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Author Topic: Localbitcoins SCAMMERS !!! 26 accounts!!!  (Read 116 times)
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November 21, 2019, 05:31:56 PM
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For several months now, I have been following a scammer who offers to earn a lot of money in a short period of time through Localbitcoins accounts with "pro-trader" rank.
He says you can earn $20,000 or 5 BTC and split the profits in half with him. Let's take this scammer farm apart.

Here is the list of currently detected fraud profiles:

Зapaбoтaйтe $ 20 000 + c yчeтнoй зaпиcью CEГOДi
зapaбoтaть $ 20 000 + нa LocalbitcoinsKennybitcoinx
Earn a lot of bitcoin on your wallet in 8 hours or less!TonixAltC
Зapaбoтaйтe $ 20 000 + c yчeтнoй зaпиcью LocalbitcoinsZlaten0091
Want to make A LOT of money with your LBC account?GrodoGrodo
Зapaбoтaйтe $ 20,000 + нa cчeтe в LocalbitcoinsIntropiata
Зapaбoтaйтe $ 20 000 или бoльшe c yчeтнoй зaпиcьHooBitcoinss
зapaбoтaть $ 20 000 + c yчeтнoй зaпиcью Localbitcoins.comVisaly_Kov
Зapaбoтaйтe $ 20 000 + c вaшeй yчeтнoй зaпиcью Localbitcoins C&BWAssociated
?? пapтнepcтвo Localbitcoins зapaбoтaй 5+ BTC тoлькo зa 1 дeн&Andrik11banned
дoбaвьтe дeньги нa кoшeлeк ceгoдня! $ 20000Mcgregorbtcc
Зapaбoтaйтe 5 или бoлee биткoйнoв CEГOДHЯ NovaNovai8
Зapaбoтaйтe 5+ биткoйнoв зa 6 чacoв нa cвoeм aHovaNova8i
Зapaбoтaйтe 5+ BTC в тoт жe дeнь localbitcoinsBorussiaB992
Localbitcoins тopгoвaть, чтoбы зapaбoтaть мнoгo дeнekBitcoingeosbanned
пapтнepcтвo, чтoбы зapaбoтaть дeньги localbitcoins.comBradlitty
Earn a lot of money in the same day with your accountGrigovVod
Зapaбaтывaйтe ceгoдня aккayнт LocalbitcoinsAleksandrGast1
paбoтaть нa localbitcoins.comBoldLikeUs
aккayнт localbitcoins.comObelisk19
ищy yчeтнyю зaпиcь - Looking for LBC accountArtfulDodgerr1
Localbitcoins зapaбoтaть мнoгo дeнeг !!CristianoL7banned
Зapaбoтaйтe 5 + BTC co мнoйEstebansBTCsbanned
пapтнepcтвo Localbitcoins.comCastleV2228
Localbitcoins Бoльшaя пpибыль быcтpoMightyyGhst

A scammer constantly creates the same topics in the Russian and English sections. In the Russian section.
In the Russian section I have already created a similar investigation CКAM нa Localbitcoins !!! and I believe that in the English section, too, will not hurt to inform as many people as possible.

So, scammer creates similar themes with earnings at Localbitcoins, for example:

Need a high rated account 100+ deals or more over 1 year old and at least 20-50 BTC volume. I can load the wallet with a large amount of bitcoin fast. It's very straightforward you can enable the 2fa so you will withdraw the profit. We split 50/50. Easily 5-10 BTC we can make.if you have the account send me a message on Telegram @grodogrodo
I can load account with many bitcoins, $20,000+ is easy the process fast and simple. need account high rated 100+ 500+ 1000+ deals 100% feedback works. If you have account and want to make money today
Write me on telegram - @grodogrodo
I am online all day send me a message!
Hello,I am offering a service to load your localbitcoins account with $20,000+ BTC in only a few hours. The process is fast and transparent. You can enable the 2fa for your guarantee, you will withdraw the profit and we split 50/50. It works the same day and easily we can have $20,000 or more today,
The account must have a high rating, 100+ deals 1+ year old and 10-20 BTC or more volume. Green Dinger on advertisements is a must.
If you have the account and you want to make money with it today send me a message on telegram @bwakevingates
Good morning BT community.I am making people money today with their local account.
The process is simple. You can enable your 2da, which means I can't change anything. I can only make advertisments and reply to the deals that come. You will withdraw our profit.
Easy to make $20,000+ 5 bitcoins or more today with your account. If you have it and you want to make money today send me message I'm on telegram all day.
Need account with high rating 100+ 500+ trades, 100% rating. Pro trader is best. Very simple and easy we can make 5-10+ bitcoins in a shorty amount of time. If you have account want to make money today with it send me message telegram @Nova8i
I have a method to load bitcoin to any high rated account. The process is fast and straight forward. I will login once, create advertisements with high minimums and within a few hours deals will come and the bitcoin will be released to the account. You can enable your 2fa this way you are guaranteed - you will be the one to withdraw our profit. We share 50/50. The account must have a high rating 100+ deals, 1+ year old, 10-20 BTC traded or more. The higher the rating the more potential to earn bigger amounts. This is the real deal, I have done it many times before and always looking for new accounts to work on. We can make easily 5-10 BTC or more.
Send me a message on Telegram @geigov if you have account and ready to work.
I can load your wallet with large amount of btc fast! Need account with 100% rating and green finger on the advertisement. If you have one and you want to make money with me fast send me a message on telegram @stastche looking for partner with account or multiple accounts
Lets make money today!!!!
Looking for old and high rating accounr i know how to make a lot of money with it. If you have one and you want to make some money send me a message on telegram @artfuldogerr
Hello looking for partner who has ability to find localbitcoins accounts that we can make money on. We need high rated accounts protrader is best. Profits are big easily $20k for one account. Send me a message on if you are serious telegram @castle2228
I have method to add Bitcoin to any pro trader or high rated Localbitcoins account. Same day we make money split 50/50. Message me if you have good lbc account telegram @mightyyghst

