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Author Topic: Increase Telegram Members  (Read 274 times)
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May 04, 2019, 04:24:17 AM
Last edit: October 24, 2019, 01:33:29 PM by salvatours

Increase Telegram subscribers
Telegram Channel members
Telegram Group members
Our Team are able to increase your group & channel members with Real targeted members or just increase random members.

Buy Telegram Members services :
Now you can buy telegram members for your group and channel to give it a instant growth.

Ask all secrets and truth from Salva:

We have collected a database of about 50m users.
Delivery time:
1k in 1 hours
10k in 12 hours
100k in 7 days.

Payment Methods:
Bank Account (Georgia TBC Bank)

In "Force add" I add accounts by random
In "Advertisment add" I advertise your channel (Sending popup notification) on more than +3000 channel and groups, then interested people see you and join
$5 per 1k members
$50 per 12k members
$100 per 28k members
$1 per 1k post views


I fill your group with any kind of subscribers that you order!
We offer completely New & unique service
Do Not fall For scams! with expensive prices.

Don't hesitate to contact me.
Telegram :@salva_tours
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July 31, 2020, 05:54:47 AM

Telegram is a powerful and unique messenger that has many useful features. Follow the Telegram tutorial in Plasmag to review all the basic features and everything you need to know to use this messenger app.

Telegram is one of the most popular buy telegram members messaging applications that has attracted a lot of users due to its simple user interface and interesting and unique features. Unlike other messaging services, this application is based on cloud space, so the user can simultaneously track their conversations on their smartphone, tablet or even Telegram desktop.

If you want to have a group of more than 200 members, you need to form a supergroup. In the supergroup, the admin can pin important messages on top of the group so that members can more easily be notified of important messages. In addition, the admin can delete any conversations in the group and manage the
 group content well. It is worth mentioning that the supergroup supports the membership of 200,000 people.

To create a supergroup, you must first create a group and then upgrade it to a supergroup. Do the following steps in order:

All of our members are real account and will add in safe mode so don't worry about that your channel or group got banned or block by users. Offline members are inactive and wont report your channel fake subscribers online members are active and will join at their discretion. We have many data base for add fake members and if you loose members after buy a package should contact us and we will cover that. now you can buy Telegram members with PayPal, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Skrill, Neteller and Mastercard. If in your country haven't these payment methods don't worry i can introduce some website to buy PayPal and Bitcoin. Before Buying Telegram members i suggest you to try 100 free members (demo). In our job, trust is the first word.

Buy Fake Telegram Members Buy Fake Telegram Subscribers
Fake Telegram subscribers mean subscribers who are not real account and will add by bot not human. this plan is so cheap and not useful for Telegram business channels and group. because they will leave and disappear after some days. i do not suggest to buy fake Telegram members with cheap price instead of that you can buy offline Telegram subscribers (permanent and secure). decreasing rate in fake telegram members is to high between 50% to 75%. And this is because telegram deletes off-line and inactive(fake) members once in a while. but drop rate for offline members (real account = last seen a long time ago) is between 5% to 15% that is great rate.

Buy Telegram Targeted Channel Members Buy Telegram Targeted Channel Members
This package is real random subscribers from Iran, India, Russia, United Arab Emirates and middle east countries. because Telegram are most popular in middle east and if you are from Europe and USA should tell me before buy real Telegram members or can explain that in description of online purchase. online and active members will see your content as normal members and it's best way to increase subscribers naturally. To increase targeted Telegram Members [] has introduced you few amazing promotion service plans to make the process easy for the clients. for more information contact me and post view explain your issue, i'll help you to boost your channel so easy. this packages is good for ICO, Crypto and other business. Targeted subscribers is one of the best and safest methods for increasing and improving in online shop. This method can bring you the customer and interested people that you need for your business. that's a real revolution!

buy telegram members 2020
Buy Telegram Channel Subscribers Buy Telegram Channel Subscribers
However, the most probable thing as we know which came into existence back in 2015 is channels. Channels were made to broadcast various messages among different users and subscribers that have a subscription for your channel. But, with the time, people went too far, and now you can buy different telegram members and channels so you can have more subscriptions for yourself. There are various services that have to have given you the environment of buying various telegram members and subscriptions as well. It can have a difference between many possibilities that people want to have for themselves. Such as members to follow, targets to make sure that this age group follows you or you have more subscriptions from this age group is the thing now you can target through various services. There are many websites or applications that allow you to buy members or subscribers for your channels. You can have various member terms that you can read as follow:

1. Silent Members (those people who do not have activity around your channel environment)
2. Real Members (those people that have followed you for real and give you a tough time through your channel environment and content.
3. Target Members (an age group that you can target for your channel)

You can visit various websites for your channel subscription and can buy followers and subscribers for your channel. You can pay in cryptocurrency (Bitcoin, Ethereum, and WebMoney), etc. Channel Member is one such website that allows you to see various packages that differentiate with your choice of members and subscribers. You can visit their website to see packages that they are giving so you can see for yourself about everything they are giving you. Not only Members but, you can also have virtual members, votes, Post viewers as well at your channel to grow and increase the subscribers, so you get famous in many terms.

Plans For Buying Members Plans For Buying Members
As we all know that Channel Member is one such online marketplace from where you can buy or hire people for your Telegram subscriptions. People will then make sure to give you views, check and click your content, react to your posts, and even give you proper feedback about how you are doing in the market. Since the evolution and upgrade routine of Telegram, the environment has gone more secured and encrypted that people now consider to give their subscribers the edge of having to contact them as well in order to know whether if they are the real ones or the silent ones (the concept of silent members as we have already discussed about in the previous section). However, there are various plans that channel member allows its customers to go through and has to check the best possible option for them and for their needs or wants about the subscription they are offering to the people. Some of these plans are as follow, making sure that the people who are wanting to know more about getting enough piece of information:

Free Telegram MembersFree Telegram Members Plan:
In Free Plan, you can have the limit of 100 members (the silent ones), these will give you nothing but will make sure that they are viewing your posts as well as giving you enough clicks that might help in terms to grow the channel of what you are presenting to the audience of the people around you. Some key points of this plan are as follow:
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August 06, 2020, 06:30:10 AM

Today, Telegram channels have a great impact on the prosperity of Internet and non-Internet businesses, and most try to have an advertising channel or product introduction and… for their business. But the important thing is that the more members of their channel, the greater the value and power of their channel. In this tutorial we want to explore how you can increase your expensive members. Stay with us.


Telegram is a free, incredibly fast and simple platform application that is currently used by millions of users around the world. Telegram has good speed and security among messaging service programs. The software is open source and encrypted side-by-side, meaning that not all data sent or sent via telegram can be decrypted by your ISP, network administrator or other third parties.


In Iran, the growth of social networks has been very download telegram app. And according to research, it shows that about 100,000 channels have been created by Iranians, and more than 1.2 million articles are published daily in the channel space. So it is quite clear how the Telegram software has been received in Iran, so that some users have channels with very high members.

Ways to increase membership in Telegram
There are several practical ways to do this, and here are some of them:

Produce useful, engaging and educational content:
Definitely and as you know one of the best ways to attract an audience is to produce valuable content; So that channel audiences are tempted to publish your channel content to other groups that are members, and people who read this message are tempted to subscribe to your channel. Another thing you should do is put the channel link below the photos you put in your channel so that as the content is forwarded to other groups, the link will be sent to be shared among members. By doing this, you do viral marketing and expand your content, and by producing useful and engaging content, people are encouraged to convey the valuable information they receive in a multimedia environment.

Advertise your channel:
Advertise on competitors' channels and channels whose business theme complements you. For a small fee, you can attract a lot of people by finding them in the channels that are in your business area; This is because members of these channels are more interested in your content and more likely to attract new members. So you need to ask them to publish a post from your channel on their channel so that you can introduce your channel to their members.

Post with other channels:
Converting a post to a high-traffic, high-traffic free telegram members is one way you can promote your channel. If your channel receives little traffic, it is not in the best interest of a popular channel to advertise or trade with you on your channel, so you will have to pay a fee to do so.
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November 19, 2020, 02:35:00 AM

yes i try to increase telegram member for my website by addtelegrammember , i will give a review if it is ok
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