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July 27, 2021, 12:31:30 PM *
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Author Topic: המטבע קריפטו הישראלי - סלה קוין \ selacoin  (Read 6 times)
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July 11, 2021, 05:59:36 PM

Today we are happy to finally announce the launch of  Selacoin.
A bit of history on the name SelaCoin  - sela was one of the first coins in history used for trading - and was originally  made purely out of nickel.
The ancient Sela was known across the globe as the only means to pay for commodities and services, and was more secure then other coins due to its exact size and specific weight - making it near impossible to forge.
 The Sela also proved itself immune to nature or time, as it didnt rust or react no weather nor age!!
No matter how hot or wet the enviroment was, Sela could take it - Making it the perfect intercontinental coin early explorers took with them.
Sela Coins are still being found in perfect condition to this day in archaeological sites across the world, proving just how the ancient Sela was a pioneer of its time.
The Sela Coin was one of the main starting points for modern cash systems, and basic trade, that entually changed the world !

How is SelaCoin different then other coins?

1. the fee for any trasaction is constant - it will not go up like some coins do when there are more users -no it is the lowest possible and will remain so .

2. the trsaction time is super fast! apaert from fast trasactions the coin uses latest imporvments to support enviromently friendly mining /staking - we offer one of the best / highest staking amounts compared to others.

3. the SelaCoin is  basicaly bitcoin on steroids - faster trasactions, clean and eay to use ui, very low resource consuption on mining.

Fair Mining!!!
anyone can mine SelaCoins without having to use super computers and yet hard enough to allow only the ones who really want to keep using selacoins - to earn a steady income with pos (proof of stake)
This project will outlive most other cryptocurencies due to the nature and way it was built.
Unlike other coins which claim to Be opensource and community driven, yet charge huge amounts to build on top of them or to use like etherum and bitcoin - we offer anyone intrested to host his own node, block explorer and other solutions complete support and very low fees that will Never Ever go up.
we host a large number of tutorials on how to build your own crypto currency using SelaCoin on our website -

These are the currrent specs of the SelaCoin cryptocurrency :

Reward type   :: Proof-of-Work/Proof-of-Stake
Coin name   SelaCoin
Coin abbreviation : SELA
Address letter   : S
Address letter testnet   : T
RPC port :: 25521
P2P port :: 25522
Block reward in POW :: 250 coins
Block reward in POS ::150 coins
Coin supply   5000000000 SelaCoins
Minimum Stake Time : 2 hours

Website URL
Github URL
Twitter :
Discord :
Reddit :
Bitsails :
{More to come soon hofelly}
[if any exchange owner wants to add selacoin - please contact us via the discord channel so we can add his exchange here and on the selacoin website)
Block Explorers # :

the coin was premined at less then 1% to allow payment to node upkeepers as well as payment for future bounties.

the current project is maintained by huge team of developers and can be found on our github -
Our mission is simple -  Build A world of cryptocurrencies  will be using SelaCoins.

the current rewards and configurations for mining are as follows :

Pow Mining : 250 SelaCoins Per block
Pow : 150 SelaCoins per year /SelaCoin

To begin mining on windows:
1. download the SelaCoin Wallet to your computer and install it
2. open the selacoin.conf file and paste in the following :


3. Download cpuminer from and extract the zip file.

Create a miner.bat file named miner.bat and paste the following text into miner.bat.

minerd --url= --userpass=rpc_selacoin:11a30f9ed1cc7252e6c7bb503
Save the file inside the extracted cpuminer folder.

Open your wallet and keep it open, then execute miner.bat to start mining your first Sela block.

Social bounties and others (limited time only :
150.00000 selacoins to anyone who can help us by inserting the coin to an exchange
140.00000 selacoin to anyone who can help us by adding the coin to known coin trackers like coinmarketcap and similar codebases
40.000000 selacoins to anyone who is willing to built an android wallet or a mobile ios wallet and share it with the community /us - isnt limited -meaning the more the better
10.000000 selacoins for anyone who likes our fb page /twittter page
10.000000 selacoins to anyone who shares our website on social media
200.000000 selacoins per month to anyone who is willing to host a node with our code
to recieve the bounty please contact us for more details on these bounties and other ones via our email :
--note all bounties require screenshots sent to the email as proof and a working SelaCoin wallet installed--

this is built to be a long term coin that will revolutionise the way we do buisness, pay for commodoties and services  - and hopefully will bring stabilty back to the crypto markets using the improved security, staking algorithm and scalabilty.

wallets are available for linux, windows and macosx - from the main website -
or from here -
windows wallet :

linux wallets :
linux daemon (for those who want to host their own daemons) -
Further info on how to compile from source ot host the daemons can be found on -
mobile wallets are still being developed - we havent yet decided which codebase to use but ill update when they are built
 Anyone who wishes to join and help out or just join the SelaCoin chats and talk to other developers and members is welcomed to call out via one of these channels :

discord  :
Website URL :
Github URL   :
Twitter        :
Facebook     :
Reddit        :

Exchanges: bitsails :

more to follow.. Smiley

Mining pools: (pools were added by selacoin members)

we will be working hard to build the relevant additional resources and will post the SelaCoin to several exchanges as well as add more services as the community grows larger.

Ether address for backers and support :0xF6B79E3C34F0Fa42A1F52fc57f811765687a9c45
SelaCoin address for backers and support :SwsgJACtNVYhnvx3yVFMbbiivKTMJv8kz4
Thanks for the support - @everyone
i will try to post more updates to come Smiley

UPDATE : MCREX from discord has added the selacoin to a public pool - you can find it here for those who dont want to solo mine
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