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Author Topic: 🏔🗻 B.H.Mining - Possibly one of the largest copper reserves in Asia  (Read 46181 times)
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June 03, 2020, 10:02:11 PM

No no no Powermine, did you read?….Deflection not deviation. That was an emotionally charged response from you, more of a reaction blinding you.

Have you ever considered I might be a woman and the voice of David prob won’t suit me. Consider that. Wink

You love to use the word “feminist” and “communist” with me…this is just too easy Powermine…You are starting to look like a biggot so I would step carefully before you alienate everyone.

My response in simple, I support a range of social movements, political movements, and ideologies that aim to define, establish, and achieve the political, economic, personal, and social equality of the sexes… I’m all for that.  Tongue I don’t support the scam BHM.

Now don’t you think I’m David Hernandez Anfrus?, And he doesn’t live in a communist country does he? What are you saying Powermine? You seem so emotionally charged you no longer know what you are saying, you are not making sense, you are just saying anything you can say to deflect.

You need to make up your mind and stop contradicting yourself. Am I David, am I not? Don’t sit on the fence Powermine, chose one. Now back to you being endanger of looking like a biggot….

Anyone living in a communist country probably doesn’t have a choice do they? The people living in a communist state are controlled by a government, often one person being in control. In some of these states the people live in poverty (not all), and you are making fun of these people using the word “communist” as a derogatory term. Way to go Powermine I don't have to try and make people dislike you, you do it yourself.  

You now claim a government controls me, yet I see no relationship with communism and this topic. Not shining the best light on yourself Powermine.  You don’t even know where I live, you are just using “hate” words and it isn't making you look good.

If we were to think about this for a moment…being derogatory about communism on a Bitcoin forum where a lot of people are probably from China reading this…you needed to think about it before posting, maybe you should have waited before your emotionally charged response to me…well done Powermine, clap clap clap. Tread carefully.

I would hate to think you had an issue with people living in communism or just being a women. I mean thats over half the worlds population you are alienating yourself with...just saying.

Last point Powermine:

but I can make extra money by scamming those who click on the link I put in…” - Powermine.

This scam link found on the Blue Hill Mining website

<a href="htps://;id=2420b245c5&amp;e=03e72e74b3" target="_blank" rel="noreferrer noopener" data-auth="NotApplicable" class="x_m_-282448341233465191mcnButton" title="Download SDR + Investors List" style="font-weight:bold; letter-spacing:0px; line-height:100%; text-align:center; text-decoration:none; color:#f8fcf7; display:block">Download
 SDR + Investors List</a>

How much trust can you put into Blue Hill Mining with tactics like this? Red Flag!  There’s my proof Powermine. BHM blown to shit. It’s over here on Bitcointalk for BHM. Scam scam scam.  

You Powermine are justing stating shit and enticing bigotism. Good luck with that.

We will be reaching a small milestone shortly, exciting news.

Marcel Sanders embraces another SCAM:
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June 04, 2020, 08:45:27 AM

LOL I knew that would get a quick response. I really really managed to get under your skin.  Throw some bait out, bang!. Tongue

Shall we make this quick again, easy as…

You're really not dumber because you don't train”. - Powermine.

What can I say, your first sentence doesn’t make any sense. So if someone trains they are dumber. Ok got it, it makes perfect sense?!

The feminist movement and communism come from the same hand, from the extreme left that bases its discourse on emotions and not on arguments, learn a little politics before speaking illiterate”. - Powermine

Thats for sharing your opinion, because thats all it is, an opinion on what you classify a feminist as, extreme left. That’s why I supplied a definition of what I was talking about, so you knew.  But talking about illiterate you must you missed me giving a definition of what feminism was referring to…“I support a range of social movements, political movements, and ideologies that aim to define, establish, and achieve the political, economic, personal, and social equality of the sexes…”.

The key here was “equality of the sexes”, but looks like you couldn’t get to the end of the sentence Powermine, you missed it. So the next time you ask if Crypto-Info (I'm referring to myself as Crypto-Info lol)  is incapable of reading comprehension, look into a mirror.

At what point do I laugh at people who live under communism" - Powermine

I didn’t say you laughed at people under that regime. I don’t know, at what point do you laugh Powermine, only you know that…Remember it’s only your opinion and I don’t find you making light of that topic becoming of you.

