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January 16, 2019, 08:18:17 AM
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The IOST Global Partner Program is an innovation in decentralized development and community management. By encouraging all participants, including the community with the highest potential reward, we encourage everyone to become participants, advocates and stakeholders of the IOST ecosystem.
IOST officially released the IOST voting portal on January 14, which is also the official launch of the IOST global partnership program. Anyone can go to
to put ERC-20 tokens and cast votes for candidates
The required number of votes to be received during the ERC-20 election is now reduced to 2.1 million votes (approximately 100 people each with $ 150 tokens).
Candidates who succeed during the ERC-20 election will have the opportunity to become a Servi node (a complete node that can participate in the production of blocks)
All candidates must collect at least 2.1 million votes during the elections in the ERC-20. If this minimum number of votes is received during the elections in ERC-20, which will be valid until the launch of Mainnet, then the candidate will receive the right to receive remuneration.

 Early Voting Awards: When you place a bet and vote on an ERC-20 election, you will receive an annual income of 25% of the amount of your token, based on the duration of the betting of these tokens. This will work until you launch Mainnet.
 Dividends when voting. Owners of tokens who vote for partners / nodes that have successfully reached the 2.1M token requirement during the elections will receive a permanent 50% share of the rewards of these partners / nodes.

The annual remuneration fund is 840 million IOST tokens ($ 5 million).

Examples of total rewards

 Suppose that the total number of IOST votes cast is 10% of the total circulation (2.1 billion IOST), and Partner A receives 1% of the total number of votes (21 million Votes). Income from the premium pool for a partner in the first year is approximately : 21,000,000,000 (Total circulation) x 4% x 1% (based on the share of votes) = 8,400,000 IOST.
Half of the amount of yost comes to those who voted for the node.
 That is, the size of the award depends on the total number of votes, if it is 4.2 billion, and Partner A receives the same 21 million, his reward is 21,000,000,000 * 4% * 0.5% = 4,200,000 iost (decreases by 2 times ). And vice versa, if the total number of votes is 1.1 billion IOST, the reward will be higher than 21,000,000,000 * 4% * 2% = 16,800,000 Iost.
Half of these earned tokens are shared with their voters.

Automatic exchange of tokens through Mainnet:
 ERC-20 tokens used for voting will automatically be replaced with Mainnet tokens on March 10th. After you launch Mainnet, you can claim your assets and fees, which will be successfully credited to your account after a 7-day lock. Thereafter, assets and fees will be authorized for sale or transfer.

We invite to vote for our node of all blockchain enthusiasts who believe that very important changes in the entire world order are taking place now, through the implementation of technologies that make us all freer and happier. Together we will change the world for the better.

The name of our team on the voting portal - IOST.BEST NODE

Voting Guide:

Introducing PoB - How to develop a more decentralized consensus
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"Bitcoin: the cutting edge of begging technology." -- Giraffe.BTC
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January 16, 2019, 01:28:32 PM

How we design a better virtual machine than Ethereum and Eos
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January 24, 2019, 10:54:43 AM

IOST tweeted an article about us, about why we want to be an IOST node — thanks! 👍
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February 20, 2019, 02:23:09 PM

IOST - A User-Friendly Public Blockchain Poised For Mass User Adoption. Mainnet Countdown: 6 Days!

IOS Foundation
Feb 19

IOST Progress Update
On 21st December 2018, IOST officially launched its Partners Program. Within a week, IOST received over 100 applications from across the world, including investment funds, blockchain communities, developers, exchanges, wallets and many others.
On 15th January 2019, the IOST Partners Voting Portal was officially released. With a simple and user-friendly design, the Voting Portal allows all IOST holders to easily participate in community voting and staking with NO technical knowledge required. We received an overwhelming response from tens of thousands community members who voted over 1 BILLION IOST within 20 days.
As of today, close to 200 highly qualified candidates are participating in the IOST Partners Program, with approximately half of the candidates meeting the the 2.1 million IOST vote requirements and are now formally Node Partners in the network. Node Partners actively use their own resources to contribute to the IOST ecosystem, and many of them have already made outstanding contributions across community, technology and governance:

Partners Supporting the IOST Mainnet (Non-Exhaustive List)
Below, we introduce some of our Partners who are supporting the IOST elections and mainnet development as we head into towards our launch on 25 February.
Berminal is a crypto news app ranked in the Top 3 on the Overseas Google Play Store News List, with over one million total users and over 50,000 daily users. Berminal’s second product, Bermi, is a fast growing content platform which hit one million users within one month of its product launch. Berminal and Bermi are are strong supporters of the IOST Partners Program and actively assist our Node Partners with outstanding contributions in their marketing and promotional efforts. Berminal will continue to work with IOST to bring millions of users into the IOST ecosystems in 2019.

DDEX, the largest decentralized exchange on the Ethereum network and the first decentralized exchange built on the Hydro protocol, has developed a decentralized exchange for IOST, which will be officially released in early March. We are excited at the prospect of users using the IOST protocol to power their daily digital asset trading activities.

