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Author Topic: What are Merits to you?  (Read 474 times)
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Welt Am Draht

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September 11, 2019, 08:53:55 PM

Merits bring responsibility with that reward to circulate and spread them amongst the best.

This bit bothers me sometimes. I definitely don't give as much merit as I should but it's pretty hard to find posts by non established posters that move me. I'd much be handing it over to people to help them rank up but they don't half make it difficult.

TFW the majority of the commenters have more than 500 Merits Shocked

Don't forget that when the merit system was introduced ranked up members got a large amount of merit automatically - 500 for heroes and 1000 for legendaries. It's rather telling that there are still hero and legendary accounts stuck at that level.

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Sohyun Park
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September 12, 2019, 07:50:10 AM

For me merit is given to you when people are able to acknowledge to your post. Merit is given to one who can alert people if sometime is wrong or introducing new thing or one who can look the same concept in a different perspective.

The community has people of different mindset the post that can cater to at least a few can get one merits.

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September 13, 2019, 01:37:20 PM

To me, Rerit is really important .Unfortunately, many people are misusing it in their own way . But many people need it for make money from bounty.Whereas, Merit don’t say about judge anybody’s chareacter , quality of post ,….That just a remit for this forum. You know I’m bounty hunter , I have 378 activity and I’m just newbie cause I need to merit for up rank . If you talk “ Merit “ is kinda “ Like “feature for you so you true.
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September 13, 2019, 05:40:57 PM

To those of you who believe that Merits aren't something valuable for me just because I hold a degree (rank) that you don't, you're completely wrong here. I actually wanted to create a chaos by making everyone aware of the fact that how badly merits are being misused to some extent. I never targeted specific users who came ahead in this thread and talked about themselves - whether it's about them being merited or they merit someone. I don't doubt / judge anybody's abilities here but only wanted to give a message with the chaotic subject here that it is made to determine what quality is, but I believe that the way it's being spread throughout various genres where it is undeserving, then it should not be, in any case, a measure of quality any further at least on the basis of my point of view. I never targeted those who are good at meriting best posts with humor but against them who are giving them to the wrong people. I bet you can't deny that there have been posts that don't deserve anything but got merited and there are some well deserving posts waiting to be merited yet. It's a shame that a thought that came at theymos' heart keeping in his mind the future, is also not being used in its proper way. Anyways, I never meant merits are nothing to me, else I'd never say that merits are rewards and a responsibility to circulate it forward at your desired convenience, but in current conditions, it's just that we cannot say that anyone having xxx amount of merits have a really good quality (there is an extremely high exception to this statement of mine for a lot of users).

To me, Rerit is really important .Unfortunately, many people are misusing it in their own way . But many people need it for make money from bounty.Whereas, Merit don’t say about judge anybody’s chareacter , quality of post ,….That just a remit for this forum. You know I’m bounty hunter , I have 378 activity and I’m just newbie cause I need to merit for up rank . If you talk “ Merit “ is kinda “ Like “feature for you so you true.

Get to understand and write English in somewhat better way and don't repeat your words nor mine and I bet you'll receive your first merit as soon as you expect.





















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September 14, 2019, 07:05:33 AM
Merited by tranthidung (1)

Such a good and refreshing topic on merits after a long time

What are merits to me?

[1] Merits in my opinion can be considered as a way/tool for querying and receiving response form bpip for some of my good posts from various sections.
[2] The merits which I have received in the technical section helps me in identifying my best posts by browsing through the bpip website.

Merits are also a way to determine or check myself how good my posts are and how well they are being written. Majority of my merits were received from Meta and Technical section, but it's quite funny to see how my technical knowledge evolved from December 2017 and how they are now. Though I got to know about BTC in the end of 2016, I obviously got interested at the end of 2017 as majority of us were. As all the newbies were during their initial run, I had no idea on the workings of forum and was a poor poster who came to this forum to talk shit about bitcoin. Then on January, merits were introduced which was a new way of identifying quality posts and helps the forum members in ranking up. Subsequently as days passed by and with the dumping happening all over the market, I started buying btc and to keep them safe I started educating myself on the technical side of the bitcoin and cryptocurrencies.

To understand the core concepts and the working of code, I spent countless hours (maybe some days it takes around 1AM - 3 AM to understand a concept) on Technical Section by helping members in solving their questions and got rewarded with merits. So these merits have proved that my technical posts are merit worthy and helps others in clearing their questions. Truly speaking I had no idea on the bitcoin during the start of 2018, but after hours and months of educating myself I have started testing the code slowly. Today, once the PR has been issued I would merge them with the available code and would build the software and retest them for any defects. The goal is to educate myself completely on the technical stuff and to contribute to the core development so that at least at one point of time in future my name would be present in the Core Contributors list with at least 1 commit.

