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Author Topic: Software To Enable B2B2C SaaS For Crypto Exchange Platforms | Co-Founders Needed  (Read 21 times)
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November 25, 2021, 11:50:47 AM

Hello! This promises to be very interesting and worth reading. I will try my best to summarize and hit the necessary points.

Project History: Yes, you would agree with me that every project must be able to solve a problem either Blockchain or not, a perfect use case is the most important. So I started looking for the perfect project, after Months of constant research and with several project analyses I was able to conclude on a very interesting project.

March, 2020 the project structure was ready and I started working on getting it ready for Development. August, 2020 the development started. I started with 5 total professionals, 2 developers, 2 designers, 1 writer & digital Marketer which of course has increased to 7 as at now.

About Me: Before I begin to talk about the project, I want to introduce myself, My name is Frank, 10 Years’ experience as a developer, I have spent all my years as a Freelancer and until recently when I decided to focus all my resources, finance and time on a custom project. I Live in Canada and the Company is also registered in Canada. My work force is from all over the World.

Project Introduction:  In very simple words, the software makes it possible for businesses to own a SaaS business (B2B2C) either by offering their services for free or by charging a Monthly fee for it. This software has been designed for several industries, Web hosting, SMM, SMS and many others. Since this is a Blockchain forum we shall be focusing on only Blockchain related businesses which the software can be used for and it’s opportunities.
The software can be installed to run a fully white labeled buy & sell Cryptocurrency and a Cryptocurrency to Cryptocurrency exchange platform. For the sake of clarity, am not referring to Full exchange platforms like Binance, we are referring to coin exchange and buy & sell exchange like, e.t.c
The model is very straight forward. I will walk you through different levels of Admins or businesses using this solution we have built.

John installs our software on his server (Super Admin), let’s say he installs it on which is also referred to as the Parent Company or Parent domain.
Doe visits and sees the opportunity, he registers (Reseller) points his domain name (, configures his website, selects from several available pre-built templates which we have already built, modifies templates to his choice, modifies email templates, change default prices to his own price and other configurations.
James visit and he wants to buy Bitcoin using his Credit card, he sees the rates and he is interested and he pays. Order is automated and created by John who is the Super Admin and Doe who is the owner of the site makes profit based on the conversion prices he has set (default price – set price = profit).

The Super Admins can have unlimited resellers under them and the earning possibility is unlimited. The end user (James) would never know the website he is paying from is affiliated to, everything would be white labeled and James (The Reseller) can continue to earn from James (end user) forever when he continue buying or exchanging a coin on his website.
This gives opportunity for lots of people to earn online, making it possible to own an online business for free and make money without having to worry about Maintenance, security, delivering orders, answering customer enquiries and the rest. When the end user sends a support request from the reseller’s website, the Super admin would respond and the customer would see the response like it’s from the site he signed up on. 100% White Labeled.
The opportunities are unlimited towards what can be achieved and what it can do and its advantages also. From some use cases we noticed that it’s very easy to double revenue and increase adaptation of whatever service is being sold.

Project Official Launch Date: Our Launch date is 15th of January, 2022. We are currently testing the application with a web hosting business model.

Project Road Map Summary:
-   Launch 15th January, 2022
-   February – April – Several Marketing & SEO Activities
-   Additional 50 structured Templates for different businesses – June, 2022
-   White Label Mobile APP Launch – Sep, 2022
-   Version 2 – Dec, 2022
-   March 2023 - Launch Custom Coin
-   July, 2023 - Version 3

Finance Journey:
Here is the summary of what has been spent till date: 2 Web Designers, 1 Graphics & Animation developer, 1 Writer Digital Marketer & 3 Developers (Total of 7 persons): Average of $USD 23/Hour. Average Total of 6,045 hours worked per person = $USD 973,245

Earning Opportunity:
There is no doubt that there are several opportunities to earn as the software developers. The starting license is $150/Month and we intend to register up to 5,000 businesses before July, 2022 which is about 6 Months after the official launch. Achieving more users monthly is possible within 6 Months with our structured Marketing & Affiliate plan, but at an average of 5,000 total subscribers Monthly in 6 Months is achievable. Which is about $750,000  Month revenue.

The Big Dream:
Most times, many new cryptocurrencies don’t even have a real use case, many don’t even have the project launched, most are still showing the public MVP. I have used my entire life savings to work on this project because I know it will worth it along the line. Launching a coin first and later developing the project to me is something not very achievable cos then you would spend more on development, you would be under pressure and so many other negative factors like your coin already going into zero before you launch many Months later and so on. 
Using the estimated 5,000 businesses 6 Months after Launch, we can estimate 1 business having up to 20,000 resellers and total end users together before March, 2023 which is our coin launch. Which would total be at an estimation of about 100,000,000 million end users and resellers using our solution.
During the launch of the token it would be seen on all their dashboards with special discounts. Also, they would be able to pay using the coin. Imagine a coin opened to more than 100 Million people for usage.
These numbers are achievable because our software would be used by both Crypto users and non-crypto users; the structure for web hosting, SMS, SMM has already been completed these industries are very wide themselves.

Co-Founders Request:
I am in search for anyone or a group of persons who also share this dream with me. It has been a long ride, it’s currently about 15 Months now and we still have about 2 Months to go. Like I said before now, I so much believe in this and I have gambled with all I have to take it to this level.
I need a Co-Founder who would also share his knowledge & Finance. Having a strong Managerial team is very important, though I already have a very intelligent work team who I currently don’t share any business profit with since they are paid salaries. This is the first time I would officially be looking for partners or co-founders with me on this journey.
I have the right to reject your application if I feel you don’t fit, it’s not all about the Money I also need someone thinking and brainstorming with me on this, this is very important to me. Please write me via PM if you have any question, we would then chat via Telegram or Skype.

Project Demo:
I will only share project DEMO with only those I feel they are serious, I will know after I ask a few questions anyway. Like I said before now, the software is currently in use so I would send you a link and I can also take you through the whole process from the Super Admin level to the Reseller’s dashboard down to the user’s dashboard also explain few things I couldn’t say here.

I know Bitcointalk is a combination of everyone on the internet and there are more persons promoting signatures here. I have the right to respond to you or ignore your comment if I feel your response is not necessary or does not conform wit what I have posted.
I would also appreciate your honest feedback and questions.

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