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Author Topic: [ANN][Cryptoplatform] ✅✅✅ SUNSPOTBITCOIN ✅✅✅ First Natural Circles Crypto  (Read 205 times)
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August 23, 2019, 08:55:04 PM
Last edit: October 01, 2019, 10:41:09 PM by SunspotBitcoin


An Unusual crypto-startup has been launched. Users receive passive daily income into their wallet while staking deposits based on astronomical observations of the indices of solar activity that day (sunspot indexes or Wolf numbers). It is also possible to participate in a win-win financial free risk lottery system for predicting Wolf numbers of each upcoming week. We are not ICO/IEO. It is genuine project in development.


| || |


We hereby introduce to you SUNTO Token which is a full-fledged entity with a mission to improve the general state of cryptocurrency by making it suitable for everyone who is interested in making the bold move to invest in cryptocurrency.

Someone with a considerable amount of money will obviously try to find ways to increase his funds and gain more profit. The major means of investment will be real estate but it might be too expensive for the average user to even dabble into. Suntoshi brings about a friendly means of investment that surely guarantees you returns without fear of incurring a loss.

Our platform brings about features like regularly receiving of airdrops of SUNTO tokens on your wallet with a deposit of tokens, in accordance with daily astronomical observations of sunspot numbers. There is also the ability to predict solar activities and rewards will be included with every correct prediction the individual makes.


Our project is very simple in its own way but at the same time it is very unique in its own way. All users have the opportunity to earn tokens after depositing. It is all based on your solar activity prediction model.

CAREER OPPORTUNITIES: If you are an: *Astronomy scientist; *Frontend or Backend WEB developer; *SEO and SMM specialist; *Regional promoter or *Startup investor- you are welcome! We have a number of vacant paid contract positions for individuals willing to be on our team.

Please, submit your information at CONTACT US form (issue type: “Career”):


1. Buy SUNTO tokens at exchange:!/trade/0xe6f32cf814d266b499c83ac1fb89a96ebab0dd57-ETH

2. Submit your info at our Website CONTACT US form under the issue type item “Deposit”:

3. That's all, great! We will permanently monitor your deposit on the blockchain, calculate and send you rewards in tokens to your ether wallet, depending on the size of your deposit and sunspot indices according to our astronomical monitoring center: You can send us any questions or concern through the contact form.


1 level-10% reward, 2 level 1% reward (claim your ref code through the website using CONTACT US form, issue type “Referral”):

Why choose SUNTO Tokens

There are a number of reasons to buy SUNTO tokens (see Whitepaper below):

1. Bullish solar activity at the current 25 solar circle will cause a stable growth of SUNTO;
2. We realize community driven SUNTO exchange rate at our platform;
3. Problem of hedge BTC investor risk is solved;
4. Our built-in entertainment which involves getting prize bonuses from correct Wolf numbers predictions;
5. We launched a financial triggering program for undervalued blockchains and tokens, which provides them with a stable exchange rate growth.


GRAPH 1. Sunspot number indices (Wolf numbers) predictions for 2020-22 (thanks to

Our targeted SUNTO exchange rates are flexibly bounded to Wolf numbers. As such, we will get such correlation. For 5-6 years, our token will be at a stabilized rate due to a number of utilization tools highlighted below. All markets will survive drops as well.

Strategic investors can fix their long term positions and gain profits after 5-6 years. Decreasing SUNTO rewards will create additional market demand and prevent an excessive token price drop. However, no one can accurately predict how the token will behave during the decline of the solar cycle.


Daily deposit rewards (R) for each staking wallet is calculated in formula 1: R=A × RCC: A-solar activity this day (for solar activity results you can see our astronomical observations center:;

RCC- correction factor, which depends on your deposit (see GRAPH 2 below about dependence of the correction coefficient RCC on the deposit amount of SUNTO tokens recalculated in bitcoins (BTC)). Maximum reward for deposits is at SUNTO deposit of approximately 1.1 BTC value.

GRAPH 2. Dependence of the correction coefficient RCC on the deposit amount of SUNTO tokens, recalculated in bitcoins (BTC).

TABLE 1. Pilot RCC Calculation:

Below shows a simplification for GRAPH 1 on the temporary Pilot version.

(approx. 1BTC value, see GRAPH 2 above)

Intermediate values of deposit (D) and correction factors (RCC) are linearly interpolated.
All users wallet deposits are monitored daily at 00:01 UTC on SUNTO explorer:

Example 1. Wallet deposit D=10 SUNTO, solar activity that day A=120. Staking reward R=120×0.001=0.12 SUNTO.
Example 2. D=400 SUNTO, solar activity that day A=120. Reward R=120×0.012=1.44 SUNTO.
Example 3. D=1500 SUNTO, solar activity that day A=120. R=120×0.04=4.8 SUNTO.
Example 4. D=10000 SUNTO (approx. is equal to 1 BTC on July 25, 2019), solar activity that day A=120 (average daily value). Reward R=120×1.0=120 SUNTO, Monthly rewards Rm=3600 SUNTO (3600 usd, current rate) =36%/Month.

So, 1 - 1,5 BTC of equivalent SUNTO deposits will be more attractive for rewards maximization.



Large whale exchange sales may cause significant token rate drops. Community of SUNTO holders is monitoring such drops to buy tokens for good prize, this is because as much deposits as they stack altogether will amount to how much daily rewards they get. Everyday token rewards will be implemented, some token utilization tools are also introduced to prevent SUNTO rate inflation.