Rate3, a cross-chain licensing and identity management protocol network, is issuing cross-chain stablecoins on IOST blockchain. Through the swap gateway scheme of Rate3, non-IOST assets (such as PAX, GUSD) will be able to be stored on IOST blockchain. Conversely, assets on IOST blockchain can also be transferred to other blockchains, allowing value to be seamlessly moved by our users. After the IOST Mainnet launch, Bitcoin and Ethereum stable coins will be officially released in early March as well.

IOST Pacific
IOST Pacific established the IOST Core Arbitration Community (ICAC). ICAC aims to be the core governance community of IOST and as a third party, IOST Pacific provides the education and organizes meetings for Partners and voters to participate in community governance. ICAC has no arbitration function and does not participate in the implementation of governance. ICAC has successfully organized multiple online meetings between global Node Partners and community members, with over 500 participants attending these meetings.

The world’s first token and stock CFD exchange, BISS, provides IOST with technical expertise in exchange and wallet functions. They power the backend infrastructure supporting the IOST Partners Voting Portal, and worked tirelessly with IOST to develop a user-friendly, one-click Voting Portal. BISS is also supporting the IOST Partners Election with generous early bird voting rewards.

Wallets Support
Prominent crypto wallets including TokenPocket, Cobo Wallet, Secrypto, Huobi Wallet and many others will bring in their strong technical expertise and security experience to integrate with the IOST mainnet. In doing so, they provide wallet users with convenient and secure digital asset management services and enhance public accessibility to IOST tokens.
Top-Tier Developer Teams
The IOST mainnet is supported by top-tier blockchain gaming developer teams including Team Joy, the world’s first blockchain casual competitive game platform development team; White Matrix, an award-winning game development team; the dev team behind the famous Liar Game; Eversystems team which launched the popular Japanese blockchain game CryptoNinja; IOST Game which is currently building the Realm 10 ecosystem on the IOST network; Endless Game team which is the leading game developer on EOS; and many other high-quality teams which are launching a wide variety of interactive DApps on the IOST main network.

Building A Benign Self-Governing Community through POB Consensus and the Partners Program
With the support of multiple Partners, IOST will start to deploy intensive online applications and ecosystems in March, and develop IOST into the fourth truly usable public chain project besides Ethereum, EOS and Tron.
Besides the significant progress IOST made in ecosystem development, IOST’s consensus mechanism, Proof-Of-Believability (POB) is highly innovative. Unlike DPOS consensus mechanism, IOST’s POB consensus mechanism will have no supernodes and no restrictions on the number of Node Partners.
All candidates with 2.1 million votes can formally become IOST’s Node Partners and receive Partner rewards, creating a significantly more democratic and decentralized transactions processing network. Click to learn more about the IOST Partners Program.
In addition to block production rewards for our Partners, the IOST Foundation has set up a 2% Contribution reward for the first year to motivate Partners in making active ecosystem contributions and to encourage voters to support these Partners who are making strong contributions to order to receive higher returns.
In essence, the intention of IOST’s Node Partner Program and PoB Consensus Mechanism to build a community with excellent community members to independently run and self-govern, which is also the core and real significance of the development of blockchain.
IOST will host live multilingual broadcasts in multiple regions on its main network on February 25 and announce more details around our progress.
Starting in March, IOST will not only become the fourth truly usable public chain project besides Ethereum, EOS and Tron, but also become the first scalable AND decentralized public blockchain by virtue of the POB consensus.

IOST Partners Program : Applications Remain Open
IOST Node Partners election will continue to run and starting from March 10, the election will transition from early bird voting stage to the mainnet voting stage. We welcome more community members and IOST holders to join IOST’s community voting program, receive excellent returns from ecosystem rewards and lend your voice in shaping the future and direction of the IOST network.
At the same time, IOST Partners Program will remain open for new applications without deadlines and limits on the number of candidates. The IOST Foundation sincerely encourages more community enthusiasts to join as a Node Partner and contribute actively to the success of the IOST ecosystem.
Apply to be an IOST Partner:
Official Voting Portal:
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February 20, 2019, 08:16:21 PM

Fundamental Principles of IOST’s Blockchain Development

Terrence Wang
Jun 28, 2018

At IOST, we have been hard at work for the past year laying the foundation for an ultra-high TPS blockchain infrastructure capable of meeting the security and scalability needs of a decentralized economy. Our mission is to be the underlying architecture for the future of online service providers. On the eve of IOST’s testnet launch, we created an article to explain the 4 key principles of blockchain development that have guided IOST engineers throughout our research and development process.

