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Author Topic: [ANN] (MAGE) — Gateway to the Metaverse  (Read 66 times)
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December 19, 2021, 08:42:36 PM

MetaBrands - Gateway to the Metaverse

Metaverse Resource DAO

• DAO • NFTs • Play-to-Earn • Metaverse

A thriving Metaverse Resource DAO that allows instant exposure to the top-performing NFTs, play-to-earn models, and player-owned economies. MetaBrands connects people with innovative brands that bridges the relationship between platforms, ecosystems, and games through shared yield for players and DeFi participants in a seamless fashion. was created to provide a reliable transport vessel directly into the Metaverse for those brave enough to experience it firsthand, without having to read the comprehensive, non-existent user manual. Let us provide you with a cybership designed to safely navigate the open seas of the Metaverse and enjoy the ride...

What is the MAGE Token?

MAGE is the ERC-20 governance and utility token for the MetaBrands ecosystem. The MAGE token can be earned through the monthly Airdrops, liquidity mining, and additional community initiatives. Holders of this token will be able to participate in the DAO by creating proposals and voting opportunities. MAGE utility token gives instant exposure to some of the top-performing, play-to-earn models, NFTs, and other facets of the Metaverse. As the governance token, it grants rights to cast votes and create a multitude of proposals. Token holders have the ability to mint MAGE Relic NFTs, which requires token burning and the owners will be eligible for monthly Airdrops. These Airdrops are a majority portion of monthly yield from different commitments and levels of participation that are used to buy the MAGE utility token from the public market. As the token and ecosystem evolves, the use cases, accessibility, and demand will also increase.

The MAGE Token is equipped to better withstand market volatility, due to the unique tokenomics model, asset diversification, and exposure in various play-to-earn environments. These assets are generating yield in direct correlation with the expanding playerbase throughout the rapidly evolving metaverse. This provides MetaBrands with monthly resources that are used to purchase MAGE tokens off the public market and redistribute them among eligible Relic NFT Holders.

Key Features & Use Cases

NFT Minting: used to mint NFT Relics, Heroes, and more
Yield: airdropped on a monthly basis in MAGE utility tokens
Payments: trade and use as a liquid cryptocurrency asset
Governance: voting and creating proposals
Liquidity Mining: earns yield for adding to liquidity pool
Whitelisting: for internal and external events
Discounts: on NFT purchases using the MAGE utility token

MAGE ERC20 Contract Address:

Now Trading On

Multi-Pass to the Metaverse

Each MAGE Relic is a “Multi-Pass to the Metaverse” in the form of an ERC-721 token. These NFTs can only be officially minted on the MetaBrands website and after minting they are transferable. In order to create these relics, it will require a sacrifice or burning of MAGE tokens. All of these MAGE Relic NFTs are stackable, meaning that the owner will receive benefits from each individual NFT. There may be certain cases in which an owner only needs 1 to gain certain access, permissions, or benefits. Below are the current list of benefits and use cases.

Key Features & Use Cases

Yield Airdrops: MAGE Tokens & Partner Tokens
(MetaBrands contributions that earn yield from different levels of participation will be airdropped MAGE tokens to owners of the Master Relic (tokens purchased from the public market))
DAO Participation: Voting, Create, Challenge, and Approve Proposals
Whitelisting: Access and participation in MetaBrands Ventures (Private Allocations), Metaverse ecosystems, private Discord channels with exclusive benefits

MAGE Relic NFTs can ONLY be minted on the official MetaBrands website, through the NFT minting portal. Once these relics are crafted, they are able to be transferred, bought, sold, and traded. MetaBrands will also encourage and support the trading of these relics on OpenSea and other approved NFT marketplaces. As ERC-721 tokens, the owner can do as they please, but MetaBrands strongly encourages anyone interested in these MAGE Relics to only trust official announcements, contract information, and updates from official MetaBrands channels.

Smart Contracts
MageCreator: 0x0f23eC00C49354e6a52c71c70e069e3A9aD91daB
Master: 0x770F933AB759BF3BE2ED0B38D546fCCB816d986a
Oracle: 0x432ec4100955c0d1253b953beba9ed2ec9ff61db
Archmage: 0xC378DdBaB724b7B3a917DfAa6529Ef9007F5b624

MetaBrands was originally created around August 2021 and since then has been manifesting its vision into reality.
The Roadmap is accessible on the MetaBrands Website, White Paper, and Pitch Deck. It was also translated into other languages that include:

Japanese (日本)
Vietnamese(Tiếng Việt)

• Completed ○ In Progress

October 2021
Website Launch
White Paper Release
• Pre-Token Launch (Seed & Private Rounds)
• Asset Management System
• Strategic Partnerships

November 2021
Close Seed Round
DAO Portal Infrastructure (Snapshot)
Public Whitelisting Competition
MetaBrands Alliance NFT Collection (OpenSea)
• Secure IDO Launchpads

December 2021
• IDO: OxBull (12/6), DuckSTARTER (12/8), TrustPad (12/11)
MAGE Token Launch
MAGE Relic Minting
Axie Infinity Deployment

○ DAO Governance Launch
○ Marketing Awareness Campaigns
○ MetaBrands Ventures (Private Allocations for Relic Owners)

Q1 2022
○ 1st Yield Distribution
○ Bridge to BSC & AVAX (MAGE Token)
○ Liquidity Mining Audit
○ Liquidity Mining Portal
○ Analytics Dashboard
○ Establish Metaverse Presence
○ Additional Utilities for MAGE Relic Owners

Q2 2022
○ Metaverse Education Program
○ Hero Smart Contract Development
○ Hero Smart Contract Audit
○ MetaBrands Hero NFT Launch
○ Additional P2E Scholarship Programs
○ Multi-Chain Expansion

Q3 2022
○ Launch eSports and Tournaments
○ Develop Keepers of the Metaverse Lore
○ Keepers of the Metaverse Conception
○ Play-to-Earn Mechanics Development
○ MAGE Relic Utilities & Integrations

Q4 2022
○ Keepers of the Metaverse Development
○ Metaverse Events & Collaborations
○ MetaBrands Gaming Guilds
○ MetaBrands 1 Year Anniversary Milestone

MetaBrands was established with a large group of individuals around the world that have been working in the blockchain and web3 space for many years together. DAO Advisors specialize in the fields of web3 and blockchain core development, decentralization and governance, finance, branding and design, marketing and content creation, gaming and eSports, community growth, and positive social influence. Collectively, the MetaBrands DAO has over 30+ years of experience in the realm of blockchain and cryptocurrency, providing a well-rounded knowledge and understanding to navigate the dynamic landscape.

> Join the DAO Portal <

For more information, please visit the MetaBrands Discord

Official MetaBrands Resources Archive


MetaBrands Discord:
MetaBrands Telegram:
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December 20, 2021, 06:22:25 AM

I am in blockchain gaming since middle of 2017 but fully catched fire 2018 when i watched "Ready Player Number One" for the first time and read about Enjin´s Multiverse! From that moment on I spend hundreds of hours to research and spend a lot of money to get into promising projects like Gods Unchained, Splinterlands, Axies, Sandbox and so on.
Metabrands is something that combines ALL of my wishes now in one project.

- its a DAO
- its earning yield from blockchain games
- Community Power to get into promising new projects
- Real commitment to the project by burning your own coins

List could go almost endless.. Grin

This is the beginning of a real BIG journey and Iam so happy to be a Oracle relic owner from the start!
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