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Author Topic: On the ten successful reasons of zoom  (Read 96 times)
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December 14, 2019, 11:06:21 AM

On the ten factors of success of zoom
1. Abandon selfish desires:
At the beginning of the design, developers abandoned their selfish desires and allocated 100% of the zoom reasonably. If developers want to get zoom, they must get it through the community scheme according to the community standard. The whole process can be traced completely in the block browser and cannot be operated in a dark box. This is determined by the characteristics of Distributed Accounting. Developers do not have the ability to destroy contracts.
II. Quantitative distribution
Zoom was founded on December 12, 2018. Without the support of any community members, the developers spent a whole year alone to pave the way for the birth of zoom's community. During this period, the developers consulted many famous and original practitioners in the industry for the quantitative allocation of zoom. Without the support of large funds, the developers found a non-profit fund for zoom by using their own resources Yes, this is quite valuable, because it is destined that zoom will be born with the highest level of aristocratic lineage, because token itself has no value, it seems that 50% of the distribution is relatively high, but it is a top priority component in the zoom ecology, which is the unique insight of the developers and the luck of the whole community. It is very important to know how to send a token based on erc20 Simply, it's not that you can lay any foundation for any organization with hundreds of millions of tokens. One is to consider the personal energy of developers. The other is to have originality in design or layout and space for future development.
III. developer's voice
For a technology control that only wants to do things, it is possible to continuously develop and knock code to meet the great spiritual satisfaction. Although in a small scope, finance can be controlled with desire to a large extent, but in the currency circle, it is still hoped to leave its own mark in the whole industry. Maybe in this way, we can not feel abandoned, and hope to participate in the whole development and construction of zoom with the community 。
IV. starting from erc20 but not limited to
In fact, it's a helpless choice to start the zoom construction by token. In the period from 18 to the end of 19, developers consumed some BTC and eth in order to build the zoom infrastructure. Although developers have a certain economic foundation, if they choose other ways, they will have long-term uncertain expenses. With many uncertain factors in the future, zoom may die Because erc20 is used to build zoom, there is no need for domain name, server, technical innovation and other expenses in the future, so it gives the community a relaxed development atmosphere, and there will be no fatal problems. This is a strategy of using time for space. Even so, before the community has no production weight node, developers should also consume some eth for community airdrop and other behaviors, Right to care for zoom like a parent until it is delivered to the community safely. When the community generates weight nodes, developers will gradually withdraw from the community to initiate event intervention and help the community to do some technical support. In the case of most support for zoom weight, according to the trend at that time, developers have the ability to form an international technical team to provide chain change for zoom , mapping, the community does not need to worry too much about technology.
V. weight node and foundation
Zoom chose erc20 to build, which is to follow the concept of community as the king. First, build community consensus at a low cost, and then pursue technical sublimation. In foundation, weight node, preacher and community, weight node is undoubtedly the mainstay of the whole community. Whenever, it has the right to choose the direction of the community, and reasonable distribution of weight is the core of community development However, there are also concerns that if most of the weights are obtained by a few nodes, if these nodes try to destroy the zoom foundation, they will launch corresponding plans, and the role of the foundation will not reflect its value until it is online.
Vi. airdrop of original community
Developers launched airdrop solutions for the construction of the original community, which means that the first owners of zoom are cost-free, and that the original community will be generated from these airdrop nodes and gradually increase.
VII. Conditional dividend
In order to prevent zoom from becoming air, after 2000 airdrop nodes generate and receive airdrops uniformly, the conditional dividend plan will be launched. This stage is an integral part of the consensus mechanism, which will have a profound impact on the value of zoom and lay a solid foundation for the community online exchange. The start of this plan does not have any time limit, which depends on 2000 airdrop nodes Completion time.
8. The preacher made a brilliant debut
The original community has finished the base preparation in the boring environment. It's time for the preacher to come on stage. The developer has designed 5% zoom for the preacher, which will be distributed conditionally. You are welcome.
IX. generate weight node
The greater the weight is, the greater the responsibility is. After the weight node is generated, the community will be truly centralized. The weight node of the community will have the right to use the weight node wallet, the preacher wallet and the community wallet.
X. online exchange
The community is able to cope with all the changes in the future. The weight node will select a well-known exchange for the community, strive to enter the mainstream queue before the bull market, and lead the whole community to embark on a new journey.
Introduction to zoom:
On December 12, 2018, zoom measured and issued 21 million pieces. After one year's preparation, many things have been implemented, and there is a long-term and practical plan for the future. Now, developers with passion to build a dream like community in the future. The design of zoom is perfect and based on erc20 intelligence

Introduction to zoom:
On December 12, 2018, zoom issued 21 million pieces. After one year's preparation, many things have been implemented, and there is a long-term and practical plan for the future. Now developers are passionate to build a dream like community in the future. The design of zoom is perfect, based on erc20 smart contract, open and transparent. Like community members, developers and community members want to get zoom according to the community With the established rules, developers will end their intervention in community development when there are reliable weight nodes in the community. The zoom distribution is as follows:
Foundation 50%
Foundation address:
Note: the foundation will play a role when zoom is in crisis.
Weight node 20%
Weight node address:
Note: nodes with a large number of zooms in the community will get the weight distribution control right of speech. As for the number of nodes as a weight, the developer will give the responsibility to the community consensus.
Preacher 5%
Address assigned by preacher:
Note: zoom obtained from organizing activities / contributing to the community will be distributed here, and how the community weight will dominate the discourse power.
Community wallet 25%
Community assigned address:
Note: the developer sets a zoom address as a node and conducts airdrop for the original community. The first 2000 nodes each airdrop 20 zooms. After the airdrop, the developer will release the next announcement in telegram.
The airdrop process is as follows:
1. Download imtoken Wallet:
Click the top right corner + enter the zoom contract address:
Click + in the upper right corner and change to √ to see zoom in the wallet.
2. Download telegram / Biyong to search the community in the navigation bar:
Send your payment zoom address to the administrator.
3. Participate in the promotion of 2000 nodes to build the original community, and automatically release to your zoom receiving address after reaching the original community node goal.
Zoom contract address:
Zoom distribution address:
Im token wallet download link:
Telegram download link (ladder required): HTTPS: / / play. Google. COM / store / apps / details? Id = org. Telegram. Messenger
Biyong download link (no ladder required):
Telegram group address:
Special note: the zoom developers strongly recommend some of your valuable assets. The way to save im token mnemonics is as follows:
1. For the material of pen, 2B pencil is preferred in terms of the length of handwriting storage time and the difficulty of obtaining.
2. It is recommended to use acid free paper as the carrier for paper, which is usually used for file preservation and has excellent durability.
3. After writing, wrap it with transparent tape to prevent water.
4. The envelope shall be sealed with sealing strip or postmark.
The developer invites you to join zoom and share zoom.
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