1. Developer tools are an integral part of growing a flourishing developer community
2. Clean, readable code and organized documentation simplifies the development process and self-creates an efficient ecosystem
3. Both a blockchain and a blockchain development framework are critical to the vitality of a full-featured blockchain system
4. The integral values of blockchain technology should be transparent, impartial, immutable and decentralized

1. Developers Tools
Our mission is to increase developer efficiency and simplify the process of shipping infrastructure and products. More often than not, the process of deployment can be a nightmare, and we understand this frustration. We therefore focused on building a suite of fast and reliable blockchain test/automation tools that allow developers to optimize their time spend. We are excited to introduce the result of this process — Rainer.

Rainer: Intelligent Automated Blockchain Testing at Scale
In order to ship code updates to the IOST blockchain — which will be used by our dev community and end users — extensive testing is required to ensure stability and performance. At scale, this process requires checking hundreds of interactions across numerous types of smart contracts and systems for both code integrity and speed. Previously in blockchain development, this has largely been a manual test design process, during which engineers have devoted copious amounts of time and resources to designing test cases.
We’ve identified a better solution and have developed an intelligent software testing tool called Rainer to efficiently automate test cases. As Rainer processes and checks code, it builds a comprehensive model of the system it’s testing and harvests testing strategies for subsequent reuse and continuous integration with the help of Ansible and Docker. Our work with Rainer demonstrates that it is possible to automate much of the necessary time-consuming processes in blockchain development, consequently accelerating the deployment of new blockchain features. Engineers can now test-and-deploy on all nodes with a single click.
Rainer automatically tests, deploys, error-handles, and reports thousands of test cases conducted daily on the IOST testnet. In addition to accelerating the testing process, Rainer has delivered an extremely low false-positive rate. Our engineers have found that more than half of Rainer reports are actionable and result in fixes. In the first few months since its deployment, the technology has allowed engineers to fix issues within hours, and sometimes within minutes of the code being written. Rainer has already had a positive impact on our developer community, aiding the development of new enhancements without compromising stability or performance.
IOST will release Rainer as an open source project in the future. We expect to implement new features of and share Rainer over the next several months.

2. Structure Design With Engineering Excellence

During development, it’s important to consider how to best leverage different functional features to create clean, efficient code. In practice, our engineering team stress the clarity of logic, dependencies and folder structures in their development.

In traditional blockchain solutions, one blockchain layer handles transaction interfacing, while another layer handles low-level data manipulation. The way we have developed this system is by first separating both layers and subsequently grouping all interfacing functionality in one file, while placing all low-level operations into a separate file.
Network events — where parts of the node stop working for a period of time — are often caused by nasty, unexpected bits of coupling. As an example, changing a configuration in a routing layer can cause timeouts in data storage, leading to an overload of certain nodes. You could stare at the source code for routing layer all day and never guess that it was coupled to the node. Coupling is expensive, but some coupling is inevitable, so we tried to be responsive in designing by eliminating any coupling triggered by frequent or likely changes and preserving trivial couplings.

3. Blockchain Development Framework
We believe developers are at their best when developing is an enjoyable and creative experience. The IOST blockchain framework takes the pain out of development by simplifying arduous common tasks used in the majority of blockchain projects. Our framework is very powerful and is designed to be accessible. It provides the modules and tools needed for large decentralized application scenarios. Through a combination of simplicity and innovation, we provide developers everything they need to build full-featured blockchain systems.
Some examples of the benefits that the IOST framework has to offer include:
Framework with a small bandwidth footprint
Simple and efficient network routing layer
Smart contract playground for developers to run smart contracts locally
Cross API calls for smart contracts
Robust blockchain monitoring module
Intelligent and scalable automated blockchain testing

4. Respecting the Values Essential for Blockchain
When looking at the competitive landscape, our team was disappointed to find a long list of projects compromising far too heavily on the qualities that make blockchain special. From day one, blockchain has been presented as a decentralized platform devoid of fraud, censorship, and third-party interference. Sadly, many blockchain projects have deviated from the original vision and fail to uphold true decentralization and immutability. Some examples include Ethereum rushing a “soft fork” comprised of minor changes in the Ethereum blockchain code for the sole purpose of censoring transactions, and EOS forming a centralized judging committee that has the ability to decide what is right and wrong, which completely override the promised immutability of blockchain.
IOST adheres to the quintessential egalitarian values of blockchain technology. We believe in the original intent of building and maintaining a censorship-resistant, trustless and immutable development platform. We aim to achieve universal adoption and utilize decentralization and blockchain technology to cut out middlemen and maximize network value for all parties. Our team is committed to keeping the IOST blockchain open, neutral and immutable.
Anyone is able to participate in every layer of our system. From using our blockchain, to creating a client implementing our open protocol, to contributing to our network. Our rules and our code are open for everyone to see and understand, and no preconditions should or will limit participation.
Anyone participating in blockchain-enabled cooperation does so on an equal footing with all other participants. IOST aims to fundamentally disrupt previous methods of business by creating a self-operated trust network that maximizes network value for all parties. We are a direct challenge to the systems that came before us and aim to create a model which cannot be skewed to favor the few at the expense of the many.
There shall be no changes to the IOST code that violate the properties of immutability, fungibility, or sanctity of the ledger. Transactions or ledger history cannot for any reason be reversed or modified. We are building a truth machine preserving one universally accepted version of history. It’s not possible to change history, and no resources will be wasted on that effort.
Looking Forward
It’s been over a year since we started developing the IOST blockchain. On this journey, we have learned so much and are excited to bring the initial product of our hard work to the public. We look forward to sharing more of our insights in future posts and as always will remain true to our 4 key principles.
The IOST testnet will be released on 06/29/2018. I will be giving a thorough walk-through of the IOST testnet in my next post and we will also be launching a game entitled “Lucky Bet” that allows community members to play on the functioning testnet. We look forward to your feedback and hope to which will help us make IOST blockchain better.
Terrance Wang
Chief Technology Officer
Dzmitry_Haron (OP)
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February 27, 2019, 02:33:19 PM
Last edit: February 27, 2019, 02:44:57 PM by Dzmitry_Haron

