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Author Topic: [Scamalert] Certain coins which are scams! Be aware if you are especially miner.  (Read 29 times)
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November 09, 2019, 12:10:28 AM

I'm about to make the list big and small. And its my fear that to much scam isn't good for anything related crypto. That government's will try to shut it down for good.

Anyway, the coin Tron is 100% solomining by the owners where they pay you 15 TRX for mining possibly other coins on their Network with 1000h/s for one day. You can even mine ETH. Even that 15 TRX is earned by the solomining on the coin by the owners each second.

Take it that way, people don't care about the owners. They want the coin to exist merely because owners do pump and dump. As with about 100's of coins.

That the fake coins aren't actually explained on a single site like investment programs are with scamsavenger. I encourage more people speak about pump and dump and even premine though as well special systems to implode new block which wasn't actually mined by anyone on the network just initiated as a block.

Though it is a multi billion dollar income to people who don't care less, then to shut down the systems at the road of being chased by FBI, who even can't take down a single coin as dark web sites. The're priority is low.

Take it perhaps to another coins and their pools! You're most likely already familiar with miningpoolstats website to find a proper pool. Even there you have pools which deliberately steal even up to more than 50% of miners income. And then the coins gain high pool speeds and thus showing you lower network speed.

And that ain't few pools who do this. All from the newest to the oldest. And its even that stealing 50% income out of all. Becoming rich like Nigeria scammers. So you would pay India computer specialists to work on a site design for 50000$ and even increase the income of just one day scam?

Well the list is long of which pools are fake and that's nearly all even above 90% of them.

I've seen it and I know it. There is no singular pool or project that can ensure security to the miners income.

In the future you will have to make miners blockchain as well. Because if you do not have that as perhaps Bitcoin does not even newest coin Pi. It could even been exploited from the very first time and on earlier versions of Bitcoin QT you had possibility to apply one block as it was maybe possible to write a block without need of it to find difficulty value as a miner to actually first version made.

Coins been fake all over the world and even when all x11 coins were initiated to start with a blockchain that was similar longly over all coins. The cloning even applied to Dash formerly Darkcoin which was x11.

But some coins as Unobtanium where no pool pays to any person of interest to any miner is outrageous. And I know I have tested several other coins that way.

What you most likely should not trust are systems like has hosted. They steal as soon as they have enough miners by creating sgminer the very first miners as a miner that existed for Asics. And it can be even 75% thievery. Since sgminer isn't any longer in use it was the very first program to become with the very first miners.

Anyway I still believe that the use of Bitcoin mining with background intelligence is to create the very next Terminator, but as most do; copy and paste their code in Linux. I believe still that if you program you computer from scratch you do not copy in codes which are hidden behind. Thus it would only take one intelligent virus to take you back to stoneage for all you wrote millions of code.

We might as well wonder how Cryptocurrency sponsored the war in Libya and many other wars. And as Trump said it is nearly only for scams and illegal activity.

There are even investment programs but like many other 20.000 sites went down since Bitcoin started up and there ain't few who weren't scammed.

The only best thing with Bitcoin is the casino systems which give you possibility to withdraw after 3 confirmations of your deposit.

Still I believe that we teach AI mind by all mining eventualities. As if some procedures are dead basically not randomly in mining blocks. I've seen certain scrypt to neoscrypt coins to never be like possibly random.

Why I believe that as well 720kb is 16mb. That's why even Bill Gates foreseen it was enough ram if the plan already was made several years ago by Illuminati. I ask myself how some installation usb drives had their files replaced as perhaps Install.wim without no harddrive connected. And some computers turned off the USB in bios. I've tested that out with GandalfPE 8.1.

But anyway I've seen hidden code in written text by browsing fast on the code. You can find sig3 files in the keystores for Ubuntu and others who have public key stored. That I mean we are deceived to things. As even the most right temperament of showing pictures with Nvidia changed into something we have today capable to mine with not actually to show good graphics. Voodoo 3 was the last until Nvidia had a big court in the beginning. That changes were made to interfere with what was to make as today.

Not only do I believe systems will fall when a giant virus takes down all computers. As if it was a Godly matter. Even crypto were made to destroy the evil as build it up.

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