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Author Topic: [ANN][ETS] ETHEROS- decentralized world operating as a store of value  (Read 62 times)
etheros (OP)
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February 08, 2021, 08:31:59 PM
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Etheros — decentralized world operating as a store of value

Hello, World!

We are pleased to announce a new project - Etheros

It’s a decentralized platform, and a concept of a new, fair Earth decentralized among its users, where you can build and store value.
It’s an honour to have the opportunity to address such a distinguished audience of Bitcointalk.
This project is particularly relevant to those of you who are interested in the Crypto world and thoughtful investment.


ETHEROS is a complete, decentralized world in the form of a platform providing a social application based on Blockchain Ethereum with elements of virtual reality play (VR), where users (players) obtain or buy specified “fragments” of space, place, or thing using the native Etheros token (ETS). The native token of the application can be obtained with the Ethereum cryptocurrency.

Etheros is not only a decentralized platform but also a concept of a new decentralized world where everyone can become the owner and the user of any place or thing according to their imagination. This is a world where social balance, with clear-cut and transparent rules, and respect for property give a new opportunity to all people regardless of their location or social status.

Etheros gives new digital value to every person and to everything that is created or discovered in a virtual world created in the likeness of Earth. Etheros is a representation of the world we live in, where everyone can get something for themselves forever.

Further down the road, each user can freely manage their space, place, and everything contained in it, as well as buy and sell everything of value from and to other users. Thanks to this value, built by each user individually, his financial situation and the of many other people can change. Most importantly, though, each such value can be preserved as a store of value, or it can be sold, transferred to other people or entities.
In the current, commercialized world, a lot of companies and corporations would like to participate in modern undertakings, and the need for marking their role and standing out from their competitors forms an opportunity for the owner of the given value to achieve financial gain. At the same time, it is an important image and marketing factor to such enterprises and corporations, one which gives additional opportunities to derive benefits from an owned value.

Every owner of a place, space, or thing determines its purpose. At first, users obtain a square space measuring 1 km2. Every such square is defined by a set of Cartesian coordinates (x, y) on a map. This applies to all continents, lands, and islands. Seas and oceans are not owned by anyone but are the common good of all users of the entire Etheros world. Each area (square) acquired by a user is a transferable digital resource based on the Ethereum Blockchain. To obtain one’s own space, it is necessary to buy the native Etheros token or its part, referred to as Etos, during presale and via decentralized protocols and exchanges. On this basis, the user can perform any activity in the application and take various actions, not available in such an advanced form before. Whitepaper on our web page presents the concept of the planet Etheros, its technical conditions, and the economic system — a new, fair Earth, decentralized among its users.

Watch the space for an article about the distribution and forms of purchase of our tokens.
Don’t miss the free token giveaway, airdrop. We will announce it in the next weeks.

Follow us on Medium, Reddit, Telegram and Social Media.
Stay tuned for more details coming soon!

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The Etheros — decentralized world in many languages

The Etheros is an international project from the very beginning. It refers not only to the audience of our project but also to the team itself — we have representatives from all over the world. We communicate with each other in English and translate the content of the website into our native languages. We believe that apart from the product itself, proper language communication is crucial — we want to reach the broadest possible audience, representatives of various communities.

Let us think for a moment what is proper language communication in the case of projects based on complex technologies,
advanced terminology, fulfilling specific goals, and community needs?

Linguistic communication in the broadest understanding is the basis for building and shaping our interpersonal relationships. There are always two people involved in the communication process: the sender and the receiver. If one of them is missing — the communication process cannot happen. There is always a social relationship between two people — it can be either superior or inferior. The sender wants to convey a clear message using a linguistic code. This code must be understandable for both the sender and the receiver. If it is not, the communication process is impaired. We also say that the sender encodes the message and the receiver decodes it. An example here could be a conversation between a professor and a student, an employer, and a job candidate, a visionary presenting his business plan to an investor.

In any social relationship, clear and well-chosen language communication is particularly important. One party must be understood by the other. In the Etheros project, we are using the complex terminology of the blockchain network, and cutting-edge technologies. Therefore, as a team, we want to be understandable, and we focus on exceptional communication with our audience. We want our message to be clear and accessible to all users.

Although language cannot express everything, describe every image, taste, and smell, or idea, it is a basic tool for communication. We don’t find words to describe many of the emotions associated with our project, but without the use of language, we will express absolutely nothing. Well-chosen words carry additional information evoking emotions in the recipient connected with the possibilities and perspectives offered by the Etheros project.

As creators of the project, we wish to reach as many people as possible from different parts of the world. Therefore, we have prepared the website and whitepaper in more than ten languages. It’s unique and unprecedented in other decentralized projects. Furthermore, we would like to emphasize that all articles and materials about Etheros will also appear in several language versions to make it even easier to understand the ideas and values we stand for.

Etheros Team

Marcin Amgierski - Founder, Blockchain Developer

Tomasz Mazur - Co-Founder, JavaScript Developer

Rafał Wróblewski - Co-Founder, PHP Developer

Daniel Konieczny - Technology, C/C++ Developer

Paulina Czaja - Operations, Content Manager

Douglas Vasquez - Operations, Content Manager - Spanish

Azamat Amanbayev - Operations, Content Manager - Russian

Dayeon Lee - Operations, Content Manager - Korean

Alessio Mangiapelo - Operations, Content Manager - Italian

Irena Kopaczewska - Operations, Content Manager - French

Valerie Dabizha - Operations, Content Manager - Chinese

Katarzyna Kubiak - Operations, Content Manager - German

Valerie Dabizha - Operations, Content Manager - Ukrainian

Dominika Kruzel - Operations, Content Manager - Japanese

Paweł Kasprzyk - Team, Specialist

Łukasz Guzik - Team, Assistant

Our mission is to change the world and thus improve the financial status of many people.
Etheros World is a chance for a better life! Reading how Etheros works in your language makes it even more approachable and understandable.
We are launching a new revolutionary project, and we want to address not only those from the blockchain industry,
but all people from diverse backgrounds, cultures, and with different mindsets.
Enjoy it!

Looking to stay updated?

Please join our mailing list! (Don't worry, we won't spam you.)

Official Website -

etheros (OP)
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November 06, 2021, 04:41:06 PM




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