The Most Complete Mainnet Launch To Date: IOST - Olympus v1.0 Has Arrived!

Olympus v1.0 is Now Live
Today, February 25, 2019, we are delighted to announce to the IOST community that the IOST Mainnet is officially live!
IOST is committed to creating an exceptional open source public chain infrastructure capable of high throughput and decentralization. Over the past year, IOST has consistently been at the forefront of GitHub code updates, providing regular technical progress reports to our community and achieving each milestone on the product roadmap on time or ahead of schedule. The IOST team is firmly committed to fulfilling the promises made to our community. We are working closely with IOST’s global community of developers to constantly test, evaluate and improve upon various aspects of the IOST platform including network performance, decentralization, security, developer-friendliness and user-friendliness.
IOST Mainnet Olympus v1.0 has successfully launched at 12 PM Singapore time today, 6 months ahead of schedule. Starting today, all community members can head to the IOST Github to download and access the official version of IOST Mainnet Olympus v1.0. Alternatively, you can also experience Olympus v1.0 through the IOST Explorer.
IOST Explorer:
Starting 10 March, 2019 IOST will be the fourth usable public chain platform besides Ethereum, EOS and Tron. By virtue of our PoB mechanism, IOST is now the most scalable and decentralized public blockchain available for users and developers, and is able to support millions of users on the network.
Beyond technical development, IOST is fulfilling a multi-faceted and multi-sector global ecosystem strategy, which has taken shape after months of tireless planning and relentless execution. The launch of Olympus v1.0 is not only a milestone - it marks the beginning and opens a whole new chapter for the IOST ecosystem to write the future.
In 2019, with support from IOST’s global community members and hundreds of Node Partners, IOST aims to on-board a user base of over 100 million, lead the industry in developing top-tier blockchain applications, and unleash the potential of blockchain technology for the mass public around the world.

IOST Global Partners Program
In the past month following the launch of the IOST Partners Voting Portal, IOST token holders can participate in one-click voting for their preferred Node Partners, giving IOST token holders a voice in community governance. The Voting Portal is built to be simple, user-friendly, with no technical knowledge required to vote. Within 20 days, we received overwhelming responses from tens of thousands of community members who voted over 1 BILLION IOST to support their Node Partners.
As of today, close to 200 highly qualified candidates are participating in the IOST Partners Program, with approximately half of the candidates meeting the 2.1 million IOST vote requirements and are now formally Node Partners in the network.
Based on IOST’s PoB consensus mechanism, there is no supernode system or a limit on the number of Node Partners validating transactions on the network. All candidates whose votes successfully meet the minimum threshold of 2.1 million IOST can officially become IOST Partners and receive Partner Rewards. We aim to on-board over 500 node Partners in 2019 and build a valuable, thriving ecosystem for the IOST community.

IOST Early Bird Voting is still ongoing, and voters could stake ERC-20 tokens and vote. Starting Mar.10, 0:00 UTC, early bird voting will officially switch to Mainnet voting stage. Meanwhile, the application of candidates will remain open and the staked voting will continue on.

Community Governance Guided by ICAC
The IOST Core Arbitration Community (ICAC) initiated by IOST Pacific opens a new chapter in IOST community governance. As a third-party IOST core governance community, ICAC is responsible for the education and training on community governance. At present, ICAC has organized a number of online meetings with global Node Partners and community members totaling over 500 enthusiastic participants.

Bluehill - USD50 Million Incubator Supporting the IOST Ecosystem
Bluehill is a fast-growing incubator and accelerator under IOST, which is similar to what ConsenSys is doing for Ethereum. Bluehill is established in June 2018 following a successful new raise of USD50 million in funding. Bluehill aims to provide crucial backing for IOST industry partnerships and projects built within the IOST ecosystem.