So next time you should read my definition of feminism (i.e. equality) before grouping it together with communism, especially before classifying equality as far left. lol You just needed to read to the end of the sentence to realise my definition.  

Now am I a side-kick of David's or am I David? Make up your mind Powermine is it one or the other? We all wait with anticipation. Remember you are just a tool for me to achieve my goal Powermine. Tick tock…

Blue Hill Mining is a Scam. Why are there so many scammers involved with the BHM project?

The Scammer Marcel Sanders active in a scam

Marcel Sanders (Scammer)
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June 06, 2020, 01:26:32 AM

What the heck are you on Wilhem. You are not making any sense. I said “What are your thoughts on you (Powermine) contradicting the BHM light-paper. Yes keep silent on that. Shhhhhh."

Your reply “A light paper is not a definitive roadmap, it is a letter of intent, which as time goes by and according to the market's responses”. I didn’t ask about the white paper, I asked about thoughts on Powermine contradicting the white-paper. You wasted a lot of words not even answering the question. <eye-roll>

I guess you thought you made your point, however it turned out you didn’t understand the question.

Let’s move on. Any self respecting business doesn’t mine data from links secretly, they have disclaimers. In fact honest websites tell their users on their website so users know what information is being recorded from them. But BHM didn’t do that. This isn’t some Google Analytics technique, this is a deliberate code that was secretly added so people were enticed by wanting to download a SDR + Investors List, in the meantime metadata was mined. No mention of that from BHM. Very dishonest.  

Now Wilhem, the difference with me and BHM is that BHM has a warning issued against them by the FINMA, I don’t.  I also don’t have police warrants and I’m not a scammer.  Simple.

I’m pleased you have noticed a different picture each time I post. I have noticed your repeated pictures over and over. I have been very pleased with myself over this, secretly so, but now you have pointed it out to everyone. Sigh. I wonder how many new, different photo’s I have posted, quite a collection I believe…

Yesterday the Blue Hill Mining thread passed a milestone.

Since the opening post on 20 May 2019 over 40 000 people have viewed this scam thread, to date.  
28 Days ago I posted about the connection with the scammer Marcel Sanders, over half these views are from the last 28 days. Marcel Sanders you are a mini-celeb!  Over 20 000  views in the past 28 days! You must be proud.

I am proud as my goal was to splash the name Marcel Sanders around, and posting Marcel’s picture. I want everyone to know all Marcel’s past scams, the scammers involved and how Blue Hill mining is a scam.  I have accomplished this.

Just a few known scams Marcel is/was involved in.

Aurora Group Finance
Aurora Royal Resorts
Aurora Racing Team
Sanders Properties
Capam Gold Mining Company Ltd
B&W Kwadraat
CemtecRoad (HiTec)  
Marcel Sanders Kiev. Mining Company
Pure energy
Zon Invest
Queen of Fortune
Temple of Fortune
Grandia Project
Other projects in Algeria…
Brazil Olympic games, Brazil Football Worldcup….
Mize Network (through BHM)

You guys are only a tool to reach out to anyone reading this thread. Let’s just be honest guys, no-one is going to invest in Blue Hill Mining after reading all the shit in this thread. It’s an obvious scam. It’s simply too risky and too many unrealistic goals and too many contradictions and official warnings (FINMA) and too many scammers sitting on the BHM team. The BHM reputation was over a long time ago.

With you publishing lies about me with Lawmuc and whatever, it doesn’t undo the massive damage with the BHM scam shit-show. All your replies do is to bump my post, reaching more new people. I don’t care if it’s only the same 20 people reading this crap, it just matters all the scammers are named and historically Marcel Sanders, associates and the Mize Network are now searchable together under one word: SCAM.  

Have I posted this picture of the scammer Marcel Sanders? There’ so many now I’m not sure.

Marcel sanders (Scammer)
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June 08, 2020, 09:18:18 AM
Last edit: June 08, 2020, 09:32:30 AM by Crypto-Info

I still don't care about LAWMUC.