As we can see, the text is very similar in content and it is most likely created by the same person. Why do I think so?
Based on my observations, scammer creates a new profiles and a new address in telegram, because the previous ones receive a negative feedbacks, that is, he treats them as one-day profiles, he does not go to the old profile after a while, and the addresses in telegram, he just deletes.

At the moment, here's his full list of addresses in telegram:


Now let's find out what his fraud is all about.

I talked to him at one time, he told me that he lives in America and the phone in his telegram account started at + 1-800 ....

He says that he needs an account with a high rank, so that the announcement of the exchange was at the top of the top, he would do it himself, but he just does not have this account,and he wants to make money right now.

Next he will offer you to give your account to him, so that he can quickly arrange everything, if you agree, the account is likely to be taken away from you and scammer will change your password and mail on it.

If you refuse to give him an account, he will say that it's okay, no problem! Then he will send you this template for you to place this ad from your account.

After you place this ad, it will say that as soon as you are contacted by a potential client, write everything I say, that is, in fact, you will just be a transmitter between  victim and scammer.

He will provide his details and as soon as the deal is opened, he will provide a fake screenshot of the check for payment, and your task will be to persuade the victim to release the bitcoins, they say, the payment has already passed, soon will be credited to the account, you can already release the bitcoins.

And if the victim releases his bitcoins, scammer will just dissolve and you won't see it again.

The essence is that scammer will always be in the shadows and in fact you will be substituting yourself, and you will not prove that it was 3 persons, you just cheated and will do the extreme, you will get nothing but problems and damaged reputation on the exchange, as well as possible problems with the law.

So don't trust such offers, there's no such thing as easy money, you're just gonna get framed and cheated.


Attention, scammer may use new methods of deception that have not yet been made public.

It constantly creates self-moderated topics and removes all uncomfortable information, and sometimes even closes a topic at all, it can delete one topic in one section if it is noticed and create a topic in another section. Be careful!

At the moment, this scammer has an active account - MightyyGhst

and a fresh offer on the forum:

I have method to add Bitcoin to any pro trader or high rated Localbitcoins account. Same day we make money split 50/50. Message me if you have good lbc account telegram @mightyyghst

**Please note the negative rating here is from some troll noname dumbasss who doesn't know how to make money and has his feeling hurt when others do. If he has proof of his words please post it publically.**


If you've found any more accounts for that scammer, write here, I'll add them to the general database.
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November 21, 2019, 11:05:46 PM

All his other accounts should be banned as well right? After reading the fraud, I believe it's not completely the scammer's fault. How can someone release the bitcoins without double-checking with the bank that if money has arrived? There are mobile banking, internet banking, and all other services to access your account and see what's the status of the transactions. If someone is lazy enough to not verify their payments, they shouldn't be dealing with strangers at all. People giving their accounts for such scams will be the ones going to jail with a nice life lesson that "don't be greedy".

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November 22, 2019, 12:19:40 PM

Localbitcoin website itself gives warning before releasing bitcoin while doing a trade as "Never release your bitcoin before you receive money to your account". So I guess there are some other intentions behind these offers.

I feel money laundering could be a reason if a high trading volume account post offers then no one gets any suspicious feel so the scammer (who wants to launder illegally obtained money into bitcoin) takes advantage of this.

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