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Author Topic: [SERVICE] Linux/BSD System Engineer w/ +20yrs experience  (Read 177 times)
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July 12, 2019, 09:08:29 AM
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Thanks for taking your time to read this.

I am an experienced Linux/BSD System Engineer with a broad range of experience in this field looking for work in the form of tiny jobs upto fixed employment for up to 3 days a week.

Over the last 25 years I have been tasked with setting up, configuring, securing and maintaining/monitoring a wide range of servers and server applications on different flavours of Linux and BSD. In this time I have also developed a large number of Shell, Perl and Python scripts to automate tasks, monitor services and bridging applications. Think of it as working at a small ISP, overseeing things.

Please find below a non-inclusive list of my areas of expertise to get you an idea what I might be good at and at what not so much.

Areas of expertise:
Installation, configuration, securing and maintaining of..
  • ..most Redhat and Debian derived Linux distributions (i.e. Ubuntu, Centos, Mint, Devuan, Fedora) and all three majos *BSDs (OpenBSD, FreeBSD, NetBSD)
  • ..Internet service daemons like Sendmail, Bind, Apache, Nginx, Lighttpd, Thttpd, Mosquitto, Squid, MySQL (MariaDB), Postfix, Asterisk, Sshd etc.
  • ..Cryptocoin wallets, Block explorers (Iquidus), Pool Software (Yiimp, Powerpool, MPOS), Notification scripts (Alert, Block, Wallet etc.)
  • ..Networking gear like Firewalls, Routers, Switches. I have most experience with Mikrotik Routers, OpenBSD Firewalls and iptables, but if your gear has a good manual available, chances are I will be able to work with it just fine

Writing scripts and software for..
  • ..Python backend services based on Cherrypy (and Flask to a certain degree)
  • ..Shell and python scripts for automation, security and bridging/interfacing to other systems/applications

My first education has been in electronics and I have kept that as a hobby over all the time, so I have a solid base knowlegde of electronic and electric systems. I am also able to develop simple firmware for a broad range of microcontrollers like ATmega, PIC, ESP8266/ESP32. I have also a solid knowledge and ~5 yrs experience in Eagle CAD.

I realize that the work I am looking for is all about trust and integrity, therefor I will maintain a separate unmoderated thread for people to share their experience with me and my work. I also encourage you to check my trust and post history here in bitcointalk.

When I work for you on your host(s), I am ready to record all my sessions with your host(s) for you to inspect, audit and check with the goal of being 100% transparent to you in what I did and how I did it.

My strength:
  • Commitment, persistence, experience, loyality
  • I can isolate and spot problems in complex systems quickly
  • I know exactly what I can do and what not. If I take on a task, I will be able to fulfill it.

My weaknesses:
  • Selling myself aggressively, probably too upright and honest for current times when things should like better than they are in fact.
  • Using social media, I am not on any social media, except my Twitter account which I mainly used to follow Bitmain for their new miner announcements. Otherwise I look at it as huge waste of time and refuse to use any one of these communication channels, no matter if it is Facebook, Whatsapp, Telegram, Youtube, Discord or what else.
  • Making ugly things look good, I am not at all into eye candy stuff. Ascii tables look more appealing to me than a fancy colored, fantastically stylesheeted browser tables. I can't and won't change this, I am into making things work, not making things look good

References, Links:

  • I prefer to be paid in one of the following cryptos: BTC, LTC, DOGE but I am willing to consider other cryptos too if you insist. I am happy to use one of the well established escrows like Ognasty or philipma1957 at your expense if you would like to escrow.
  • If I will insist on escrow to work for you, I will carry the cost for escrow.
  • My prices/offers will be in USD and they will be converted with the exchange ratio of your desired crypto at the day when you place an order for my offered services.
  • Payment is due within 48hrs when the offered work has been fully delivered to you, for larger jobs I might ask you for a partial upfront payment to an escrow.
  • For jobs totalling in more than USD 50 payment you will get a legally valid, tax deductible invoice from me.

Some words of caution:
  • If in doubt if you're really dealing with me, feel free to ask me to sign something with the my BTC address (19LSKwUh8Ak6PMod5jhCbNTk1mgBmHmjUq) staked in the BTC address staking thread.
  • Never-ever send me any cleartext passwords, only exception being they are sent PGP encrypted and that key has been signed by above BTC address and plus there is a very compelling reason for you to do so.
  • I will always authenticate to your host with a 4096bit SSH private key, when I send you the public key I will always send it signed with my staked BTC address.

I look forward to receive your questions and inquiries. Feel free to post below or PM me as you see fit.

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July 16, 2019, 09:27:50 AM


To get a first trust rating and review, I offer one free complete Iquidus installation including coind setup, nginx frontend proxy, LE SSL and all my special bells & whistles on a vanilla VPS.

This offer is valid for Full Members or higher.

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