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Author Topic: Tres Leches Cake $3LechesCake - New Project  (Read 37 times)
3LechesCake (OP)
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November 22, 2021, 06:51:45 PM

Hello all, I want to share our project with you all and hope you guys find it interesting and may want to join the community and help grow the idea.

Thinking on how we can evolve the meme coins into a good use cases or utility are very interesting, we also think of charity and how can we contribute to the feature. That is the goal of a Token call Tres Leches Cake, the token goal is to create a Scholarship where we can give an opportunity to the high school students to go to college and learn new technologies. $3LechesCake is here to stay and to help the feature students, and bakers around the world to have a token they can use to buy and sale for their shops. The holders of $3LechesCake will be able to earn 5% rewards in Cake, Cake is the PancakeSwap Token and people will be able to use to buy more Tres Leches Cake or to buy any other token they want.

People interested in the scholarship will have the opportunity to apply for it every semester, during the scholarship evaluation period the student need to have at least 10,000 $3LechesCake Token that Is as little as $5 USDT. They will need to do an essay of a subject created by the community, one of the key features of Tres Leches Cake is that is a true Community Token. The community decides the course of action of the token. They will be able to vote and select the winner of the scholarship, they will be able to vote and decide the feature of the token. This is a unique opportunity for the holders of Tres Leches Cake.

$3LechesCake is a BEP-20 token created on the Binance Blockchain and is a Binance Smart Chain, this is the first version of the dessert on the cryptocurrency world and is more than just a meme token. Is “a Cryptocurrency so sweet you can actually taste it” You can find more details about the contract by using the official contract # 0x3e83C58B1C01C4F8c1ab1c9f4df969601e2e7EE6 or by going to Binance Scan using the following link.

One of the other goals of the Tres Leches Cake is to create a version of the token on almost all the available blockchains with that in mind we have created the token in the Solana Blockchain, Cardano

Blockchain and Binance Smart Chain. Next, we will create a version of the token in the Ethereum Blockchain as well so be sure to join us in the official telegram group. and stay tune by visiting our official Telegram Channel

Tres Leches Cake also have plans to release NFTs about the version of the dessert worldwide, we have minted our first NFT in the Solana Blockchain and will be soon available, we will do the same on the Binance Smart Chain where we will make those NFT Available to the audience for purchase.

Solana: - Waiting for Token Update, once this happens, we will add it to open serum.

Thanks again for reading and hope you all like our project idea.

-The Chef

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