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Author Topic: 🔥 [ANN] SUNI - Actions For The Planet 🔥  (Read 41 times)
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April 16, 2021, 06:28:42 PM
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Climate change is arguably the single, most important global issue of our time. No matter who you are or where you live, you and your loved ones are directly affected by how we approach protecting our environment from this day onward. Defending our natural resources is more than just a good idea, it’s critical for our survival. Life on Earth depends on inhabitable land, access to clean water and air, and a safe range of temperatures and weather patterns. Without those things, we will cease to exist.  We understand that the topic of man-made climate change is a charged one. It is such a vast and overarching concept, it can be hard for us as individuals to understand it’s scope and impact. Despite the fact that we must take critical action now, before it is too late, it’s almost reflexive to be detached. Everywhere we look, news stories about global warming and pollution are discussed dispassionately, in ways that foster a disconnect to the damage being done to our planet. Outrage fatigue, the emotional exhaustion we experience when repeatedly exposed to terrible things beyond our control, injures our capacity to relate to the devastating images and accounts of systematic environmental eradication. In many countries, our environment has sadly become politicized, relegated to being just another point on a budget checklist. Agencies and organizations do their best with what they have, but ultimately that will not be enough.  It’s with those heavy considerations in mind that SUNI was created.  When we look at turning back the clock and healing our damaged ecosystems, the bottom line is that we need more involvement. The PARIS Climate Agreement is an example of the large-scale guidance we need on an international level, but we are still missing the key to inspiring action on a personal basis. There are numerous roadblocks which hinder our best and brightest minds from taking charge and enacting change. Some of the most common ones are:  Cost of materials, operating expenses, and a lack of the financial security to pursue unpaid work complicate accessibility in low-to-middle income areas.  Difficulty finding and connecting with local projects to approach eco-friendly goals within a community, or lacking the ability to find others to help enact your vision both stem from a lack of scalable networking platforms to build project visibility.  Finally, and we think most importantly, the immensity of the issue makes it hard to see how any one person can cause an impact on a global scale. Many of us have the drive and desire to help save our planet, but don’t know where to start. This understandable uncertainty has obstructed the single greatest weapon we have in the fight against climate change; the individual.This is where SUNI comes in. We are using blockchain technology as a means of finding revolutionary ways to enable anyone who wants to contribute, acting as an intermediary between the population and their environment. By addressing the hurdles above and more, we are sparking a movement which will kickstart meaningful change anywhere and everywhere. Furthermore, we are deeply passionate about teaching communities how to defend their rights and their homes. All over the world, from the biggest cities to the most remote villages, SUNI will aid others in standing up to those with no regard for the future, those who would take from this Earth and give nothing back.



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