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Author Topic: Quantum Blockchain Technology | QUBTC | ICO  (Read 572 times)
Quantum Blockchain (OP)
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March 05, 2021, 06:44:00 AM

QUANTUM! First quantum blockchain network!
Blockchain is its kind of distributed database that stores a record of the past, such as the history of financial or other transactions, that each network node can agree and that does not require a centralized, third-party establishment to maintain its constant accuracy. The most famous use of blockchains is Bitcoin, but it is also a technology that is now behind the transformation of the global financial system, global supply chains and many others.
Oddly enough,  quantum blockchain can be interpreted as affecting his own past, forcing him to behave like a time machine.
A new study showed that the recently proposed quantum blockchain, which at first glance remotely resembles the quantum secure blockchain recently created by the QUANTUM team, could lead to the creation of blockchain systems "impervious to hacking quantum computers in the field of the crypto industry as well as all cryptocurrencies in general!
Theoretically, quantum blockchains rely on entanglement. When two or more particles, such as photons, become entangled, they can influence each other at the same time, no matter how far they are, a phenomenon that Einstein called "creepy action at a distance."

Quantum computers and other quantum technologies usually rely on entanglement in space, but the new quantum blockchain of the QUANTUM team instead does not depend on entanglement in time, that is, the binding of two or more particles, regardless of how far they are from each other in time. Yeah, I know time entanglement is a strange thing, but a lot of things today are as weird as your cat, so just nod your head and go on...

Conventional block chains organize writes into blocks of data that encryption technologies link together in chronological order. If a hacker tries to fake a particular block, the encryption is designed to invalidate all future blocks following the forged block.
However, in the quantum chain, the recording blocks in the block are encoded into a series of photons that are coupled to each other. These blocks are linked in chronological order by time entanglement.

Since the blocks constituting the quantum block chain are transmitted in a network of quantum computers, photons encoding each block are created and then absorbed by the nodes constituting the network. However, entanglement binds these photons in time, even photons that never existed simultaneously.

Records of past transactions are encoded in a quantum state that propagates over time
In this scenario, a hacker cannot interfere with any of the photons that are used to encode records from the past, since these photons no longer exist at present - they have already been absorbed. At best, a hacker can try to fake the latest photon, the latest block, and successful execution of this will invalidate this block, telling others that it was hacked
This is more desirable than the standard case where an attacker in principle has the ability to intervene in any block,

The researchers say that with time entanglement, the measurement of the last photon in the block affects the first photon of this block in the past before it was measured. In fact, the current entries in the quantum block chain are associated not just with past entries, but with past entries that no longer exist.

This work can be considered as a quantum time machine!

Welcome to the new life of the crypto industry and quantum technology, with respect the QUANTUM TEAM!!!

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March 06, 2021, 09:44:47 PM

I do not see the source code on GitHub page only Whitepaper(even the Whitepaper itself is blank) and GitHub slideshow.
When are you going to publish the source code to the public? I want to know what kind of Blockchain is this.
Also, ICO in here is Initial Coin Offering?
Piece of advice from me, when you are creating an announcement. It would be better for you to mention the capability of your Blockchain, what makes it better than any existing Blockchain, etc etc. Not a random topic that has been discussed many times before.
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June 01, 2021, 11:15:32 AM

We are in a hurry to announce the launch of a partner program in our social network!

Soon, investment packages will be launched for hold and free investment for everyone, as well as at QUBTC-WALLET, coin staking will be opened for various periods, both for blocked coins and for everyone who wants to purchase coins on the exchange in the future!

The table of awards for steaking and the partner program in the social network will be published after the full launch!

All good luck and high profits!
Dear community!

We are pleased to inform you that our team successfully held negotiations with representatives of the Waves exchange on cooperation and the release of our coin on their blockchain at the initial stage (with the subsequent transition to our blockchain). Based on what is on the market today, this is the most optimal option for both creators and investors and traders. It takes into account the minimum losses on transactions, as well as the input and output of the coin.

The Waves exchange is likely to be the first exchange with which we will begin our journey in the cryptocurrency market. Therefore, we recommend that you start wallets, if necessary, install applications of this platform

We wish you success!

hello .. any news?

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