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Author Topic: How I create an x-16 mining Batch file!  (Read 82 times)
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February 15, 2020, 11:34:57 PM
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I previously posted this in the wrong section so I figured I would post it here! I hope it helps! There may be other ways to create a mining .bat file but this is how I have been doing it so I can keep them in order, Please if you have a simpler way post it here!

I have been helping alot of people via discord to set up a .bat file. So I am going to go ahead and make a post here.

Step 1: First thing you want to do is find a miner. My graphics card is crap so I have to use AMD miners. So I downloaded sg. Miner

So after your Mining software is downloaded you will go in and double click it (downloads/ Sgminer)

Step 2,  It will then give you the option to extract, or Extract all, you will click extract all.

Step 3 pick a location. For each of my coins I have been downloading I have been creating a folder for that specific coin. So lets say we are mining Taona Coin. go to documents and create a TNA folder.  You will then extract all to the TNA folder.

Step 4. You will go to the folder you created (TNA) double click it. Then you will open the Sgminer folder inside the (TNA) folder. Once opened you should see. sgminer.exe ( or whatever X16r miner you are using) You have to make sure you are in the same folder as (your miner).exe 
Once you are there you will create a batch file to do so you will right click/add new/text document!

Step 5.  now you will go to your pools page to get the mining specifics.  I am using Taona pool. You will copy/paste the mining stratum.


-a x16r -o stratum+tcp:// -u -p c=TNA

Some pools  require you to create a Username (-u) we will make my username Devawnm367 if you were going to run more then 1 miner you would make it devawnm367.1   devawnm367.2  etc.

Other pools will just require you to add your wallet address instead of a username.

EXAMPLE -a x16r -o stratum+tcp:// -u 37V6dE1fJA2Hj2mg31y4oghkmX8oW2uyu8 -p c=TNA

after you have added your wallet address  or username.1(2)(3) etc you will go to file/save as/ I name it the abreviations of the coin I am mining. So you would save as TNA.bat  you have to add the .bat because thats what creates the batch file. Without .bat you miner will not run. You then save it to the same location inside the sgminer folder. Mine is inside the TNA folder I created. So TNA folder/sgminer/save as (TNA.bat) or somewhere under sgminer.exe in the sgminer folder. click save.

you should then be able to go to your TNA folder and double click the TNA.bat your miner should load up and you should start seeing shares being accepted! If you do then BOOM you are now mining TNA

if your pool requires username, create your .bat file

-a x16r -o stratum+tcp:// -u Devawnm367.1 -p c=TNA

if it requires an address. Then under the -u(username) you would just add your wallet address!

-a x16r -o stratum+tcp:// -u 37V6dE1fJA2Hj2mg31y4oghkmX8oW2uyu8 -p c=TNA

you can always go in and edit and change addresses usernames or even copy the stratum information

Key: -a (algorithm)  -o (Stratume address) -u (username or wallet  address) -p (password)

passwords  for some miners can be just x other pools will make you use a password. TNA pool makes the password -p (c=TNA)

I hope this helps I havn't been able to find the information on here so I thought I would create a thread for it! any other ideas or even algorithms feel free to add. to the list just specify the type Algorithm and how to create the Batch file! THANKS!!!!!

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