To date, Bluehill has successfully incubated multiple well-known blockchain projects across network security, payment transfers, and content distribution etc. (For more information, please refer to:

Theseus - IOST-incubated R&D Team Dedicated to Technical Development on the IOST Network
Theseus is an IOST-incubated R&D team dedicated to pushing the boundaries in blockchain technology and paving the way forward for the global IOST developer community. Theseus’ shareholders include top institutional investors such as Sequoia Capital China, Matrix Partners China, ZhenFund and K2VC.
Theseus’ goal is to develop practical applications for consumers and companies in industries that can potentially be transformed by utilizing the power of the IOST blockchain. In the process of developing Dapps on the IOST blockchain, the Theseus team also aims to inspire and assist more developers, promoting the growth of the IOST blockchain developer community.

At the moment, Theseus is building a secret weapon for the IOST blockchain based application platform together with the IOST developer community. The platform will further lower the threshold for users to interact with the Dapps with no technical knowledge required.

Berm Protocol - IOST-Incubated Protocol and Application
Berminal is a crypto news app ranked in the Top 3 on the Overseas Google Play Store News List, with over one million total users and over 50,000 daily users. Berminal’s second product, Bermi, is a fast-growing content platform which hit one million users within one month of its product launch.
Berminal and Bermi are are strong supporters of the IOST Partners Program and actively assist our Node Partners with outstanding contributions in their marketing and promotional efforts. Berminal will continue to work with IOST to bring millions of users into the IOST ecosystems in 2019.

Addictive Gaming Dapps On the IOST Platform
IOST has partnered with multiple top-tier DApp developer teams to build truly playable DApps on the network. The first set of DApps will be released with IOST Mainnet launch. More high-quality DApps are also in the pipeline.
The first ever blockchain leisure competitive game platform in the world, Team Joy is a blockchain version of Glutton Snake that many players can play on simultaneously. Besides being addictively fun, users can also earn IOST and JOY tokens from playing Glutton Snake.

Realm X
Realm X and IOST Game apply blockchain technology to the gaming industry to redistribute value to players.Realm X is a sandbox game built on the blockchain, where players from all walks of life are encouraged to create their own content in the game using their own imagination. All player creations are on-chain assets and eligible for subsequently generated profits.

Liar Game
Liar Game originated from a popular Japanese TV series and movie of the same name — Liar Game. Despite a simple game mechanism, Liar Game gives players significant room to exhibit devious and deceitful game maneuvers.

Cell Evolution
Cell Evolution is the first blockchain-based decentralized sandbox operation strategy game in which all players play a corresponding role in the cell population. Cell Evolution is not just a game, it’s a real-life social group experiment. Users play the role of a protocell, and countless roles for users will determine the common fate of the population.

Endless Game
Endless Game provides various games for players, ranging from simple decentralized games to more appealing strategic and RPG games and more. The system releases IOST dividends every day. Everyone wins at Endless Game!

On CryptoNinja, users play the role of a Ninja to invade castles of other users and robbing their treasure (Coins). Ninjas and Castles are securely tracked using blockchain technology, minimizing fraudulent activities for digital assets.

Secure and Reliable Decentralized Exchanges on IOST
DDEX, the largest decentralized exchange by market share on Ethereum, has developed a decentralized exchange for IOST and it will be launched in early March.

DDEX IOST is an IOST decentralized exchange based on Hydro protocol technology. It provides users with a better trading experience through the real-time chain-linking mechanism and secure chain settlement.
DDEX IOST’s settlement efficiency is 50 times that of existing decentralized exchanges, while still preserving the characteristics of existing decentralized exchanges: anonymous transactions, multi currencies (supporting transactions for all users holding IRC20 tokens) and no listing fees etc.

Cross-Chain Stablecoin - IOST iUSD
IOST iUSD is a cross-chain stablecoin issued on IOST. Dapps in the IOST ecosystem can use stablecoins to make transactions and transfers with low exchange rate fluctuations. Stablecoins pegged to multiple currencies will be officially released in mid-March.

iUSD stablecoin is issued by the Rate3, a protocol network and an IOST Node Partner, and provides users, financial institutions and enterprises to transfer digital assets seamlessly and reliably across IOST and other networks.

Major Wallet Partnerships on IOST
IOST has partnership agreements with multiple Wallet teams, who will provide easy and secure asset management services for users, thus delivering a friendly and powerful user experience.

TokenPocket is a multi-currency, multi-layer universal digital wallet with the largest number of active users on EOS. With the integration with Olympus v1.0, they will support IOST across multiple fronts, including technology development, DApp incubation and marketing promotion etc.

Cobo Wallet
Cobo is the world’s leading wallet and asset management company. Cobo will set up a special fund focusing on IOST ecosystem building and DApp incubation within Cobo ecosystem. Cobo wallet will be integrated to the IOST Mainnet in Q1 2019.

Secrypto is a secure and user-friendly wallet with an intuitive interface. It is the first encrypted wallet to integrate multiple wallets and provide military-grade security along with the first ever “read-only” wallet function.

