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Author Topic: [ANN] Voyager Broker Token - Save Fees, Collect Cashback, Earn Interest  (Read 158 times)
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October 02, 2019, 04:56:26 PM

The Crypto Broker Token that lets you Save Network Fees, Collect Cashback and Earn Interest.

Voyager Social


Voyager Token Social


Whitepaper - COMING SOON
Airdrop Program - COMING SOON

The Voyager Token (VGX) may be listed under the ticker/name ETHOS/Ethos or BQX/Ethos. The token is undergoing a rebrand to Voyager Token (VGX).

Check back frequently for rebrand, airdrop and whitepaper updates.

Voyager Digital is a PUBLIC COMPANY (CSE: VYGR) (OTCPink: VYGVF) (FRA: UCD2). Shares are available to the public in North America, Europe and to select brokers worldwide. Ask your broker for availability. Voyager is launching the world’s first native Broker Token, the Voyager Token (VGX).

Origins of Voyager Digital

When Voyager’s CEO, Stephen Ehrlich, started in the financial services industry in the mid-1990’s, online trading as we know it today did not exist. At the time, trades were executed over the phone which was slow, prone to error and didn’t necessarily provide customers with best execution. While working for E*TRADE, Ehrlich was a major part of the team that pioneered online trading. Steve and E*TRADE changed the game by simultaneously bringing more power and access to customers and making it cheap and easy to trade worldwide. Where the traditional brokers such as Shearson, Citigroup and Merryl Lynch were stuck in the fragmented “call your broker” method, 1999’s E*TRADE was just getting started disrupting the way people traded securities.

In 2006, Ehrlich founded a company called Lightspeed Financial which disrupted the professional and active trader space by delivering a product made specially for that segment of traders. In the span of 3 short years, it became the 3rd largest online broker in the US processing tremendous volume for an active audience.

Today, Voyager sees a similar opportunity to disrupt the crypto market. More and more companies are launching crypto exchanges and liquidity venues, leading to a highly fragmented and confusing market for consumers. Customers have to open accounts with dozens of exchanges, forcing them to  compete for liquidity and leave their funds open to hacks/fraud, pay large exchange fees, and participate in a highly fragmented market with large price discrepancies across global exchanges. With over 200 exchanges in the crypto markets, the space is ripe for a Regulated Crypto Broker to disrupt the status quo.

Voyager is an “online brokerage for crypto”. Voyager is offering a fully regulated crypto broker that gives crypto investors the same easy, safe and convenient experience that made online equities trading the force it is today. Voyager executes orders across multiple exchanges offering “Best Execution” and giving customers access to an expansive and liquid market.

Voyager’s Vision

Our vision is to provide individuals and institutions the best way to transfer, trade and store digital assets.

Voyager’s Mission

Our mission is to make crypto markets open, safe, and fair for everyone. We believe that by giving customers access to liquid crypto markets without having to go through hundreds of exchanges, we are leveling the playing field for customers and helping them become more informed and sophisticated crypto traders and investors.

Voyager is Ready

The crypto markets are ready for a change. The founders of the project are founders and executives at Uber, E*TRADE, Pager, Bloomberg, and other successful real-world financial and crypto projects.

Active Commission Free Fiat Gateway

Voyager has a live fiat gateway that enables seamless, rapid and commission free conversion between U.S. Dollar and major cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin, Ethereum, the Voyager token, and more than 25 other digital assets. Users can connect their bank account in a matter of minutes, fund their Voyager accounts, and instantly start buying and trading crypto. Never miss a market movement again.

Active U.S Licenses

Voyager is one of the select few fully-licensed crypto providers in the U.S.  Voyager is authorized to conduct crypto business in 49 U.S. States and owns a FINRA regulated Broker-Dealer.

Global Vision and Plan

Voyager is working to expand its fiat gateway, zero-fee broker model, best execution and crypto deposits and withdrawals worldwide. International expansion is slated to start this year.

Seamless Crypto/Fiat Deposits and Withdrawals

Voyager is able to seamlessly process both fiat and crypto deposits. Voyager works with banking partners to offer a full-service crypto/fiat solution and gateway. Voyager also interfaces directly with native protocols offering deposits/withdrawals of a plethora of coins across several chains.  