This is boring now. Bla bla bla

"By the way, the FINMA warning only warns that BHM has not applied, the date of the warning was even earlier than BHM applied according to the roadmap at the end of 2019. It turns out that if you call or write to FINMA asking..." - Wilhem Jager

I did write to the FINMA.

FINMA maintains and publishes a warning list of companies and individuals who may be carrying out unauthorised services and are not supervised by FINMA.

And this is the FINMA's response:

Blue Hill Mining and Swiss Asian Resources are not registered or licensed by the FINMA to engage in activities in the financial sector of Switzerland, nor are the members of a self-regulatory organisation (SRO). This means they cannot sell a security. BHM and Swiss Asian Resources are more likely a de facto branch office of a foreign company which must therefore be authorised by FINMA. When the FINMA becomes aware of illegal foreign exchange dealing, it takes action. However, if these companies are merely pretending to have a presence in Switzerland in order to exploit the good name of the Swiss financial centre, FINMA cannot proceed directly against them. FINMA publishes the names of such illegal foreign exchange dealers in its warning list.

You can take what you wish from that.
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June 18, 2020, 07:37:56 PM
Last edit: June 18, 2020, 07:53:48 PM by tmfp
Merited by suchmoon (7), nutildah (3)

I read the original post of this thread over a year ago. I read the whitepaper, looked at the team, researched the survey reports.
I posted this

The target return of investment is up to 3,340% for the Blue Hill Mining project.


The red flags symbolize my view on this scheme: fraught with danger for a would be investor tempted by the absurd ROI claim.
I have been researching new projects, both crypto and fiat, for years and have never found an authentic one which claims such a return. Never.
Looking further, I found there was some sort of bizarre arrangement to sell tokens thru the Mize Network, an MLM company operating in Iberia.
The principal, Adrian Jacuzzi, is a known fraudster with a long history of failed projects. "Failed" in the sense that investors lost all their money, but successful from Jacuzzi's point of view in that he kept it.
Further information came to light as time went on confirming, without an iota of doubt in my view, that Bluehill Mining is a fraudulent scheme and no investors should give Jacuzzi (in any of his and his co-conspirators' guises) any money for these worthless tokens.

I look in on this thread from time to time and have noticed that recently a few single purpose accounts have launched an ad hominem campaign against Crypto-Info, something to do with a German law firm.
This bears no relevance to the Bluehill Mining scheme, but has taken up several pages of this thread, filled with long, irrelevant copy pasta.
This is a standard procedure in cases like this, the scammers attempt to bury relevant information in off topic nonsense.

The main "sources" of these single purpose accounts' derogatory statements about the law firm seem to be two internet posts

These posts purport to quote the European Crime Prevention Network, a real EU Agency, claiming that the German law firm has done all sorts of terrible things.
Both of these internet posts are signed off

I think there may be a random social media or rating site post somewhere too, but the accusations against the law firm hinge on this condemnation by a real crime agency.
My associate decided "simple, I'll ask them" and went to sent an email to Kroos, but decided to check the EUCPN website first.
To her confusion, Kroos' email, did not match that of the EUCPN itself,, so she decided to email the Strategy and Policy Officer, Febe Liagre, at the real European Crime Prevention Network.
This is a copy of her first email to them (yes these are screenshots, which are easily fakeable. They're real.)

During the exchange, she received these two replies

The accusations made against the German law firm, and which are the basis of pages of shit posts by single purpose accounts in this thread, are FAKES POSTED BY A FAKE ACCOUNT.

I don't know anything about German law firms.
I don't care about German law firms.
German law firms have nothing to do with Bluehill Mining, which is a fraud.
Do the single purpose accounts know that they are posting fake accusations?
So does the European Crime Prevention Network.
The real one.
And they're not impressed.

Extraordinary Claims require Extraordinary Evidence
Wilhem Jager
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June 23, 2020, 02:42:33 PM

Like youtuber Mr. David Hernandez Anfruns has dedicated himself to continuing the work of his mentor Cryto-info on youtube, giving more voice to a scammer and the law firms that make up the scam.

There are users who encourage Mr David Hernandez Anfruns to continue with all this, which is why we can deduce that Mr David Hernandez Anfruns has direct responsibility for the fraud at Lawmuc, Kanzlei and BG advokat.
users like Phynx, who wrote in medium to follow up on the defamation made by Crypto-info and by Lawmuc

Here is one of the comments received by the same medium user in one of Davidoski AKA David Hernandez Anfruns' videos

Now I would like to give a special thanks to Mr. David Hernandez Anfruns for bringing a link which makes this whole story even more remarkable.

