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November 29, 2019, 11:07:02 AM

Please note that the following token is not an ICO and will never be sold as such

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The HGH Token is our contribution to the block-chain technology

the token will be used for orders and also as an investment in the company (not a security though), the following are just some of the token benefits

1-As a mean of payment to buy our product

2-to be staked for up to 20% yearly (yet to be develop)

3-paying with HGH token will give you up to 20% discount

4-we will buy back the token at our quarter earning report in case we were cash positive


this is the erc20 token contract :  0x40c6f861a08f97dfbc3c0931485bff4921975a56


1-    Executive Summary
Myhghproducts is a human growth hormone e-commerce company that sells very high quality HGH products that are fully organic in nature. It is in its startup phase and establishing rapidly. There is quite a lot of opportunity to sell high quality HGH products and the market is also expanding very rapidly. The consumers that are in very dire need of high-quality products with lesser or no adverse effects are company’s main targeted audience.

2-    Situation Analysis
2.1- Market Summary
HGH market is growing rapidly as there are widening application of human growth hormone and an increasing awareness of HGH. A study showed that HGH industry is projected to grow at a CAGR of 7.5% for upcoming years. So, there is still a big gap in the market which can be filled with an appropriate online value proposition (OVP).

2.1.1- Market Needs and Demographics
HGH is best suited to the people that are more than 25 and onwards. This is the age where one would get start lowering their hormone level. They can be used for anti-aging, better immune system, good metabolism rate, skin health and more sleep quality. So, the people with these kinds of issues will care about getting high quality HGH products. Even though some HGH products may be used for the people under 25 to make body tall, but the probability of such individuals getting HGH products are very low.

2.1.3- Market Trends and Growth
Technological advancements in the field of HGH like the development of recombinant human growth hormone by major market companies are boosting the market growth rapidly. Now, many companies are making investment in Research & Development to make HGH products more efficient with zero or less side effects. Major market players are also enhancing the manufacturing size of HGH products.

North America dominated the global market with 48% in 2016. This graph also indicates the affordability of the costly HGH products, the presence of a sales funnel, the commercialization of the product.

The Asia pacific region is anticipated to witness the growth of HGH market as more and more awareness of HGH products can boost the market in coming years. The major contributors in the Asia pacific region are China, Australia, India and Japan. Japan is the major market player due to the high cost of HGH products and local presence and commercialization of the market.

2.1.4- Competing Insights
The major market players that are contributing the market are Ferring Holding SA, Eli Lilly and Company, Genentech, Merck & Co., Novo Nordisk, Pfizer, Inc.; Sandoz International GmbH, and Ipsen.

The investment in making the HGH products to make them effective and long-acting with less adverse effects and improving geographic penetration through partnership and collaboration are the key strategies that are adopted by the major market players to improve their reach.

3-    Marketing Strategy
3.1- Objectives
The objective is to set the sales of products up to almost 50% from the current sales of the company. The objective is specific and relevant for the growth of the company. And yet it is also measurable with some very strong KPI’s.

3.2- Marketing Channels
Today, 70% of Americans use the internet to access the information that can help them to make better health decisions. So, there is quite a lot of mediums on the internet that can help make more leads and conversions. The channels that can help enormously in marketing the HGH products include:

Video Marketing
Blogs and Articles
Influencer marketing
Affiliate marketing programs
Publications and e-books
3.3- Action Plan
The action plan consists of some integral tasks that could be immediately taken by the company to enhance the online presence and conversions. These tasks are as under:

Its better to find a niche you can focus on intently. Finding a niche, does not mean you can only sell a single type of supplement, as many types of supplements are meant to use for a single purpose like fat burners, muscle growth supplements and dietary supplements.
The niche specific supplements then can be marketed more efficiently, specially in video marketing, beautiful and attractive motion graphics can help a lot to make a difference.
Niche specific landing pages on the website can play an important role in increasing the number of sales, so that the user could not distract away with the options of going to the other pages.
Auto-delivery of the products could be very helpful. As, the people that consume this product have to restock the product after specific period of time. Having this option on the website can help them to easily get the product after the time interval that they opted on the website at the time of initial purchase.
The website could also incorporate product bundles as some products can be used in relation to the other product. Having an option to purchase specific, quantified bundles with auto-delivery can also be very helpful.
Another feature could be on the product page of website that can increase the number of sales drastically is upsell and cross-sell.
The website also needs a proper on-page SEO implementation to get ranked well on the search engines. For a store that is selling their products online, SEO has a key role.
Content is key, especially in this field. Compared to the general U.S. adult population, those who are taking supplements are more likely to value a printed publication like magazines, newspaper articles or medical journals. Writing tips and helpful material on the blog can play a big role in creating customer engagement and loyalty.
Creating a helpful e-book for the readers can also play a key role in generating the leads and conversions.
Create a meaningful newsletter regularly to get consumed by the leads. Setting up the email marketing campaign along with some special discount offers is something that can bring a lot to the contribution.
Video marketing can bring a lot of website visitors. The motion graphics with attractive design can be used to create customer interest and desire. Again, landing pages will play a big role in accordance with it. YouTube and Facebook can be targeted as a medium with carefully selected audience demographics.
More than 65% of people say that they have tried out a new product based on new packaging. Having an eye-catching label or packaging design can all make the difference.
Featuring FDA compliant and approved claims on the product page can improve sales as much as 20 percent.
Leveraging fans, stars and influencers on social media, especially on the Instagram, could play a very big role.
Affiliate marketing programs can be joined to increase the revenue of the company using a big audience of the most popular retail sellers.

3.3.1- Build Audience
Building an audience for a business which is new, and people are unaware of it, is really a hard thing without any denial, but its more of like snowball effect. Once you start pushing your content from every channel that is suitable for your business, audience gets bigger exponentially. But the key thing is to never stop creating content and publishing it to your targeted audience.

Knowing your audience, their lifestyle, behavior and interests should be very clearly defined. When you picture your potential client correctly, then it becomes very easy to target them.

You must segment your audience to make it clearer and tangible. The potential segments of your client base might include:

The sportsman for athletic performance
People with old age that tends to have deficiency of hormones
People of middle to upper class
Fat people to get them rid of their fat
The most important stage at this point is your online value proposition (OVP), which in this case is; High quality product and 100% organic HGH products.

3.3.2- Interaction and Leads
It is clear that promoting your brand on social media is integral part of your success, but it will not bring you sales and conversions. The key thing here is engagement, building a worthwhile relationship with your audience. You must respond to them quickly and in meaningful way.  If done properly, this can bolster your post’s organic reach and visibility on news feeds. For a new business engagement with audience is very important. You can also help on different community forums like Quora to bring traffic to your website. As already mentioned, audience of healthcare products give value to publications and articles on the internet. Try and post engaging content that talks about various aspects of your industry.

3.3.3- Conversion Rate Optimization
Conversion rate optimization is a systematic process to increase the traffic visiting your website who take the desired call to action. Here are some suggestions to improve your CRO.

Improve your website user experience. So that user feel sophisticated and secure while going through different pages of your website.
You need a good on-page SEO implementation as well as off-page SEO to get higher ranks on the SERPs.
You need to have amazing landing pages for the potential buyer to increase the chances of conversion.
You must have a secure website in order for a user to share their credit card details or any sort of personal information. You must also have SSL integration on the website.
Track your ROI. Anything that gets measured can be improved. So quantitative data analysis gets you know how actually people behave on your site. Start with a robust web analytical tool, Google Analytics. And add tracking for your conversions.
3.3.4- Engagement and Customer Loyalty
Once you have a successful conversion, things are not over yet actually. That’s where most people mistake in getting customer loyalty. You need to have consistently positive emotional experience and physical attribute-based satisfaction to get your customers back to you when ever they require the same product.

Constantly pitch them about getting new and special offers tailored to them though newsletter. Because they spend more than others. In the U.S. 40% of the revenue of online retailers comer through the repeat customers that consists of 8% of total website visitors. They also tell their family and friends about their positive experience and cause word of mouth marketing for you that brings new customers that are more effective than those who come through paid advertisement.

4-    Conclusion
This strategy has developed to analyze and identify area of improvements to increase the client base of the company. The action plan, strategy and tactics discussed if implemented with careful observation of market, 50% more sales can be achieved, even more than it, in the period of just two months.

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