See it. Believe it. Download the Voyager App

Voyager Token - Reduce Network Fees, Generate Cashback, Earn Interest

The token will let you reduce network fees, generate cashback and earn interest.  

Reduce Network Fees

A wide variety of fees will be reduced when paid in tokens such as withdrawal fees, live trading fees and future product fees that Voyager may develop.

Generate Cashback

When you hold a certain number of tokens you will get money back when you trade. Your cashback levels will depend on the number of tokens you hold and your trading volume.

Earn Interest

Holding the token will enable you to earn higher interest rates on some of your crypto holders stored with Voyager.  The more assets and tokens held, the higher the interest rates will be.

Voyager Token Ecosystem

The Voyager token is a highly liquid token, widely available through major global exchanges including Binance, Bithumb, Bitmart, LiveCoin, HitBTC and many other global exchanges. It has existing functionality and utility in live services including the Ethos Universal Wallet, Parjar, Change Now and Saturn Network.  Voyager is available on Blockfolio, Etherscan, BitGo and Ledger (both the Nano S and institutional cold storage solutions) The smart contract underlying the Voyager Token has been audited and battle-tested through hundreds of thousands of transactions.

The Voyager Token already has a strong ecosystem behind it that enables utility, traffic, awareness and distribution. Ecosystem partners enable users to easily use, store and learn about the token. The token is supported by multiple top-tier wallet and institutional cold-storage providers.

The Voyager Universal Vault

The Voyager Universal Vault will let crypto traders secure over 300 digital assets with a single crypto key you control. The Universal Vault will integrate with Voyager’s best-in-class crypto brokerage, enabling “Live Trading” across exchanges worldwide. The Universal Vault is built on the Ethos Bedrock technology that powers the Ethos Universal Wallet which has reliably processed hundreds of thousands of users and millions of transactions.

Live Trading: Security and Control

Trade top crypto assets directly from the Voyager Universal Vault using the Voyager Token as "gas," so your crypto stays secure and you never miss a trade.

Smart Order Routing

All Live Trades will be executed with the Voyager Smart Order Router.  With one account, you get instant connectivity to the world’s biggest crypto exchanges and an algorithm that is constantly finding the best speed, price and liquidity for every trade.  

An Experienced Team

Voyager has a strong team with deep experience in crypto and traditional finance with a track record of venture-backed success.

Stephen Ehrlich - CEO and Director

Stephen Ehrlich is Chief Executive Officer of the Company. Steve’s last position was as CEO of Tradier, Inc., a Charlotte, North Carolina based financial technology firm. Prior to Tradier, Inc, Steve was a founder and the CEO of Lightspeed Financial, LLC – a US based retail broker-dealer. Previously, Steve was CEO of E*TRADE Professional Trading LLC, the professional trading arm of E*TRADE FINANCIAL. Prior to his executive position, Steve was a Vice President at E*TRADE responsible for brokerage strategy. In 2006, Steve founded a company called Lightspeed Financial which disrupted the professional and active trader space by delivering a product focused on that segment of traders and in 3 short years was the 3rd largest online broker in the US.  

Shingo Lavine - Chief Innovation Officer and Director

Shingo is a globally recognized expert and thought leader in cryptocurrency and blockchain technology. Shingo studied at Brown University under Maurice Herlihy, a globally recognized distributing computing expert and Gödel and Dijkstra award winner. Shingo founded at age 19 and wrote the original Ethos whitepaper "Democratizing Cryptocurrency". He then led the team that created the Ethos Universal Wallet, a BIP32/39/44 compatible wallet that can securely send, receive, store and review hundreds of coins and tokens that rapidly grew to a global phenomenon with over 100,000 users worldwide. The Ethos Universal Wallet is powered by Ethos Bedrock, a programmatic Blockchain Finance Platform designed to bridge the worlds of finance and blockchain. In 2019, Ethos and Voyager agreed to merge the companies building a combined entity with deep financial and blockchain expertise and functionality.

Oscar Salazar - Co-Founder

Oscar Salazar is a global leader in building consumer driven mobile applications and experiences. He is well known for his involvement as a co-founder of Uber as its founding Architect and Chief Technology Officer building the very first version of the Uber application. Oscar Salazar is an active investor and is also the co-founder and CTO of Pager, a venture-backed digital healthcare startup.

