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Author Topic: GLink Capital WhitePaper. , GLink(Glin) Token , GLink Token  (Read 56 times)
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May 28, 2019, 10:08:01 AM

                                What is Glink? Wink


- GLink is a human service provider for those in need in modern society.
- GLink connects people with people around the world to help
them get closer together.
- GLink has more than 6000 models and collaborators in many different areas to serve the event.
- GLink provides jobs for people looking for jobs, providing workers - for employers to save time and travel costs. |
- GLink is committed to ensuring service quality as well as ensuring
customers’ benefits and commitments to make society better.

                               What is the GLink Capital Open Platform?

- GLink Capital Open Platform will support blockchain developers, digital asset issuers and businesses to freely apply and list their custom digital assets onto GLink'’ s payment ecosystem, including GWallet, GExchange, GTrading, GECommerce, GPOS and GPASS cards.
- Developers and merchants can now easily make their digital assets available to serve various offline and online payment scenarious. Glink Capital will first support ERC20 tokens and later expand to digital assets of other blockchain.

Use digital Currency anytime, anywhere.
In 2019, GLink Capital will bring its payment ecosystem - the GECommerce, GWallet, and GPASS - to even more consumers and businesses across the world. We have been deploying our blockchain-based solution and solidifying partnerships with governments, payment companies, and retailers. Together, we will achieve fast-paced growth.

                                 Why GLink Capital Open Platform?

- To provide developers increased use cases and token user base by supporting offline and online payment of their custom tokens in Glink's ecosystem.
- To provide token holders and users more places and scenarios to use their various digital assets easily.
- To encourage merchants to adopt digital assets easily.
- To encourage merchants to adopt digital asset payment, from various ERC20 tokens and various custom-,ake cards, to other digital assets on different blockchains.

                                   GLink Capital Ecosystem

- Glin token
- G Trade
- G Wallet
- G Ecom
- G Pass Card

                                    GLink Capital Platforms

- GLink token - GLin : Glin is a digital asset of GLink Capital. Glin will be listed at all Glink Platforms such as G trade, GWallet, G ECommerce and it will be paired with many other cryptos and fiats. GLin is a strong asset which will enable its holders to trade on the ETrade and use at all Glink Platforms.
- G Trade - GTrade: GTrade is a local exchange where you can Buy and Sell Glink token with Fiat Currencies. This platform will support many different fiat currencies and connectted to many Payment Systerms such as Visa/MasterCard, Debit cards, paypal. PerfectMoney... GTrade will help customer join GLink Capital easier and faster.

                                         GLink Trade- GTrade

- GTrade is an online exchange and trading platform. We will build an exchange made for the current and future demand of the market which will continue to add pressure on platforms.
- On GTrade you can trade cryptocurrencies with four main markets: Bitcoin, Ethereum, GLin and Tether.

                                           GLink Wallet App - GWallet

- GWallet app is an online wallet which will be designed with an easy and user-friendly interface, offering both fiat and cryptocurrency management and making
blockchain transactions simple.
- Furthermore, the GWallet will allow investors to buy cryptocurrencies using eye currencies and withdraw cryptocurrencies into fiat currency.
- The GWallet mobile app connects regular digital asset wallets with the GLink Capital payment ecosystem. It allows users to easily make payments in physical stores via the GPOS. The GWallet can also be paired with the GPass, making it a digital payment app that can be used anytime, anywhere.
You can easily manage your digital assets, check your currency balance, or top-up in the GLink Electronic.

                                   Glink Electronic Commerce - GEcommerce

- GLink Electronic commerce or GEcommerce is a term for any type of business, or commercial transaction, that involves the transfer of information across the Internet. It covers a range of different types of businesses, from consumer based retail sites, through auction or music sites, to business exchanges trading goods and services between corporations. It is currently one of the most important aspects of the Internet to emerge.
- GEcommerce allows consumers to electronically exchange goods and services with no barriers of time or distance.

                                   GLink POS machine - GPOS

- GPOS is a point of sale terminal (POS terminal) electronic device used to process card payments at retail locations. GPOS generally does the following:
     + Reads the information off a customer’ s credit or debit card
     + Checks whether the funds.ina customer’ s bank account are sufficient.
     + Transfers the funds from the customer’s account to the seller's account (or at least, accounts for the transfer with the credit card network)
     + Records the transaction and prints receipt
- We continue to improve, refine and optimize the hardware, software and security of our POS solution to maintain the best in class quality. GLink Capital will deploy over 100,000 GPOS devices to more than 20 countries.

                                     GLink PASS Card - GPASS

- The GPASS card is an easy-to-use tap card for crypto beginners. Top it up with your preferred digital currencies and pay with ease. You can also pair your GPASS card onto the GWallet mobile app and use it with the GPOS.
-GLink Capital is now establishing the partnership with exchange platforms, cryptocurrency wallets, fashion brands, and chain store to launch cryptocurrency payment card. For the customers who don't know how to use the mobile payment to conduct a transaction, they can buy and use cryptocurrencies with ease.

                                         Token Mechanism  

- GLin Token is developed on the Ethereum token ERC 20 and runing on a Ethereum Blockchain.
- ERC20 is simply a subset of the Ethereum tokens. ERC20 is the standard interface for the token code. It enables seamless inte- raction with smart contracts and permis- sion applications on Ethereum blockchain. Thus, GLin Token will follow a number of standard functions from ERC20.

                                       GLin Token Ultility

- The GLin Token has three forms of utility at all GLink platforms such as: GWallet, GEx, GTrading, GEcommerce, GPOS.
- The GLin Token will be listed on the GLink Exchange and it will be paired with all other cryptos and fiat. The GLin Token will be astrong token which will enable its holders to trade on the GLin Exchange and use the GLink wallet app.
- The GLin token can be used to pay for practically anything related on our platforms.
•   Trade with orther crypcocurrencies on GTrade and GWallet.
•   Payment method for GPOS, GEcom- merce
•   Included in GPASS Card
•   Buy GLink shares from GLink stock exchange

Develop Team:
Mr Hector Ardon
Mr Jom Harstad
Mr Serio herrera
Mrs Suzanne Kwong
Mr Johnny Soto

pls join our website to read more:
Thanks to reading mates
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