News that has also been echoed in the press specialized in bitcoin in France

Scammers, slanders and blackmails Vladislav Dimitrov and Neshe Filippatos AKA LAWMUC and Davidoski AKA David Hernandez Anfruns and Crypto-Info
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June 23, 2020, 03:01:40 PM

There's a lot of things that are weird with these lawyers.

Here the capture of the contact form, the two law firms have the same contact address.  
BG advokat

Lawmuc advokat

The register of companies in germany,( when you do a search for either company, it turns out that none of them exists.
Bg advoka


There's another law firm
The company has been accused of defrauding clients, unlike the previous two, this law firm is registered and real. But it has a long history of clients being defrauded, here's the full article

"Kanzlei Herfurtner Scams Investors

 February 24, 2020

Kanzlei Herfurtner, a legal firm with offices in Germany has recently come under fire for its unethical practices. Sources that wish to remain anonymous due to ongoing dealings with the firm have reported cases of fraudulent practice that have caused them to lose significant funds.

High fees charged by Kanzlei Herfurtner

According to the sources, Kanzlei Herfurtner warns the public against financial companies operating abroad via an extensive list on its website. When clients who have had dealing with one or more of these companies on the warning list approach Kanzlei Herfurtner for clarification, the firm charges extremely high fees, promising to act on the client’s behalf in future dealings with these international investment companies. This is done under the guise of protecting the client’s financial interests.

After charging exorbitantly high fees, the the legal firm sends a letter of demand to the financial company in question on behalf of their “client”. The letter demands confidential documents and guarantees that are not possible to provide in financial and investment transactions as Kanzlei Herfurtner is fully aware."

"This approach is souring relationships between the sources and their investment brokers. One source reported that they had been unable to recoup the legal fees paid to Kanzlei Herfurtner even after the issue with their investment had been independently resolved.
Unhappy clients feel cheated"

“I feel cheated by Kanzlei Herfurtner. All this company did was cause me embarrassment by falsely accusing a company that has made me the best results possible in a downturn global market. When I requested that part of my retainer be refunded, they stopped responding to my communication,” said a source who wishes to remain anonymous.

“At first I did not want to speak out,” said another source. “I felt embarrassed that I had been taken advantage of by this lawyer. But when my investment turned out to be profitable, I realized I must warn others against Kanzlei Herfurtner, as they prey on first time investors that might be nervous in a market that is moving down. It is not right that this firm tarnishes the reputations of legitimate financial companies and trades on the fear and concerns of investors. What they are doing is surely unethical.”

We leave you here the comment of one of the people who hired the services of the law firm, where it is curious that they incite the client to denounce a legal company to keep the client's money.

Given the outcome of my original investment, I felt it would be best to contact the lawyers at Kanzlei Herfurtner to explain I had resolved my issue. I was unable to get through time and time again.I left endless amounts of messages for my lawyer to call me back, emailed on numerous occasions and did not receive any response. I also spoke with my wealth manager who advised he and his team had not had any communication from Kanzlei Herfurtner at all.This angered me as I had paid a lot of money for their service. I continued to try and contact the lawyers with no avail and have since read that other victims have suffered the same experience by Kanzlei Herfurtner.I wholeheartedly believe this law firm is a complete scam. They falsely advertise that they will help you with legal action against, in my case a legitimate wealth management company, then they take your money and run.

And how do I link one law firm to the other?

The person behind the law firm Lawmuc and BG Advokat is the same person Vladislav Dimitrov
who was working for the Kanzlei company

It is logical to think that with Kanzlei's background and having worked Vladislav decided to create his own (fake) company to earn more money at the expense of honest people.

This is Vladislav Dimitrov

It is odd that in his profile as linkedin Vladislav Dimitrov does not mention either the law firm BG advokat or Kanzlei, where he worked. You can check it out here.