By means of network advertising and further information broadcast, potential investors will be drawn to how attractive our reward is. Second, we are currently creating utilization tools for tokens, tools like SMM agency and freelance exchange, where SUNTO token will be the main payment option. SMM agency initial root can be viewed at our BOUNTY PROGRAM. Third, our own token exchange and monitoring system is under construction which will be using SUNTOs as transaction payment.

In addition, SUNTO tokens will be supported by STO stable tokens as a tool for tokenization Arts and Royalty, which is under development (see the chapter “PROJECT ROAD MAP”). Thus, there is no reason to fear a sharp token course fall. Bounty recipients, who decide to sell their tokens now, will most likely not experience any gain.

The SUNTO ecosystem community platform is based on the main principles, stated by Elinor Ostrom, Nobel Prize Winner at 2009. See her main work (Ostrom, Elinor, Governing the Commons: The Evolution of Institutions for Collective Action. Cambridge, UK: Cambridge University Press 1990. P.38). Doctor Elinor Ostrom emphasizes the importance of collective actions to avoid several risks. Most of crypto-investors are faced with dramatically dropping their assets due to fundamental and exchange speculative factors. This is as a result of some startups that are fraudulent in nature and scam people of their funds with fake ICO projects that should not be on the Blockchain in the first place.

Our business model is explained below:


As can be seen from GRAPH 2, investors receive the maximum reward with deposits of about 1 BTC calculated in SUNTO tokens. If for example, Bitcoin falls and the investor's deposit does not exceed 1 Bitcoin, then, due to the fact that the number of deposited SUNTO remains unchanged, the investor's rewards move toward the maximum. Thus, when Bitcoin depreciates, the investor’s deposit rewards increase, which compensates for the risks.


Now there are about 1851 varieties of cryptocurrency in the world, most of which are almost dead or will die in a short time. Is there an opportunity to revive the deceived hopes of their holders? We aim to please these holders. We have developed such a program. If the holder of any cryptocurrency believes that the currency he is holding is undervalued by the market, he can deposit this currency into a special deposit in our Cryptobank and receive income from the deposit in SUNTO tokens.

Also, the user can make free bets on solar activity, depending on the deposits in his cryptocurrency or with the subsequent redemption of winnings. Thus, all the rules established for SUNTO tokens are applicable for all cryptocurrencies introduced into the deposit program. The incentive for holders in the form of deposit rewards and the opportunity to make bets will create additional market demand and push up the market for undervalued cryptocurrency. Given the psychology of exchange players, often this incentive can be a decisive trigger for a currency that is preparing for a course jump. Direct swap of undervalued crypto currency to SUNTO tokens is possible. To get more info about that program, use CONTACT US form: under the issue type item “Triggering”:


Our entertainment Bingo is unusual, never met before. It is completely free of loss and it allows collecting significant amount of SUNTOS for correct predictions. We establish temporary pilot smart-contract for promotional purposes. Minor changes can be made based on system stability requirements. To take part at our betting program, users need to keep min 100 SUNTO in their accounts. Each user can receive a maximum of 1000 SUNTO prizes for each correctly predicted day, if user had around 10000 SUNTO (1,1 BTC in SUNTO tokens) deposit.

The actual amount of winnings (P) for each correct daily prognosis is calculated by the formula 2: P=1000×RCC (2). Where RCC- correction coefficient is dependent on user’s deposit, according to Table 1. The user has the ability to increase his deposit for 30 days until his prize will be finally calculated. For example, if the user correctly predicts sunspot numbers for 2 days of week, his max prize would be equal to 2000 SUNTO. User holds 500 SUNTOs in his wallet. According to table 1, RCC=0.02. If the user does not increase his deposit for 30 days, he will get 2000×0.02=40 SUNTO.

If the user deposited 10000 SUNTO within 30 days, he will get 2000×1=2000 SUNTO. Tokens for additional deposits should be purchased on exchange or earned by Bounty program. Alternatively, the user can redeem his prize for 10% of its value at the initial price of the 1 SUNTO= 1 dollar. For the example above, the user needs to send to our prize calculation department equivalent of $200 in crypto to get his 2000 SUNTO prize.

Each prize discussions should be provided via the standard web site CONTACT US form only: We take no responsibility for the consequences of communicating through other means asides the CONTACT US form in this and in all other matters.



1. Buy SUNTO tokens at exchange:!/trade/0xe6f32cf814d266b499c83ac1fb89a96ebab0dd57-ETH

2. Submit your info at our Website CONTACT US form under the issue type item “Deposit”:

3. That's all, great! We will permanently monitor your deposit on the blockchain, calculate and send you rewards in tokens to your ether wallet, depending on the size of your deposit and sunspot indices according to our astronomical monitoring center: You can send us any questions or concern through the contact form.

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August 23, 2019, 09:38:29 PM

So for participants who want to join your project have to buy 10 SUNTO Huh This looks very funny, it makes no difference you with a scam project that asks participants to send 0.01-0.1 ETH. This can't be tolerated

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August 24, 2019, 07:56:05 AM
Last edit: August 24, 2019, 10:27:24 AM by SunspotBitcoin

Joining to project is absolutely free. Everybody can buy or sell any amounts of tokens.  See 3 simple steps above.  
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August 24, 2019, 03:43:04 PM

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