Gaspard De Dreuzy - Co-Founder and Director

Gaspard De Dreuzy, started his career in entertainment as an advisor to Warner Music, then as an executive producer of video game software. He worked with several game developers and publishers, including Atari, THQ and Mattel, on popular franchises such as Ready 2 Rumble Boxing for the Xbox, PlayStation and Nintendo consoles. In 2008, Gaspard started and served as CEO of Kapitall, the first online broker for millennials, that he built in partnership with Bank of New York Mellon’s Pershing. Gaspard also co-founded and is a Director at fintech startup, a leading investing platform. In 2014, Gaspard co-founded and served as the CEO of Pager, a digital health startup pioneering the on-demand care model in the US, for which he raised more than $45 million in venture and strategic funding.

Phillip Eytan - Co-Founder, Chairman and Director

Phillip started his career at Morgan Stanley in 2000 as an analyst in Telecom M&A. From 2002 to 2007, he helped manage a large distressed debt book at Cerberus Capital Management. After leaving Cerberus, Phillip started his own hedge fund. Phillip has been an avid tech investor since 2007. He was a founding investor in Livestream (sold to IAC in 2017); a founding investor in Socure (cyber fraud prevention company); and an early investor in Uber. In 2014 Mr. Eytan co-founded Pager, a digital health startup at which he is currently the Chief Strategy Officer and a director.

Jarrett Lilien - Director

Jarrett is currently the managing partner at Bendigo Partners, a private business providing financial services which he founded in 2008; and is an executive vice president and head of emerging technologies of WisdomTree Investments, Inc. (Nasdaq Global Select Market – WETF), a provider of Exchange Traded Funds and Exchange Traded Products. Mr. Lilien also serves on the boards of The Barton Group, and Investment Technology Group (NYSE: ITG) (where he was interim CEO from August 2007 through January 2008). He was CEO of E*Trade Financial from November 2007 to March 2008.

There are many more highly experienced team members in addition to those listed here who are bringing Voyager to the world! Visit to learn more about the team.

Don’t Take our Word for it, See What People are Saying!


As a Trader, why should I consider Voyager?

Our vision is to provide individuals and institutions the best way to transfer, trade and store digital assets. Our mission is to make crypto markets open, safe, and fair for everyone. With Voyager’s smart order router technology, you can gain access to global liquidity without having to open an account on every exchange. Voyager is fast, cheap and reliable. Voyager makes the experience of trading crypto easy, safe and accessible. Voyager lets you trade directly from USD into all the coins you want to trade commission free. On top of that, you can earn cashback and interest using the VGX Token. The Voyager Development Team is always adding new features so check back frequently to see what is new!

Where can I purchase the token?  Does it have other symbols?

The token trades under the symbol VGX.  There may be legacy markets where the token may appear as BQX and ETHOS. The most popular places to trade are the Voyager App or Binance

How much does it cost to buy and trade Bitcoin or Crypto from my bank account?

Deposits are currently FREE and when you execute a trade, you get the listed price or better. No additional fees. Voyager Prices are competitive with other similar exchanges without any hidden fees.

How quickly are orders executed?

Every order is executed in 2 seconds or less.

How many tokens does Voyager Support?

Voyager currently supports 28 tokens including many of the top coins, however this list is always growing. Voyager is always looking to expand support for coins. Prospective coins can inquire at

What platforms is Voyager supported on?

Voyager is currently on iOS with Android coming in October 2019.

Where is Voyager available?

Voyager is currently available in 49 states (with the exception of New York) in the U.S. and expects to expand internationally this year. Voyager is currently pursuing a bitlicense in New York.

How do I get started on Voyager?

Visit to download the app and get started! Get your account opened in 5 minutes or less.

What is the token’s functionality in Voyager?

The token will let you reduce network fees, collect cashback and earn interest.

What fees are reduced?

We anticipate a wide variety of fees can be reduced when paid in tokens such as withdrawal fees, live trading fees and future product fees that Voyager may develop.

How do I earn cashback?

When you hold a certain number of tokens you will get money back when you trade. To get a better idea of how it will work read here: (

How do I earn interest?

Voyager will offer interest bearing accounts to brokerage customers. There will be base rates and enhanced rates for token holders. Rate cards and additional details will be announced.

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August 05, 2020, 01:38:57 PM

What is the purpose of VGX token?
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