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Author Topic: [ANN] Digiverse (DIGI) - A cryptotoken powered MMORPG development project.  (Read 81 times)
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March 02, 2020, 10:43:09 AM
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Sorry in advance for the wall of text.

Digiverse is an attempt to create a “full-dive” virtual reality Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game in a game universe the size of a planet.

Full-dive virtual reality typically describes direct computer to brain interfacing, but that is not what is meant here. The Digiverse Project aims to create a fully completely immersive video game digital universe. Meant to be played with a headset, haptic feedback, and traditionally controlled first-person movement. Aiming for true realism in a project of this magnitude is functionally impossible. For this reason, the game will be a stylized representation of an alternate reality, with its own objects, atmosphere, materials, creatures, flora, and architecture. The plan is to make a single explorable world where are players interact on a single world on a distributed network.

Development on this game has yet to begin, but the Digiverse Foundation managers are optimistic in its community’s ability to deliver this product. This is because the Foundation will not be doing any programming itself. Digiverse plans to be a completely open-source project, in which any person willing to contribute code that furthers its completion will be compensated in DIGIverse Tokens. When complete, the Digiverse game plans to be networked in a distributed peer-to-peer infrastructure, hosted on cloud-based game streaming platforms such as Google Stadia, and Nvidia Geforce Now. Its foundation head has stated it would be “…impractical to ask players of Digiverse to download a game likely to be multiple terabytes in size.”. It is expected that a game of this complexity can only be distributed on cloud-based services such as this, with the additional support of community members to host master nodes, to network between players directly.

The Digiverse Project is, bluntly, the most ambitious video game design and development project ever undertaken. A vision so large it is requesting that its community raise over 1 billion US dollars for its development. Who will be getting that 1 billion US dollars, you ask? That is the interesting bit. The Digiverse Foundation is reserving 1 Billion of their DIGIverse Tokens to be paid out to community members who assist in the development of the Digiverse game. Using a model they call “Red Light / Green Light” development, the building of the game itself will only take place when the token value is greater than 1 US dollar each. This incentivizes the Digiverse community, and the market to permanently maintain a high coin value.

This token is not an ICO or IPO. The Digiverse Foundation are not asking for funding to maintain its organization. They are holding 33% of their token for themselves to maintain the operations of their team. They have described themselves as a not-for-profit organization, which will only pay its employees enough to keep the distribution of token bounties in check. The total supply of tokens is 3 billion. 1 billion which will be kept by the Foundation to ensure that the game launches smoothly, and that the game exists indefinitely. 1 billion tokens to be paid out in the form of bounties to any person who contributes to the Digiverse project. The final third, 1 billion tokens will be distributed to the earliest members of the Digiverse community for believing in the project, and to exchanges for listing tokens so that they may distribute it to their members to advertise the token. So that the DIGIverse Token can be in the hands of as many Ethereum addresses as possible.

The Foundation

Digiverse is a complicated undertaking requiring planning and direction. The Digiverse Foundation itself is made up of members who are advocates of extensive pre-release testing for video games. The team has advised many triple-a console developers over a fifteen-year history. These Foundation members have given critical feedback which has lead to some of the best changes in many best selling roleplaying games, who have declined to disclose which specific titles for ethical, industry-related reasons. Combined, the Foundation has over 60 years of game design, development, testing, advisory, and experience directing. They have done so within the electronic games, physical, trading card, and pen and paper role-playing game markets. They are willing to provide their combined expertise and direction publicly, to any person working on the Digiverse project.


As was mentioned before, the Foundation has created this “Red Light / Green Light” development process. Which strictly controls phases of development by unionizing their community. This effectively forces all developers to collectively, and automatically, go “on-strike” when the trading price of the DIGIverse Token dips below 1 US Dollar. This inactivity period hopes to cause the market to increase the trade value of the token back up to the 1 US dollar target. After which the development steamroll can resume. It is a coin powered by a game release hype train. If the future of Digiverse is not meeting expectations, the coin price will go down. Providing direct feedback to the Digiverse Foundation. In a sense, the coin price is an indicator of development success, long before the game’s full release.

The Foundation has a long list of bounties, that covers everything from programming a distributed peer-to-peer communication architecture to verify player character data to prevent cheating; to creating background music for player areas; to modeling and animation for in-game assets. The development will take place over 5 phases: Pre-Dev, In-Dev, Alpha, Beta, and finally Full Release. The game engine, as well as many other of the project’s established rules, will be deliberated on during the Pre-Dev phase of development. Bounties are split between each phase totaling 1 billion DIGIverse Tokens.

How can I benefit from Digiverse?

Because Digiverse has an established target goal value of 1 USD per token, those who get into the pot early benefit most. This makes the Digiverse Foundation’s generous 10,000 token airdrops, extremely lucrative to its early arriving community members. Additionally, those who have bought into the token from cheap exchange listings have the potential to see even greater returns, especially for large quantities of tokens. Bounties will be paid out and cashed in by developers for their work overtime. Therefore, after the game’s release, the Digiverse Foundation has established that the token is the exclusive currency for the Digiverse game economy. This is so that the coin retains value after the game has been released. The token will remain tradeable between players for virtual goods, real estate, and earned through playing the game normally. Tokens held by the foundation will be used to incentivize players to take part in Digiverse’s game world, create items, and host events.

The Digiverse Token most benefits those who believe in the potential long term success of the project. Especially to those who enter in at the earliest opportune time. As well as those who want to play the Digiverse game upon its release. Holding a large amount of the Digiverse currency would provide a direct advantage to those who want to build a literal digital kingdom.

Basic Information

Token Supply: 3,000,000,000

Contract Address: 0xe03b4386b75e121e04d580d6b8376ceee0615ca8

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