What are smerits to me?

smerits on the other hand is like a database of posts which I have considered the best over the past 1 year. Similar to the merits querying, whenever I think of reading some best posts which has enlighted and taught me something over the years I would visit bpip and get the data. It helps me in identifying the various posts which I have personally considered the best among the posts which I have read.Recently I have started spending these smerits on my local board so that the board might get a little traction and would hopefully restore the board back to its normal and free from spam.

As Tony Stark quotes : "What am I even rambling for? The merit system is gonna work the way it supposed to."
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September 14, 2019, 08:10:41 AM

Merits are a way to show gratitude to the person who took his time and created a post or a thread you like. It feels good to receive them and it's good to hand them out as well. Being on the merit train means giving everyone the opportunity to get a share in the benefits of this forum.   

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████ ███▀▀▀▄▄▄████████ ████
████ ██▄▄▀▀███████▀▄▄█ ████
█████ █████ █▀██▀▄███ █████
████████▄▄▀▀▀ ▀▀▀▄▄████████
██████▀▀▀       ▀▀▀██████
█████  ▄▄▄█████▄▄▄  █████
█████  █████ █████  █████
█████  ██▄     ▄██  █████
█████  ████   ████  █████
█████▄  ██▄▄█▄▄██  ▄█████
██████▄  ███████  ▄██████
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September 14, 2019, 01:55:27 PM

I won't say it is valueless for me. It motivates me to do better quality of posts. When people reward me merit I feel happy and thought my post is valuable and understandable for others. Also, it inspires me to put effort into my post. So, I think the merit system helped me a lot.

Many people in the forum are running for the merit because of its upgrade your rank. Some are buying too but I don't think that's really necessary. Because without a good quality of posts you cant join any signature campaign (most of the merits buyer wants to join IMO)

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████████                ██████     ██   
██████████        ████████             
███████████    █████████             
████████    ████████
      ███████    ████████       
              ██████    █████████████   
          █████████      ███████████   
      ███████████          █████████   
███████      ████████████           
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September 15, 2019, 10:48:16 AM

Merits in today's time cannot be used to measure anyone's posting quality but just limited to being used as LIKES.

I can agree that not everyone uses the merits in perhaps the most correct way, but I don't think the system is designed to reward only quality posts, but
it is been left entirely to the users to decide how they will spend their merits, with some basic guidelines from admin.

A good deal of sent merits has nothing to do with the quality of posts, they are given just because of the sender like that user writing style, maybe even name or avatar. Although not a written rule, the number of earned merits means a lot on the forum, just look how many threads are open about merits statistic in Meta with top 100, 200, 300 merited users, an how many users emphasizes their earned merits.

Whether we like it or not, the merits have become a measure of the value of individual user, we are all already ranked by those values.

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September 15, 2019, 02:51:17 PM

For me, the merits that I received are the reward that I received from what I can do like helping other people that I know that they didn't know. I may be not a brilliant person but I could also help those who are in need of help. As of now, I never help anyone yet and never get rewarded because of it. Until then, i'm still finding a way to learn more and help whoever I can without asking for reward. More likely it depends on the person I help if he/she will reward me. I'm more thinking of merit as a tool to prove that I can do some things than the other person can't do.

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September 16, 2019, 07:50:23 AM

Good for you

I am trying my best to post, help and suggest. But so far no merit  Grin
I guess that not only quality posts helps to get merit, but to be first on new themes and that some legendary member noticed you.

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September 16, 2019, 03:24:15 PM
Merited by amishmanish (1)

I forsee merit as a reward that someone noticed your post and you contributes  somehow. I couldn’t agree more  to users sayin its no big deal but no offense for me it kinda measures how much quality and impacting your post are.

 I know for sure most of us was thrilled on merits from the very first start and the fact that the more merits, the higher ranking or stats right?

Its just that users have to spend merits wisely and its not a bad thing to  add some shine on our profile tbh *laugh*

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September 18, 2019, 07:11:58 AM

I won't say it is valueless for me. It motivates me to do better quality of posts. When people reward me merit I feel happy and thought my post is valuable and understandable for others. Also, it inspires me to put effort into my post. So, I think the merit system helped me a lot.
I think of merit system that way also. It is a means of improving oneself so that one can contribute well for the betterment of this forum. Honestly, I never saw merit as a hindrance to be better. I took it positively and accepted the challenge. I know it will now take time for all of us to rank up and we have to double the effort and wait but I believe that good things come to those who wait. Grin

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September 19, 2019, 06:42:17 AM

IMHO, Merits to me are clearly nothing, yeah nothing. With that said, it is but something of an important value to me till I saw something and so, I stopped thinking a lot about the same. Again for me, Merits are nothing but a token, a reward that you get when your post is liked by someone on the basis of some part of humor and some part of your knowledge that you present in that post.

