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Author Topic: Hyperion - One Map for All And Everything  (Read 102 times)
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April 25, 2019, 02:52:59 AM
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Problem Statement
As the fundamental building block of mobility, maps should be and remain pervasive, accurate and privacypreserved. However, the current map system is flawed as elaborated in the following:

1. Incomplete, Inaccurate and Outdated Map Data
Location data is widely distributed and long-tailed, which means that the production and maintenance of a global map ought to be distributed by nature. However, the production of maps are currently centralized and as such, has resulted in maps that are incomplete, inaccurate, and outdated.  
Did you know that most of the Earth’s surface lacks an address? According to the United Nations, 70% of the world is unaddressed, including more than half of the world’s sprawling urban developments. By outsourcing map production to third parties, we are effectively giving them control over not only what gets shown on the map, but also the power to dictate where we go and how we get there. In the Capitalistic 21st century era, it seems inevitable that large companies like Google will monetize location-based searches, with either premium results or priority ordering (if it hasn’t done so already).  
2. Limited Transparency, Privacy and Ownership
People have increased concerns of misuse of our location data - we have no transparency on how data were monetized - often by the third parties in control our data. There is no true user privacy in front of map service providers that even pseudo-anonymous data can be cross-referenced with other data to identify the user. There is a saying that neatly summaries this state of play, “if you are not paying for the product, you are the product.”  
As popular apps harvest location data of the masses, the potential for leaking or exploiting this data has never been higher. The recent Facebook-Cambridge Analytics scandal is case in point and has brought to our attention how the large players have been making money off users data all along without them knowing. If everyone has data that they own and generate, isn’t it about time that they should directly benefit from their own data instead of just relying on “free” services?  
Furthermore, it is prohibitively expensive and cumbersome for users to build their own map service due to the high technology barrier. Innovation and entrepreneurship are therefore stifled. We need autonomy not on just data but the technology to provision map services at our will - not to let map companies decide what shows on the map and in which way we use map services. In short, in a more egalitarian society, people are calling for autonomy over digital location.

Vision and Proposed Solution

Hyperion organically integrates innovations of three important dimensions, coined as the Hyperion Trinity of map technology, economy and society structures, to eventually achieve a sustainable and self-governed map economy of the world. People are empowered to build map technology, share economical return and govern map communities. High level dynamics of the Hyperion Trinity is illustrated in figure 1-1.

- Crowd-build to incentive quality global map data contribution and distributed system infrastructure hosting with Hyperion Digital Location Right (HDLR) as reward, i.e., HDLR mining;

- Crowd-share to establish a sustainable decentralized map economy, in which map services fees are distributed to HDLR owners accordingly by smart contract, i.e., HDLR dividend;

- Crowd-govern to reach consensus on technology and social-economic transition with delegated governance, i.e., HDLR voting. The Hyperion global community is consisted of multi-level regional communities governed by HDLR holders delegates of respective regions.

Technology and Service Architecture (figure 1-2)
- Protocol Layer: the Hyperion Protocol Network is a global network of Hyperion Protocol Nodes with   MapChain (Hyperion Blockchain), smart contract, and trusted distributed storage. MapChain, optimized for location data, supports cross-chain communication for enhanced interoperability and smart contract for extensibility. MapChain natively integrates our innovative Spatial Consensus Protocol (SCP) to reach consensus of static location data (map) and dynamic location data (localization) in a secure and verifiable manner. MapChain employs BFT + dPOS as block producing consensus algorithm to support scalable map services and enforce a consistent delegated governance structure of the Hyperion community;
- Service Layer: this layer includes full-stack map services with tight integration with MapChain. Specifically, it includes map production service (dMapper), map service (dMap) and location data intelligence platform (Hyperion Marketplace). Users can stake HYN (pay-by-inflation) to access dMapper and dMap services, and spend HYN (pay-by-fee) for Hyperion Marketplace services;
- Ecosystem Layer: Location-based services (LBS), such as location-based social network, advertisement and gaming, accrue value to HDLR. Hyperion will collaborate with a wide spectrum of LBS to enrich the Hyperion ecosystem. To demonstrate the full power of Hyperion services, Hyperion will develop example  LBS, e.g., a consuming-facing map service named Titan and a location-based game.

Mission and Vision - Spatial Consensus and Autonomy over Digital Location Right
Time and space attributes are meta data. It implies that all services happen on the map. The invention of clock provides human with the consensus of time, i.e. the Temporal Consensus. However, the ability to correctly understand our surrounding by community, i.e. the Spatial Consensus, is constrained due to centralized control and censorship. Our mission is to provide Spatial Consensus driven map of the world.

The need of accurate and precise Spatial Consensus, together with the highly distributed nature of map data, demands a decentralized Relation of Production for map economy. We envision a future in which people have autonomy over digital location - people are incentivized with Hyperion Digital Location Right reward to contribute underlying map utilities, and use their digital location rights to share economy benefit and govern important community transitions in a sustainable manner.

Map Chronology:

“Maps, like faces, are the signature of history.” ~ Will Durant

Our Team:
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