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Author Topic: MeMeDAO:Community-driven Venture Capital platform  (Read 31 times)
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February 21, 2022, 09:26:05 AM

Our observation of real-life examples resulted in a very good idea. This idea led us to create MeMeDAO. Our founding team came from Apple and Google.

MeMeDAO: Community-driven Venture Capital platform


MeMeDAO is a community-driven venture capital platform. MeMeDAO, such as Ark Invest or Tuttle Capital Management in real life, is a relatively well-known meme token focused on investing in promising startup cryptocurrency teams. The goal of MeMeDAO is to allow everyone in the blockchain world to enjoy the dividends of cryptocurrencies.

As a community-driven venture capital platform, every MeMeDAO token holder is equal and has the right to submit proposals to the community, including improving community governance, deciding which tokens to invest in, and how to realize the distribution of investment profits etc. All governance and proposals are deployed by the community in a decentralized manner.

1.2 Why choose MeMeDAO

In reality, the gap between the rich and the poor is growing. In the real society and the blockchain world, whether a higher return can be obtained in investment depends to a large extent on the channel and time difference of obtaining information, as well as the vision of investors. As an ordinary investor, it is difficult for people to judge the value of the invested company or token and the timeliness of obtaining information.

In particular, many better cryptocurrencies require higher thresholds in the initial stage of financing, for example, they require investors to invest more than hundreds of thousands of dollars or individual investors cannot participate in their private sales. For an ordinary investor with a small amount of capital, the amount of hundreds of thousands of dollars is a huge amount of money, and it is difficult for ordinary investors to spend this money to participate in it. So how does MeMeDAO solve these problems.

As the old oriental proverb says, the fire is high when people gather materials. If in a large community, each token holder contributes his own news, it seems to be a good way to determine which token to invest in through community voting. MeMeDAO is committed to bringing all ordinary investors together, exerting the ability of every community member, and gathering everyone's strength to invest. As the so-called three stooges are the top of Zhuge Liang, each of them can enjoy the dividends of the community in the opportunity to participate in community investment.

2. How it works
2.1 WorkFlow

The DAO is fully community led.Everyone who holds the token can participate in the proposal, and everyone is equal in MeMeDAO.

We have prepared an initial governance model for the DAO, as shown in the image below, which can be approved by our first vote. First, community members will share draft proposals in the forum for community discussion. This proposal template should be used.

Following community discussion, the proposal will be reviewed by the consensus unit. Their job is to screen proposals to see if they will yield benefits to token holders before they are published on the snapshot. If the consensus group believes that the proposal may have significant potential risks, they may reject the proposal.

If the proposal is accepted by the consensus unit, it will be added to the snapshot.

2.2 How to dividend

How to distribute the profit of the investment return after the investment is successful? At present, many ERC20 or BEP20 use repurchase or corresponding tokens to increase the value of tokens to realize profit distribution. After MeMeDAO understands the dividend mechanism of the market, there are 3 mechanisms by default: distribution to token holders through stable currency, dividend distribution to token holders through repurchase mechanism, and a combination of these two methods.

It is puzzling that if the investment is successful, MeMeDAO uses stable coins to distribute dividends. Will some addresses that do not purchase MeMeDAO tokens buy MeMeDAO or hold MeMeDAO tokens to increase the corresponding tokens? Someone caused a loss of profits? Obviously, MeMeDAO's solution to this problem is that holders of MeMeDAO tokens need to keep holding to get dividends. If they sell their tokens before profit dividends, holders will not receive corresponding profits. Similarly, if the MeMeDAO token holder increases their holdings, then he will get more profit allocation.

2.3.1 By stable coin

As shown in the figure below, holders gain proposal and voting rights by depositing on the staking pool. After the holder submits a vote and the proposal is approved, the investment mechanism will be triggered. MeMeDAO will invest in those proposals that have been passed, and if profits are obtained, they will be sent to holders through stablecoins such as USDT, DAI, BUSD, etc.

2.3.2 Buy-Back Mechanism

Unlike the stablecoin method, the Buy-Back mechanism does not need to be sent directly to the holder's account through the stablecoin method. MeMeDAO only needs to repurchase MeMeDAO in the primary market with the profit obtained from the investment. As the comparison improves, the holder will profit.

2.3.3 By stable coin and buy-back Mechanism

Through the combination of stablecoin and repurchase mechanism, MeMeDAO will decide based on the final proposal.

2.3.4 Others

MeMeDAO token holders decide other ways of dividend distribution through proposals.

3. Tokenomics
MeMeDAO is a BEP20 compatible token with a fixed supply (100,000,000) that governs MeMeDAO. MeMeDAO holders can make proposals through governance and vote to change the protocol.

Here is the initial token distribution for MeMeDAO:

3% (300,000 MeMeDAO): Airdrop to users.
5% (500,000 MeMeDAO): Seed Round Sales.
7%(700,000 MeMeDAO): Private Round Sale.
15%(1,500,000 MeMeDAO): Public Sale.
15%(1,500,000 MeMeDAO): Adding liquidity, this class of tokens does not participate in voting on proposals.
15%(1,500,000 MeMeDAO): Investment accounts are mainly used to invest in promising tokens, and distribute profits to token holders after obtaining profits. Tokens in this category do not participate in proposals.
20%(2,000,000 MeMeDAO): Assigned to teams.
20%(2,000,000 MeMeDAO): Governance.

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