Huobi Wallet
Huobi Wallet is a professional multi-currency wallet providing users with easy, secure and reliable digital asset management services based on the IOST network, as well as providing other Dapp experiences.

Trust Wallet
Trust Wallet is currently the leading mobile Ethereum wallet and was acquired by the Binance in 2018. Trust Wallet works with all ERC20, ERC223 and ERC721 tokens, which delivers a secure, reliable, and intuitive experience to users. Trust Wallet will integrate with Olympus to provide a seamless asset management experience for our users.

Monarch Wallet
Monarch aims to create a powerful consumer, business and investment solutions ecosystem that is powerful, simple and easy to use.

Magnum Wallet
Following IOST Mainnet launch, Magnum Wallet, which creates a lightweight and non-custody wallet, will start supporting IOST and will provide users with additional features such as built-in exchanges, billing support, voting, DApp market, and transaction tracking in the future.

Blockchain Explorers for IOST Users

IOSTABC Explorer
BlockABC, the development team behind EOSPark which is one of the most powerful and feature-packed block explorers on EOS, is also creating a full-featured, user-friendly block explorer for IOST — the IOSTABC Explorer. Starting mid-March, community members can experience the blockchain explorer that that is extremely easy and intuitive to use, with close to zero technical experience required.
IOST Easy Explorer
IOST Easy Explorer is an simplified fast-search tool for IOST users. The minimalist browser will continue to explore and optimize the core functions, providing users with a simple block data search experience.

Proven Enterprise Use Cases using IOST Blockchain

IOST x Internet of Things (IoT)
The Civil Aviation Administration in China recently issued the “Regulations for the Trial Operations of Specific Types of UAVs (Provisional)”. The project requirements stated that in order to ensure the authenticity and effectiveness of the operating system data, technical methods such as digital signatures or blockchains must be used. These technologies are used to make sure operational data cannot be tampered with after encryption and authentication by third-party technology.
IOST has started collaborations with many unmanned aircraft companies in the aerospace industry. IOST’s strong technical advantages can significantly improve flight data integrity and effectiveness of data analysis.
At the same time, the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) of the Unite States has is publicly soliciting for blockchain technology solutions to address the challenges of model system engineering in aerospace. IOST designed and proposed a Product Management System (PMS) built on the IOST network, which supports the automatic creation, execution and complete verification of important data. Relying on IOST’s tech advantages, we believe NASA could significantly improve the efficiency of aerospace activities and reduce risks. Not only that, the PMS allows all authorized parties to verify data and improve operational efficiency through automated reporting and reliable verifications.

IOST x Charity
The trust of charity activities has always been an issue of social concern, due to donation scandals in the past. The openness,transparency and immutability enabled by blockchain technology can help the charity industry build a tamper-resistant information query system and enhance the transparency and rebuild people’s trust in charities.
At the moment, IOST is in cooperation with multiple charities. For example, IOST has partnered with social enterprise, Mantra, to help them record donation data onto the blockchain. By recording this data on an immutable ledger open to the public for their supervision, it increased the transparency in Mantra’s operations.
IOST will continue to explore similar charity partnerships and we are positive that the technology provided by IOST will help to rebuild the trust and confidence of the public in the charity sector.

IOST x Supply Chain
More governments around the world are calling for the application of blockchain technology to solve issues facing their countries, in particular for the areas of food security and provenance tracking. IOST is in the process of consulting with multiple government agencies aiming to use blockchain-based solutions to trace agricultural products.
More details will be released in the first quarter this year.

IOST x Finance
It is widely reported by financial analysts that blockchain technology has huge potential to transform finance and enterprise services. IOST is currently consulting with multiple finance companies and institutions for blockchain transformation projects.
IOST will carry out in-depth cooperation with relevant institutions in terms of solutions development in clearing, settlement, auditing, and payment transfer in 2019.

Mainnet Token Swap and Voting
IOST is working with major crypto exchanges for the Mainnet token swap, including Huobi, Binance, OKEx, BISS, Bithumb, Upbit, Bittrex, Bitfinex and more. Specific rules will be released soon.
Starting mid-March, users can do token swap through IOST official channels or on various exchanges. User can also interact with the IOST ecosystem through our wallet partners.
In addition, more third-party platforms such as exchanges and wallets will start supporting IOST’s Mainnet voting, and users can vote directly for Node Partners through these platforms and receive ecosystem rewards. Users are advised to adhere to the rules of the third-party voting platform you are using.
Thank You For Your Support
We truly appreciate the consistent support and trust of every community member who have been standing beside us throughout the ups and downs of the market. It’s you who have given us the motivation to achieve these milestones, and the IOST team will continue to work for you with full passion and commitment.
We believe that in 2019, under the combined efforts from the team, IOST Partners and community members, IOST will open a new chapter and help to write the future of blockchain for generations to come.
Olympus v1.0 is just the beginning.
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March 10, 2019, 03:24:41 PM

Cross Chain Stablecoin — IOST iUSD Launching Next Week!

