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Author Topic: ⚡️⚡[ANN] ⚡️BANKLIFE - Optimize the profit from idle funds most effectively.  (Read 168 times)
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September 01, 2019, 07:39:33 PM
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Banklife is a platforms that helps our investors optimize the profit from idle funds most effectively. We build a system to support more and more services and the perfect crypto solutions for our investors get the highinterest rate. Send your crypto and traditional currency to anyone, anywhere in the world with enhancespeed and instant transaction processing capabilities. Besides, with high technology AI (Artificial Intellgence) helps recommend as a smart investment plans to optimal profits for investors. With this system we are confident that we can make long-term profit for potential investors for our system. Banklife is proud tohave a expert team with many years of experience in investment


Banklife is proud to have a expert team with many years of experience in investment, Bank,stock,technology.
The founding Team is also based on the Smart contract Ethereum To Develop Projects Banklife
1.  Adam Redvers Thompson

CEO & Co-Founder
Application Banklife CEO and Founder Adam Redvers Thompson
Education/ Qualifications
1992 -1993 - Northbrook College - B -TEC National Diploma
1989 -1992  - Colliers Sixth Form College, Horsham - A Level’s
1983 -1989 - Tanbridge House School, Horsham - GCSE’s
Results-oriented, Senior Regional Manager within retail banking.
Successful track record of developing and coaching multi branch teams of over 150 staff and experienced national training co-ordinator.
2.  Anne Yang
Anne has a wide range of hands-on expertise, including working with political parties, public companies, and private businesses in the business-to-business, business-to -consumer arenas, as well as the evolving cryptocurrency space. Anne unique combination of experience and business skills makes her services highly sought after, and her advice and consultation invaluable to her many clients.
3.  Jack Liu
Blockchain Developer
Blockchain Entrepreneur, Blockchain-Crypto Advisor and Evangelist, Electrical Power Engineer, DST TCP Specialist (O&G) who has been involved in the Blockchain space since 2014
Blockchain Technology Enthusiast and an active member of Japan Cryptocurrency Research Association, Blockchain technology community in Tokyo University and Waseda University.
Software Project Manager, Blockchain Writer / Content Marketer, Fintech Enthusiast and Crypto Investor.

Our Roadmap to launch and scale Banklife

  • Q1. 2019 (February . - Mar.) Core Team & Advisor Buildout ;
  • Q2. 2019 (Apr. - Jun.) Started Development of smart contracts;
  • Q3. 2019 (Jul. - Sep.) Start Launch of Application Mining Banklife within the present Banklife Mobile Application involving flow of use ( including token exchange) Community Connections;
  • Q4. 2019 (Oct. - Dec.) Ecosystem Build out: Collaborate with strategic partners to offer more services as well Games and Exchanges Banklife;
  • Q1. 2020 (Jan. - Mar.) Complete Full into Banklife Platform, tested Operating Games and Exchanges Baklife
  • Q2. 2020 (Apr. - Jun.) Develop and Further Customize Banklife Application. Transition Banklife Chain onto the dApp
  • Q3.2020 (Jul. - Sep.) When the community reaches 9 million users, Banklife will officially announce its own Blockchain and conduct swapping Banklife Token to the new Banklife Blockchain.
  • Q4.2020 (Oct. - Dec.) Launching the global e-commerce business connection platform Blockhain

The Vision and mission Banklife

We keep innovating the ways to harness the power of blockchain technology to facilitate financial inclusion.
At Banklife, we want to make digital currencies to be more accessible to more people across the borders and further increase the value of digital currencies for all.
The goal of Banklife by 2025 will serve 1.5 billion people on the Banklife global platform

The concept of Insurance ITO Banklife  

Banklife is the first ITO also pioneering the concept of safe.
What progress points of ITO based Banklife ?
- Banklife opens many interesting things for investors Mining Banklife
- Insurance Fund Banklife for investors.
- Banklife provides insurance reserve for investors.

Banklife Token Mining System Structure  

In the first phase, Banklife will use Ethereum Blockchain to build users community by distributing Banklife token based on the theory of POC algorithm (Proof Of Contribution). This is a mining token algorithm by “Dedication Proof” when locking ETH into “valuereserve fund” for Banklife token.

Banklife Token

Banklife is the token platform for Banklife’s community development and will be swapped to Banklife own blockchain when Banklife Blockchain is officially announced.
The maximum total supply of Banklife token in Smart Contract is 1,000,000,000 Banklife and the only way to obtain Banklife Token is to use “Mining Wallet”.
Banklife Developer cannot have any other method to obtain Banklife Token besides exploiting as normal users through ‘‘Mining Wallet’
To mining, Banklife Token users need to buy “Treasury Package” with a minimum amount of ETH of $ 100 (Price based on and the maximum package is allowed by the developer at different times (The maximum time “Treasury Package” is up to $ 1,000 ,000)
The developer will have a function in Dapp to set the maximum value of the package that can be purchased at different times
Note: The “Treasury Package” value is calculated at the time of depositing ETH and confirmed on the blockchain. Price at the time Deposit is only used for reference price, during the time from Deposit to the time the transaction is confirmed if the ETH price increases, the value of the package will increase, but if the price of ETH decreases, the value of the package will decrease. And reduce by no more than 3%, If the price fluctuation exceeds 3%, the Deposit order will fail, ETH will be returned, the user needs to re-operate.

