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Author Topic: 🏦 🏦 🏦 SREAL – Stock Digitalization of Real Assets 🏦 🏦 🏦  (Read 35 times)
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September 10, 2021, 03:46:52 AM

SREAL – Stock Digitalization of Real Assets

  A. SReal – redefine investment

SReal was founded on the idea that it is possible to tokenize assets through cryptography and by using this particular type of technology and business model it will become a bridge between the property owner and the investor. investment. The main idea is to disrupt the financial sector and become the new era of investment. Currently, people have few options to deploy their capital, they must rely on debt or equity instruments, which are high risk and can be very volatile, or store their money. in a savings account with an interest rate close to 0%. Therefore, it is necessary to provide accessibility so that people can invest in assets such as real estate, art or rare resources that increase in value over time; they are profitable instruments and due to their intrinsic character are less volatile than debt and equity instruments.

In a nutshell, we have determined that SReal's goal is to open up new markets to the world through the tokenization of assets. Just as companies go through Initial Public Offerings (IPOs) to gain liquidity and distribute dividends to their shareholders, the same can happen with assets. and instead of obtaining dividends, they derive corresponding benefits from the performance of assets.

In addition, and through the use of blockchain technology, we will bring efficiency to the market by providing process automation, transparency, traceability and a 24/7 operational platform, where owners and investors can interact with each other. Cryptocurrency should be about frictionless transactions and this has always been one of our building blocks.

Our journey may only just have begun, but our path is to completely disrupt the financial industry. Coding content is just the start, as there are a lot of new models and features that can be built on it. SReal has a clear roadmap on how it can become a successful new era of investing and it all starts with being a trusted source for asset tokenization. In order to be a trusted source, it is important for us to protect the cryptographic process of assets end-to-end, from the scanning of assets to the issuance of corresponding tokens through the offering. security token.

  B. Tokenization Process – How to Tokenized an Asset in SReal Platform

SReal has implemented a thorough process to implement content encryption. The way it was founded is to provide certainty and confidence to all potential buyers of various tokens. When a person wants to tokenize one of their assets, so that it is broken down into small pieces or tokens that can be purchased by anyone, they must first join the SReal management team to see the possibility. existence of the token. So, let's take a look at the different steps required to tokenize asset

  • Deal structuring
  • Technology selections
  • Token creation and distribution

  C. SReal Business Model

    1. Tokenization Assets Exchange

SReal is the leading platform to invest in tokenized assets. Through our platform, you can invest in a wide range of different asset classes with different risk and reward profiles that meet your investment needs. You can invest in real estate such as residential, industrial or commercial real estate; invest in famous paintings by famous artists; or even invest in infrastructure projects like renewable energy assets. New markets around the world are opening up before your eyes.

    2. SReal Global Digital Markets

SReal bridges the gap between the digital asset market and traditional financial institutions and their need for backward compatibility with the world of traditional securities: execution, signing, short selling and fox reporting. Whether you are a market maker, hedge fund, or crypto firm, SReal can provide on-demand crypto, stablecoin, or USD loans to your institution.

    3. Financing Services

SReal Global Digital Markets allows traditional investors to use the correlated tokenized assets to borrow digital assets or USD on negotiable terms and rates for hedging, marketing, fund selling or other fund needs of rolling. We execute, tag, short sell and report and can customize our loan products to suit each client's specific business strategy. Our financial platform supports loans in US dollars, stablecoins and larger cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin and others depending on demand and availability on our platform.

How it work:

  • Counterparty and SReal sign a Master Digital Loan Agreement (”MDCLA”)
  • A chat (Telegram, Symphony, Slack, Bloomberg, etc.) will be created where our trading team can execute your requests
  • Terms on interest rate, margin, collateral (rate and type) and expiry date will be agreed on via a term sheet
  • Counterparty will then post collateral, once received, SReal will send requested coins or fiat
  • Interest payments will be made monthly
  • Daily statements and reporting available through our online portal

  D. SRS Token

   1. Tokenomic

SRS is the utility token at the heart of the SREAL Platform. Token holders will experience benefits across the entire platform and are expected to obtain benefits from future projects, products, and services, etc.

  • Payments

Tokens can be spent on the platform, providing immediate benefit to active users through discounted or free access to premium features.

  • Staking Benefits

Staking provides users with benefits for holding tokens, such as discounted fees, and bonus rewards. This brings tokens temporarily out of circulation, creating an artificial decrease in supply.

   2. Token Allocation and Funds Usage

The SRS token is a standard TRC-20 token secured by the Tron blockchain. 1,000,000,000 SRS tokens will be minted at the Token Generation Event, after which no new tokens will be created.

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