Lack of Stablecoin Solutions Outside of Ethereum Network Creates a Barrier to Growth

Currently, most USD pegged stablecoins, including PAX and GUSD, are based on the ERC-20 Token from Ethereum. This becomes a barrier for many Dapps built on other networks, as these Dapps will not be able to execute transactions with stable transfers of value.
iUSD — The Solution For Stable Transfers of Value in the IOST Ecosystem and Across Chains
Dapps and users in the IOST ecosystem will face similar obstacles, if there are no stablecoins to help execute transactions with low exchange rate fluctuations. The iUSD, a stablecoin solution which will be officially launched next week on IOST, is the solution to this problem.

IOST iUSD is a cross-chain stablecoin issued on the IOST blockchain. Blockchain applications built on the IOST ecosystem can use stablecoins to execute payment transfers with low exchange rate fluctuations. The iUSD, is pegged to PAX, GUSD, TrueUSD, CircleUSD and DAI and will be officially released next week.
The iUSD stablecoin is launched by Rate3 Network, and can help to seamlessly transfer digital assets between the IOST network and other blockchians. Non-IOST digital assets (such as PAX, GUSD) can be stored on the IOST blockchain. Conversely, assets on the IOST blockchain can also be transferred onto other blockchains.

How To Transfer Digital Assets Across Chains using Rate3 Swap Gateway
The steps to transfer digital assets across chains are as follow:
Users send non-IOST assets (such as PAX which is an ERC-20 Token) to the Rate3 Swap Gateway.
PAX will be moved to the wallet address of its original blockchain (Ethereum in this case) — which will be disclosed with full transparency, and viewable on the Ethereum blockchain.
The value of the assets in this Ethereum address will back the value of newly issued iUSD tokens on the IOST blockchain on a 1:1 ratio.
When the user wishes to move iUSD out of IOST and back onto Ethereum, he/she sends iUSD to a specified IOST address designated by Rate3’s Cross-Chain Swap service.
The equivalent PAX will then be sent back to the user’s Ethereum wallet address.
Through Rate3’s gateway service, users can exchange, claim, or deposit digital assets in IOST. This service will be extended to support other stablecoins and/or digital currencies as community demand grows.

We are excited at the impending launch of iUSD and believe that the launch of the cross-chain stablecoin iUSD will attract more DApp developers to IOST, as it stabilizes value transfer within the IOST ecosystem and help Dapp teams minimize their exposure to volatile market prices.
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March 17, 2019, 02:15:01 PM

IOST Mainnet FAQ

IOS Foundation
Mar 14
Following the launch of IOST Mainnet Voting Stage, the Partners Voting Elections are in full swing with close to 2 BILLION votes already cast.
We have specially prepared this FAQ to help our Voters navigate the latest IOST mainnet landscape. This FAQ is divided into two major sections:
Section A: Governance, Voting and Rewards
Section B: Mainnet Token Swap and Wallet Options


1. Why Does the IOST Node Election Matters to You?
IOST is a decentralized network and protocol. It is owned by you — its users — and the decisions made on its operation, how it develops and its future success is determined by you. You have invested into this project, because like us, you believe in the future of decentralized ecosystems. By owning part of the network (in the form of tokens), its future value is determined by all involved.
By voting with your tokens, you are deciding who represents you to govern the IOST network and who contributes to the future development of the ecosystem. We believe the full potential of IOST will be realized if Servi Nodes and Partners not only secure the network, but also work to build and grow the IOST ecosystem. Choosing the nodes that will be the most successful at this means you will enjoy the most benefits and rewards.
2. What Are The Rewards Given Out Every Year?
The total size of the Partners Reward Pool is 840 Million IOST, of which:
420 Million IOST comes from the IOST Ecosystem Fund, and
420 Million IOST comes from Token Issuance.
For the IOST Ecosystem Fund (“Ecosystem Rewards”), rewards are paid quarterly, based on:
the share of votes cast by you as a voter (210 Million IOST) and
contribution made by your chosen Node Partner (210 Million IOST).
For Token Issuance (“Token Issuance Rewards”), rewards are paid daily, based on:
the share of votes cast by you as a voter (210 Million IOST) and
the number of blocks produced by Node Partners (210 Million IOST).
3. How Are Rewards Split between Voters and Node Partners?
With exception of block production rewards (210 Million IOST) which are given only to Node Partners for maintaining servers and transaction ledgers, all other rewards are split 50:50 between Node Partners and Voters.
4. As a Voter, When will I Receive my Rewards?
Here is a diagram made by Leobi, an elected IOST Node Partner, which clearly illustrates the how the rewards are shared with voters / Node Partners, and when these rewards are given out:

