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Author Topic: [XKR] Kryptokrona | A Nordic cryptocurrency for the future.  (Read 63 times)
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July 21, 2021, 06:40:27 PM

Kryptokrona - A Nordic cryptocurrency for the future

On 2 April 2019, the platform was launched in part as a response to the central banks digital krona and for the people’s right to create money and to safeguard the private economy without either commercial or state control.

The Nordics
The Nordic countries have a long-standing history of trade, cooperation, and currencies. With 5 countries and 3 territories, the Nordic region stretches over 3,425,804 km2 making it the 7th largest land area in the world. This geographical area is not only highly intertwined with its language, culture, and its $1.6 trillion economy, but also in other domains such as political, military, and vital infrastructure. One example is The Nordic Grid plan, which is the highly interconnected power system stretching across the whole region, with its own free-market and long history of cooperation and development. Similar to the adoption of the internet in the Nordic countries, The Nordic Grid, Kryptokrona, and other systems are also locally built and managed, yet they are still very interconnected with neighboring systems and markets.

Kryptokrona could add additional value to the region as a robust decentralized payment and communication system as it already depends on other networks we already manage together as a region, where some sort of Proof-Of-Effort is already implemented. This could intertwine us even more by incentivizing us to cooperate, innovate and secure our grids by exploring new opportunities and technologies in our geographical area to improve all networks. This could improve stability, security and keep us connected to the physical world through energy and mining. Just like the Kalmar union brought the Nordic region to new heights with it's common currency, XKR could do the same by making transactions and communications easier to do across the non-cultural borders of the Nordic region. Being a local project with strong roots, kryptokrona could benefit from the understanding of culture and language and therefore onboard people much easier. The local community is a feature of the project and should not be underestimated.

Algo: CN-Pico [PoW]
Max supply: 1 000 000 000
Current Supply:
Block time: 90 sec[/size]
CPU & GPU Friendly

Website -
Github -
Donations -


More information

Here's how to set up you own pool


Hugin Messenger
Kryptokrona has built a social platform called Hugin Messenger. This platform initially “only” included encrypted decentralized messaging, but after being the first to solve the centralized signaling issue with webRTC enabled p2p anonymous encrypted decentralized calls, video calls, and screen sharing. WebRTC is used to create a direct connection between two peers on the internet to stream data. Zoom, Discord, Skype, and Hangouts to name a few use this technology for communication between peers. Even though the technology is Peer-to-Peer at its core, it gets used in a centralized way. So, if you connect to a call your data is sent to their servers, then encoded in a so-called MCU, and sent to the receiver. With Hugin that extra step is not necessary. Instead, you’re able to connect directly Peer-to-Peer and stream video and voice without any third parties, central servers, or the costs that come with it. Because of this decentralization, it can scale infinitely as it is relying on the users computing power and broadband.

This gives Hugin a huge advantage in today's market as the enormous cost of encoding and hosting these calls on central servers is instead done locally on the user's device. The whole concept has huge potential and Hugin will see more upgrades like Hugin TV which will open up doors for content creators and Hugin Bay which enables eCommerce directly on the platform. All of this creates an ecosystem where people are able to communicate, create, and share to find new revenue streams but also enables free speech and expression by default. All of this is done by sending micro-transactions through kryptokronas blockchain containing data. Each transaction costs 0.00011 XKR (Kryptokronor). This data is then instantly readable from the mempool, meaning the transaction does not have to be confirmed in most cases. Even if the price of Kryptokrona reached a thousand NOK or SEK etc, the price of one interaction would still be very cheap and only reach 11 öre/øre per interaction, and this is without any further advancements. This also brings us back to one of the original ideas with proof-of-work, Spam protection, meaning the fee protects the network from getting spammed. Due to the underlying technology, Hugin is also completely resistant to censorship and DNS/DMCA takedowns or other measures that are used to shut down platforms.

Download from Github -

Desktop -
Android -
Terminal -

Frei Exchange - A friendly Norwegian Exhcnage
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