit and to read our latest news, &

I hope that you'll join us in building the future of patient-centered healthcare. Please feel free to reach out with any questions!

Thank you!


Izzy Care Team

Learn more at,

Any questions, contact us at
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