System Commission Banklife

Technology – Architecture Banklife Chain Swap  

Each time receiving ETH or Banklife Token, Smart Contract of the reserve fund will immediately lock down 85% and extract 15% into the developer fund to implement items.
Banklife Token Mining System Structure
You can buy “Treasury Package” from Mining Wallet, ETH wallet or Banklife Wallet.
“Mining Wallet” can only be transferred to the above or below account in your system.
Swap Banklife Token Into the Reserve Fund
When you own Banklife Token you can store for a long time, trading on a free trading platform or swap into a Smart Contract containing a reserve fund to collect ETH.
When you swap Banklife into Smart Contract, that number of tokens is lost from the market and reduces the total number of tokens circulating in the market.
The Reserve Fund is used to ensure the total amount of tokens circulating in the market always has the minimum actual reciprocal value. Currently, there are not many tokens with a reciprocal fund like Banklife.
B2 is the Swap token ratio on Smart Contract to collect ETH
The B2 ratio is updated automatically at different times thanks to the complex analysis system from Banklife.
AI Bot based on the price factors of ETH at the present time, the total number of Token is circulating in the market, the value of the reserve fund and the number of developing user in the community.

Banklife Platform Game in the Future  

Through blockchain technology, the Developer has the opportunity to cut out the middleman and provide a system without odds and bookmakers.
The Developer strives to create a new level of security and trust in the betting industry. The Banklife Network will enable people to compete against others with complete transparency, trust and security.
The Banklife Network can be used for any kind of pooling, betting, fantasy, or poker systems.
Banklife is used as a virtual currency for the Banklife Network. The first use case for Banklife will be the platform of the Developer, which focuses on esports. The global esports market is growing prodigiously, with a CAGR of 37 percent. Cash gambling on esports is anticipated to grow even by a factor of twenty within the next three years.

Banklife Chain security  

We approach security from a 360-degree perspective: operational, technical, organizational, and legal. Our real-world solutions help customers operate in a global economic environment while also satisfying security imperatives.
We approach each client’s supply chain risks in the context of the client’s business. Our threat and vulnerability assessments are focused on those aspects of the business that are of greatest concern to the client, its customers and government regulators.

Banklife Smart Application

With the trend of Fintech technology, Banklife Shopping application is proud to be one of the pioneers who bring the user with mobile payments.
No need to worry about the inconvenience, the trouble of using cash to pay for any transaction, Banklife Shopping helps you become a smart consumer, quickly grasp discounts and incentives from Many famous brands, diverse in terms of products and services meet the needs of food, drink, sleep and shopping.

Card Banklife Visa Payment  

Our vision of decentralisation, beyond crypto-spending
We think bigger than a cryptocurrency payment company. Our vision is to be the fabric for the decentralised world. We aim to connect anyone and anything to decentralised services.
Stay in crypto - Spend your crypto - Benefit from crypto
Spending your cryptocurrency should be simple. Top up your Banklife Wallet with your favourite cryptocurrency, and spend directly with your Banklife Card.
Choice of multiple cryptocurrencies
You can enjoy access to multiple cryptocurrencies across different Blockchains. Hold, send, receive and spend Bitcoin and Ethereum with the Banklife Wallet and Card.

Banklife Development Geography  


This is the list of listed markets Banklife in the Roadmap
Banklife - Binance - OKEx - Huobi - Cat.Ex - VinDAX - Coingecko – Coinmarketcap

Banklife Exchange Expected Opening Date
Launch exchange,Banklife will support trading pairs in the following coins:
    • BTC
    • ETH
    • USDT
    • Banklife

Banklife is one of the most generous prot-sharing exchanges any investor will ever nd. All our features and events have been specically designed to give back to the community. The following features we have mentioned but we will go into detail:
The Banklife platform is a transaction-mining system. Users can trade in mineable pairs and make POC (Proof Of Contribution) How do traders make (Proof Of Contribution) The exchange sets a mining bonus and the traders can sell this bonus or hold it to collect additional dividends from the prot-sharing program.

The fee structure for traders is quite unique. Considering we have zero transactions fees

Distribution of Notification Code Banklife  

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September 06, 2019, 12:35:38 PM

Guys please stay away from this project. They have plagiarized whitepaper from other project without permission. That means they never have any concept by their own and they would skip with your fund any time. So before you invest here must read below thread.

Thread is here:














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