Since the start of the Mainnet Voting Stage (Mar 10), voters have been receiving daily rewards from the Token Issuance Rewards >> Election Reward pool, which comprises of 210 Million IOST.
However, this is just one small part of the Total Rewards pool given to voters, as the remaining rewards are given out on a quarterly basis.
As we head towards 30 June 2019, voters can expect a big bonus to arrive when the quarterly Ecosystem Rewards (420 Million IOST Pool) are released. Depending on the level of contributions from your chosen Partner, your quarterly bonus may be up to 300% of the daily rewards you have received!
5. If I Want to Vote, Where Can I Vote For Node Partners?
You can vote for Node Partners on the Official Voting Portal:
6. I Have Voted. Why Have I Not Received My Rewards?
All rewards, daily or quarterly, require your chosen Node Partner to activate the system contract to be released. If you have yet to receive your rewards, it is highly likely that your chosen Node Partner has yet to activate the system contract. You can reach out to your chosen Node Partner over their respective communication channels if you wish to find out more about your rewards.
We encourage voters to vote for Partners who are active and make significant contributions to the IOST ecosystem, as you can (a) receive more timely rewards and (b) receive more quarterly contribution rewards this way.
7. How Can I Redeem My Votes?
If you wish to redeem your votes, it takes 7 days. After redemption, you can vote again, trade or withdraw. Note that the distribution of rewards will stop once you initiate the vote redemption process.
8. I Want To Be A Node Partner! Can I Apply To Join?
Yes, we welcome applicants of all diversity. Whether you are a community leader, Dapp team, investor, education organization, or any other, there is a place for you in the IOST ecosystem. We look forward to your participation in IOST’s growth and governance. Let’s build the future of IOST together!
Send us your application at:


1. Why Do I Need to Swap My ERC-20 IOST tokens for Mainnet Tokens?
Before the launch of IOST Mainnet, we used ERC-20 token issued by ETH smart contract. IOST (ERC-20 token) holders can trade IOST on exchanges, but beyond that, there is no further practical use for IOST users. The Mainnet token swap is to map user’s ERC-20 token into the real Mainnet token.
To use the various Dapps in the IOST ecosystem, the Mainnet Tokens are needed. Example: If you want to play Cell Evolution or Endless Dice, you will need Mainnet Tokens for it.
The IOST Mainnet Tokens will gradually replace the ERC-20 token of IOST.
2. How Can I Swap My ERC-20 IOST tokens for Mainnet Tokens?
Currently, all swaps from ERC-20 IOST tokens to Mainnet Tokens are done through exchanges. You can deposit your ERC-20 IOST tokens to exchanges that support the IOST Mainnet Token Swap. These exchanges include:
Binance: Announcement
Houbi: Announcement
OKEx: Announcement
BISS: Announcement
KuCoin: Announcement
UpBit: Announcement
3. Why Does IOST Do The Token Swap Only At Exchanges? Can We Do A Manual Swap?
Token Swap is still an abstract concept for many non-technical users. Manual swapping is not only complicated, but also risky. IOST has not yet officially launched a manual token swap scheme. Please avoid trying it, or any company claiming to provide such a service outside of the above-mentioned exchanges. IOST’s selected exchange partners are world-renowned, high-security global exchanges where users can use safely without any concerns.
4. When Will The Mainnet Token Swap End?
IOST has already started the Mainnet Token Swap, and it will be continued throughout 2019 for users to complete the swap from IOST ERC-20 Token to IOST Mainnet Token. We have set an adequate time frame for this token swap to ensure that every user can complete the token swap during this transition period. We will send advance notice to our communities on various platforms before we end the token swap.
5. What Are My Wallet Options For Holding IOST Mainnet Tokens?
Following the Token Swap, you can hold IOST on the above-mentioned exchanges that support the Token Swap. Besides holding IOST Mainnet Tokens on these exchanges, you can also hold IOST Mainnet Tokens on a variety of wallets:
TokenPocket: Announcement
Cobo Wallet: Announcement
Huobi Wallet: Announcement
Trust Wallet: coming soon
Monarch Wallet: coming soon
Magnum Wallet: coming soon
Timechain: coming soon
6. Can I Vote To Receive Additional IOST With Exchanges or Wallets?
Currently voting is only available on the Official Voting Portal.
While you can hold your IOST Mainnet Tokens on exchanges and/or wallets, note that these tokens are sitting idle and not producing returns if you are not voting with them. Our exchange and wallet Partners are in process of integrating native voting functions into their platforms — these functions will be ready soon.
In the meantime, we encourage IOST token holders to send your tokens to the Official Voting Portal and receive generous voting rewards on your IOST portfolio.
7. How Can I Access Dapps on IOST?
You can access Dapps via our iWallet chrome extension:
Tutorials will be coming out shortly on how you can access and play with Dapps on IOST.
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March 27, 2019, 06:04:54 AM

‼️⚡️‼️IOST_BEST NODE gives away 20 000 IOST!!!‼️⚡️‼️

Participate in the quiz, answer correctly on all questions about IOST project and get a chance to win 10 000, 6000 or 4000 IOST!💰💰💰

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