Another odd thing is Vladislav's partner Neshe Filippatos

both at Lawmuc and Bg Advokat has no profile on social networks other than Linkedin.
She does not have a profile picture, but her C.V. does not show that she works for any of the law firms, for the companies she is supposed to work for, they do not know her or have any information about her.

Now, the person who validates her profile is called Konstantinos Filippatos, I understand that he is her brother, curious is that Konstantinos is a programmer, therefore it is not complicated that he is the one who created the profiles, the web pages, among others. And besides, Konstantinos does not have any other profile in other social networks.

now that we are clear on who the lawyers are, let's see what their M.O. is. As I said before, the modus operandi of at least 2 law firms is to create articles on their blog or to create a list of companies that they say are acting fraudulently. The next step is simple, people looking for information about the company in which they have invested their money, at the moment they do a Google search, the company appears as a possible fraud, so the client contacts the lawyers that promote themselves in forums, social networks and their web pages. Once the person contacts one of the law firms, they indicate that they have a case open against the company and that if they want, they can participate, upon payment of the fees.

At this point when another figure comes into play, Crypto-info. Mr. Crypto-info is a user of this forum, his relationship with the law firm LAWMUC is very peculiar. According to him, they do not have any relationship with the law firm. According to Mr. Crypto-info, he is a person who knows how to perform very advanced searches on the internet and is able to find companies and persons who commit or have committed fraud, except for the company Lawmuc, with whom he never suspected of being a fraudulent law firm.
However, it puts at the bottom of 23 posts the firm of the lawyers and indicates the company and other users to sue him through Lawmuc. Here is the evidence of his posts.

When the time came, I started to suspect some users about the law firm Lawmuc and we started to raise some questions about them, from that moment on the user Mr. Crypto-info stopped promoting them; would he realize at that moment that they were a fraud, or would he be afraid that we could detect that he was somehow involved with the law firm Lawmuc and therefore be part of the M.O to scam more people?
I want to remind the readers of this post that the M.O. of these law firms tries to discredit the companies and then blackmail the company and swindle honest people.
in Mr. crypto-info's last posts he makes it very clear that all his desire was to damage the company, it was not about knowing if this project is or is not profitable, it is or is not real. It was just about doing damage.

As you can see in this picture,

Mr. Crypto-info tried to blackmail the company on January 3, 2020, right at the zenith of his posts with the firm Lawmuc. Not a month had passed since the first post with Lawmuc, and I want to remind you that the M.O. of these law firms is to defame first, then blackmail the company and then defraud the clients.

Slanders, blackmails and scammers Vladislav Dimitrov, Neshe Filippatos AKA LAWMUC and CRYPTO-INFO

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June 23, 2020, 04:00:15 PM

Notice Concerning Blue Hill Mining

From the Blue Hill Foundation, we appreciate the interest of all those who have participated in this thread (which was dedicated so that the project and its progress were known), with opinions both in favor and against from each one’s personal point of view.

We have made mistakes and we have had successes, we have learned along the way and we have managed to finance ourselves taking the project to an absolute self-sufficient level, we have acquired 4 more mining licenses in addition to the initial 2 and we are developing our raw materials traceability and exchange platform ahead of schedule, as long as the issuing of our Utility BHF-Token (our first token) which will be issued and distributed in our Blue Hill Platform in August this year, besides the progress into the Security BHM-Token (our second token).

This way, nowadays the project has grown into a Corporation of various brands and companies involved, specific tasks, and high-level interest in our Blue Hill Platform from different industrial companies related to Banking, Assurance, Smelting, Mining, among others.

Always with the intention of communicating in the appropriate channels our objectives and progress, is that we also came within the many communication spaces to BitcoinTalk, whom we also thank for having given us a space for communicating. In any case, we believe that for quite some time, the reason for our thread has been distorted in a meaningless contest and a wave of aggressions that do not reflect the spirit or vision of the Blue Hill Mining Project, for which reason as well as in its moment we stopped responding as advised by our legal department; now we will proceed to terminate the communication through BitcoinTalk, inviting all those who want to give their opinion or consult us, to visit our official channels and our website

Once again, thank you all for the enthusiasm of your comments and for the humble courage to present your opinions, having or no knowledge of the field. It has been a pleasure to have you at this stage and we hope to keep you updated on our progress in the times to come.

Blue Hill Foundation Team
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