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Author Topic: Announcing Path Of Survival - ETH, Layer 0, P2E, F2P, Turn-based MMO with DAO  (Read 25 times)
PathofSurvival_ (OP)
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January 06, 2022, 10:55:54 AM

Hey everyone,
I'm introducing our very own Ethereum based, Layer 0, turn-based MMO Strategy game, with a deflationary native token.

That is a mouthful if you try and read it out loud. So let's dissect all the trendy words I just used:

Path of Survival is based on the Ethereum blockchain. Pretty self-explanatory. The cool part is, that you don't need to own an NFT, or the native $SRV (Survival Token) to play the game. It's entirely Free to Play. By playing Path of Survival you get to earn the native SRV token or you earn in-game items in the form of an NFT. Of course, everything is fully owned and tradable on our in-built marketplace. The really cool part is that you don't pay for ANY gas, as long as you move your funds within our metaverse. Whenever you're ready to take your profit and move them away from the Path of Survival ecosystem, then, and only then do you get to pay gas fees. So if you pick your moment wisely, you can catch a moment with sub 30 gwei Eth gas.

The Survival token ($SRV) is a deflationary token, that can be staked, used for DAO decisions, and is the native currency of our ecosystem. It even makes sense to purchase and hold it, if you like the game that is. DYOR, NFA, you know the drill... You can stake SRV and earn chests with items. Those items are then used to build your hero during a game. The rarer the item, the better stats it has, hence the more expensive it is. And the value derived from the NFT is not just based on scarcity - it has actual in-game value! It's not a skin, it has stats,

About the game -
The game is set in a dystopian future, which you can read more about on the website - if you're into game lore like I am. There are 5 classes, and each starts with different base stats, different strengths, and respectively, different weaknesses.

1. Assassins
2. Sharpshooters
3. Tanks
4. Mages
5. Paladins
(for more info, please check the Game Design Document (GDD))

You pick a class and receive a naked hero, which you build with items you own. Think of hearthstone, but instead of building a deck, you build armor, weapons, amulets, spells, even tattoos. You choose your build based on your opponent. You can fight 1v1 PVP, 5v5 PVP, PVE, (you can raid with your friends) and participate in tournaments with monetary prizes.

We have in-built clans, where clan owners can take a % of clan members' earnings when they participate in Tournaments, or profit from their items. It's all in the hands of the clan leader actually. The clan lands ownership will be dropped in the form of NFT sometime in Q1, so be sure to follow us, so you don't miss the announcement.

We are really focusing on the community, and we are taking care of our own from day 1. The earlier you join our Discord, Telegram, Twitter, Reddit, whatever, the higher chance you have to be a part of our closed Alpha testing, become more involved in further building the community, even become a clan leader.

To wrap up, this game is built for gamers, by gamers. This is not a "pLeAsE bUy mY sHiTcOiN" post. We are fully funded, we just want you to know about Path of Survival, and if it sounds fun, check us out on Twitter, Discord, Telegram. Someone from the core team is always online, so if you have some questions, you can take them up straight to the developer, and talk 1 to 1.

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