Merits are rewards for your brilliance.

To me, it is also a responsibility of a user to get the cycle go on by circulating them continuously while giving / sharing them with the most hilarious and humorous people around.

Merits bring responsibility with that reward to circulate and spread them amongst the best.

Now, why I don't like it and don't think of it too much, anymore!

The reason this Merits thing has become tragic for me is due to the fact that I've seen too many people getting merited for using slangs like (Fuck your mother, fuck you, fuck this, fuck that) kinda bullshit and many more shit that you can't even imagine that "Hey, did this post deserve a merit?" So, after seeing that the system made by theymos is good but people are misusing it in their own way, I stopped caring a lot about this thing. Obviously everyone have their own choices to give it to anyone for anything including all this shit, but then, I don't believe Merits to be a measurement to judge anybody's character, quality of posts or their behavior (like I said, it's kinda "LIKE" feature button for me).

Merits in today's time cannot be used to measure anyone's posting quality but just limited to being used as LIKES.

As someone who does not have merit, I still believe it is a good indicator of good posts. I like that it's people's decision if a post is a merit worthy, so people without knowledge cant progress in ranks and people in control of merit have power to change that if they think someone is ready to get a higher rank.
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September 19, 2019, 09:00:24 AM

To me they are good indicator of people's knowledge about a certain topic. Or maybe they just make someone laugh which is also worth a merit Wink
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September 19, 2019, 06:10:47 PM
Merited by Upgrade00 (1)

While I created my account over a year ago, I have recently realized what a useful resource and wealth of knowledge this forum is and can continue to be.

To me, merits are still what I think they were originally intended to be: a means of showing gratitude and reward for your contribution to the crypto community in the form of post on this forum. That contribution could be in any form deemed worthy of showing gratitude. Insight, innovation, profound, and even funny. Sometimes you need a little comedic relief to move things along.

But now that I have come to know a little more about how this forum works and the benefits of using this forum, and also the abuses of the masses and the many ways the intended purpose is perverted, I want to grow in my knowledge and usefulness in crypto and I also want my merit/rank/trust to reflect that growth.

Having said that, given how freely some merit is given (note: I mean freely given, not earned), perhaps the merit requirements for various ranks ought to be raised to offset some of the frivolous abuses.

I do realize that in this merit system where anyone can give merit that has enough to give allows merit to be dispensed at their discretion, but there are now so many topics that making "merit-worthy" posts in many topics, may never actually earn you any merit. Perhaps, the system needs to be updated. Recalibrated. Fine tuned to adjust for inflation. Perhaps requiring more merit to reach higher ranks is in order. Another idea would be for merit to expire.

Just as bumps had become abused and therefore the system overhauled, the merit system could use a revision that would help bring it back to have more meaning for more people.

Perhaps, I have it all wrong.

Btw, anyone who reads this and would like to impart some more wisdom about the forum, please feel free to message me with informative threads or tips on how to wade through the garbage threads more efficiently.

I will now pass the mic to the next person hoping their post is merit-worthy! Good day!

Hope you all have a wonderful day and thank you for reading!

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September 22, 2019, 11:52:41 AM
Merited by CryptopreneurBrainboss (3), DdmrDdmr (1)

Initially, I saw merits as unnecessary (and oddly unattainable) since it wasn't a necessity for one to get to jr member rank and wear a signature. Then came the enhanced newbie requirements, which demoted my account.
At that point the 'one merit requirement' seemed an almost insurmountable task.
But I took on the challenge and realized that with a little effort, you would get noticed

I opened this account 2 weeks ago after I got demoted back to newbie on my previous account, also made a thread to mark the date;

As most would likely guess I had (still have) an account which I was using for bounties, long story short, I got demoted, had lots of spam, and felt like the problem to the forum (I kinda was).

Hopefully, in this second trial, both I and the other members can benefit. As I would do the best I can with the little I have. And if possible, grow on that little.
Let's go.

P. S.  This thread would be locked as it is not to stimulate a response, but for my personal motivation.

I can say I have been of little help to people this far, but that doesn't compare to how much help I have received in the space of time.
I have learnt more in two weeks trying to contribute than I did in months spamming the forum.

There's still so much to learn, and there are members who of course achieved far more in same or lesser time.
But it feels good to have a little hint that you are welcome to the community.

My journey has actually taught me lots more about cryptocurrency than I would have made the effort to learn if the one merit requirement wasn't put in place. I didn't settle for one, I wanted two and then three and so on.
I am still a long way off in the list of merited users, but I'm also a a little way off from were I was before.

I would attempt to advice newbies even though in sort of one myself; do not make quality posts simply to get noticed, it's fulfilling to be helpful to someone else and you would also be developing yourself in the process. Merits is just like a 'pat in the back' for a job (already) well done.
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