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Author Topic: [ANN] [VAULT][CRYO] - Bridging the gap from masternode to traditional investors  (Read 2071 times)
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October 20, 2020, 06:54:09 PM

VAULT 2.0 - Maximum Supply Drops From 21 Million to 3 Million!

Dear VAULT Community, @everyone part 1

I am sure many of you are in and/or have been in other masternode projects and have seen some of your investments and holdings virtually disappear in front of your eyes. Now, we have many “doom and gloom” merchants preaching to us that masternodes are dying as a whole, PIVX based projects are dead, and ETH is the new Messiah.

I agree and disagree. I agree that PIVX has diluted the quality by making it too easy for numerous projects to pop up. It reminds me of the programs I used to watch of bank managers and other high powered successful people that give up their high pressure jobs to move to a new country to run a bar or restaurant in a sunny climate. “Surely it can’t be that hard” but they soon learn the hard way, that they are like a fish out of water and most will fail at their new “easy” life when they realise it is not as easy as pulling a beer or poaching an egg.

Then I think of the saying “a good workman never blames his tools”.

PIVX is still and should remain a great set of tools, in the right hands.

Adapt or die they say?

Since the genesis block of the VAULT blockchain back in June 2019. We have been adapting and evolving to be more than a masternode project. We have always had a longterm plan. I have never made a secret of how I would like to see VAULT as a scarce coin with an exclusivity and premium use, and that goal has never changed.

We have created the most perfect, unique environment with our VAULT coin to enable us to do virtually anything we please, and we will take full advantage of it.
@everyone part 2

What has changed is that, due to the addition of our silent investor, we can now escalate our plans. We are now effectively over 1 year ahead of schedule. For the longterm sustainability of your/our future, so we can continue to reward you with bonuses that are exclusive to VAULT club holders and to give true longterm sustainability to all our products and features, some changes need to be implemented. We are growing our team and with that naturally our expenses grow as well, and we pay everyone in frozen VAULT where possible. We have new products on the horizon that will need VAULT coins to help keep them sustainable for your longterm future.

Our ROI is now at 59%, but it is important for our sustainability and future harmony that we have it down to 40%.

What you most likely never saw coming.

VAULT will reach 21 million in around 100 years from now and none of us will be around for that.

What we have kept secret is we have always had plans to drop the total supply down. First it was 5 million, but due to how the future is changing we believe that 3 million is the sweet spot and now some of those numbers we have been mentioning, 1000, 3000, 6000 might make more sense to you. Not only will they be significant amounts and give you a larger share and benefits but in theory when the last coin is generated in 2035 there can only be 500 people holding 6000 VAULT coins. Only 500 people could be holding VAULT and there are more than that now.

This is in theory, but in reality there is likely to be maybe only 50-100, if that. The more holders of VAULT, the less chance there is of reaching 6000, and if a holder has 6001 he has already knocked that maximum number down to 499.
@everyone part 3

Upcoming changes

A new wallet will be released that will implement a patch for some possible issues, with a subtle change in branding to reflect the change to VAULT 2.0.

Coin Specs
Masternodes 59%
Staking 1%
Operations Fund 20%
Investor Rewards/Sustainability Fund 20%

Total supply will stop at 3 million
No other changes to the blockchain or rewards.

Wallet is a mandatory upgrade

VAULT.Investments Team
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