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October 20, 2020, 05:39:09 PM *
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Author Topic: Twitter Hackers Arrested! [Updated]  (Read 805 times)
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August 05, 2020, 10:55:41 PM

I have heard quite a few times that in such cases where big companies get hacked they find the hacker and when he is about to go to jail the company hires them as their cybersecurity employee. What do you guys think ? Will these guys get a job at Twitter too ?  Grin
I'm also thinking of this. If Twitter won't hire them and no one will bail them, there's a chance that they will work on Pentagon or any US department or might be the secret service. That's also based from those news that I have heard in the past.

If that's just a conspiracy, well it made me believed a lot all of my life since when I was a teenager. But if those things were for real, they will have a chance to correct what they've done.

Otherwise, they have to pay the damages that they have brought.
If the perpetrators of such crimes have the potential to become or quickly become an employee, there will be concerns about other hackers who expect the job because there have been many incidents like this, instead of being punished or jailed but instead being employed without any prior punishment, if compared to immediately be hired or treated preferentially, I think it would be good to get a punishment first before being hired and not care about their age because it has to do with crime.
But we will never know what will happen to them if there will be no reports by the media. If a company or if the government truly sees the potential on them, they will simply absorb them.

I'm expecting that if there will be no more updates and news about this issue, it's like that they'll let the issue die eventually and we will never know what happened to them. If they have been hired and employed.

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August 05, 2020, 11:25:47 PM

The arrest of Graham Clark of the Twitter hacker, who posted a fake Bitcoin giveaway on the accounts of a famous figure, echoes the discourse that crypto asset transactions are easier to trace than in the normal money system (fiat money).
Chainalysis company, from the United States (US), for example, helps the US government to track Bitcoin obtained by Twitter hackers. Now cryptocurrency has been integrated with law enforcement measures in many countries, for example exchanges in partnership with the government so that Bitcoin transactions are more easily tracked, which are related to crime.
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August 05, 2020, 11:45:41 PM

This is the result of lack of parental supervision, so teenagers who hack Twitter use their skills for bad things.
Hopefully this is a lesson for other parents, in order to improve the way they educate their children and provide
supervision of children's activities and interactions. If it's not like the three teenagers who are finally caught
because they have hacked Twitter and used it to deceive many people.

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August 06, 2020, 03:36:58 AM

Pretty sure those will be put to prison and maybe there are some stories needed to disclose here. There is no way that only 17 year old could do this without those people around that are much more knowledgeable in this hacking activity. I think that the 17 year old was just a bait for the real one who do this hacking activity. Well this will probably a long way before this can be resolve. Hoping for the best of the investigation although the prosecutor had already been convince that the 17 year old is no ordinary 17 years old having the knowledge on hacking.

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August 06, 2020, 11:24:53 AM

That's exactly what I mean. Those kids weren't born criminals. I would throw in jail every song writer and film director who romanticized criminal activity first, because such kids are the product of their "art". In fact, I wouldn't throw in jail writers and film directors, because no one should go to jail for art, but, I mean, to make those kids rot in jail for the rest of their lives is even more wrong. They should be dishonored for their actions, but their talent must be used for the benefit of society, and no one can work effectively when in prison.

I have watch a youtube video concerning a hacker that gets arrested and putted to jail for almost 4 years behind bars, he is considered a million dollar hacker, and right now, he is doing a bug bounty job and it really pays allot with this kind of talent. I am not saying that most of us should pursue hacking, but with these kids with exceptional talents, they should first learn how to repent and change, because real money will come in legal ways.

That is such a good example of what talented hackers can do. Thank you!

The video isn't that long, it's less than 10 minutes, but there's so much valuable info in it. By donig legitimate hacking you can earn 20k USD for a single report, 160k USD in a single day, 636k USD withing one year. That's what happened to Tommy DeVoss, the hero of the story, after he served 4 years behind bars for being a "bad" hacker, and decided to become a "good" one.

There's also an info on how other legitimate hackers are doing:

I think it is possible to make even more money by collaborating with criminals. But if 636k USD per year is not enough for you, it is called greed, and you deserve to spend most of your life in prison. That's how I think about it.

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August 06, 2020, 07:54:33 PM

Damn dude.

This kid is going to get one hefty sentence.
I will not be surprised if he is going to be working under serious guide to unlock some other applications. The guy brain is too hot to be wasted just like that.
Due to the degree of the hack, he's going to face the sentence and nothing more in my opinion. Although, a critical look into this situation shown that such a teen shouldn't have access to such information that granted him access to Almighty Twitter accounts. The hack was massive and believe me all the complaisance will be fish out and jail accordingly. He deserve to rest and learn the hard way in jail. When a brain is hot, then learn to control it positively and not negatively, sorry teen!.

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August 07, 2020, 09:17:57 AM

O My God
Only 17 year teen does this all
I can't believe All this
This is really shocking
A juvenile of the past is really different from today. The future generations become more techy savvy without a proper nurture of heart. The crimes have been committed nowadays are made by minority. Seems like they don`t really care upon the consequences because they only want their desires. Hacking popular person of crypto and business are not easy unless you have a deep knowledge about dark web. Anyway, I think it is good to guide him rather than he will be in jailed. Because he can do more legal things in the future rather than to be a enemy of the government.

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August 07, 2020, 06:53:50 PM

How the FBI tracked down the Twitter hackers
There is no perfect crime.
The ZDNet writing team put together a timeline with the documents filed in court by the DOJ.

Teenagers made a lot of mistakes. Here KYC demonstrated why it is important to apply it.
In the hacker circle they feel the need to get popular by making a remarkable attack and spreading it.

We can see the vulnerability that is in the internet. But important because developers will be working to make platforms more secure.

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August 13, 2020, 05:43:47 AM

I dont believe that this hackers are clever enough or just used phishing links to steal staff account and managed to collect email and password of those twitter profiles, did they actually penetrate the security system of twitter? or just a fault of a staff? If they are good enough in hacking then try to secure first not to locate their identity before doing any stupid acts. 

They may not be the smartest hackers. However, they turned out to be smarter than the twitter team once they managed to get around them and gain access to god mode.
You should never underestimate your opponent, in this case hackers. Their skill and skill deserve respect anyway, but that doesn't mean they shouldn't go to jail for their actions.
It saddens me to hear some news about this hacked account on twitter. In this time of pandemic a lot of bad guys are everywhere and I don't know what benefits they could get on hacking this twitter account. And what saddens me the most is the hacker, he is younger than me and it seems like his parents didn't taught him how to do good deeds.

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