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Author Topic: [ANN] OneBlock | Substrate community powered by Parity and Web3 Foundation  (Read 143 times)
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May 10, 2022, 12:09:18 PM
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OneBlock+ remains a community habitable for developers on the Substrate framework providing of availing the infrastructures needed, such as; technical documentations, hackathons, webinars. The collaboratively gives the community of developers a better standpoint of understanding at near zero cost.

The assembly of OneBlock+ community has in it technical members and developer from various reputable tech-driven companies like Google, Facebook, Oracle and others including Peking and Tsinghua Universities, just to mention but a few. The number of trained has exceeded 10,000 world class technical talents ready for the blockchain space.
OneBlock+ is the sole operating partner of Parity in Asia and the official partner of Substrate technological development course, dedicated to developing Susbtrate developers and technology in the ecosystem.
Materials provided by OneBlock+ for Substrate development and cultivation for developers includes courses, content, workshops, hackathon, etc., to attract the best hands in the space to take advantage of the technology as its solutions are vast. The aim of OneBlock+ is to ensure a community of developers is grown and made available for the furtherance of blockchain driven projects as well as adoption across various space where the technology is deployed and have them running for a lengthy period of time.
The following areas remains the focus of the OneBlock+ community towards the development and cultivation of the Substrate;

Offline Workshops
Tech Events
Tech Courses
Articles (Technical)

Offline Worshops
Offline workshops are mostly to get developers and community members to physically interact with the OneBlock+ crew for purposes of sensitization an also education and expressions of concerns over the Substrate technology and how to strategically position advantageously. OneBlock+ has held more than 10 offline workshops in Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Xi’an, Chengdu, Wuhan, Hefei, etc.  More of these workshops will still be held in the event of relaxed restriction of the Covid-19 protocols.

Tech Events

Events have been held before now, where developers and  instructors from Parity have availed themselves to inform the participants of the importance of the Substrate technology and also the ecosystem behind it. These events cuts across AMAs, online training sessions, and more than 160 events in total and has cumulatively had more than 10,000 people in attendance. The regular “Substrate Saturday” is OneBlock+’s special live technical sharing sessions that give a deep insight about the technological framework of which Substrate technology presents and this training gives developers and students the practical knowledge required to gain exposure into the framework.

Tech Courses
OneBlock+, since 2018, has offered series of development across projects like SubQuery introductory courses, Moonbeam introductory course, just to mention a few. More than 3000 developers has emerged from this series of event and more than 150,000 views have been recorded on the video content page across the internet. The OneBlock+  has produced CTOs, Founders, and core developers both in Polkadot and other projects and this is a plus for the OneBlock+ community and team have possessed a consciousness that the developer community is the starting point of every project that exists in the blockchain space.


From time to time, Polkadot hackathons are organized by OneBlock+ to help projects who want to leverage on the Substrate technology to build their projects. Four hackathons were co-hosted with Parity in 2021 which had more than 100 teams and 500+ registrants in participation. This paved way for much projects that sprung out of the hackathon, projects like Parallel Finance, Manta, CESS, OAK Network and Web3go.

Articles (Technical)
At intervals, OneBlock+ also produces regular updates through technical articles related to the Substrate, such as technical interpretations, popular science, interviews, and monthly summaries, and publish them on OneBlock+’s WeChat and Medium. Since its inception, OneBlock+ has published over 130 technical articles, which has been read by hundreds of thousands over the globe.
Articles are also welcomed by technical content creators to technically explain in details the Substrate technology to the part of the globe within their reach, to communicate the solution Substrate proffers through the OneBlock+ community. These contents can cut across the reviews of the Substrate software development kit (SDK), upgrades, on latest update on Parity as the partner of OneBlock+ and also the releases of Web3Foundation and its operations that further strengthens coverage and adoption of the Substrate SDK.

Substrate has been the chosen SDK of choice across loads of Projects like Polkadot, Kusama, etc., for the reason of the features it offers and its attraction towards developers in the blockchain development space. Developers and builders have started taking courses and also incorporating Substrate for ease and its features that allows for modification to suit their designs and operations and ecosystems. This has given a boost to the community behind Substrate and kept at equilibrium the usage and engagement confidence by its community of users.
Enshrined in the 2022 roadmap for OneBlock+ is the need for partnership with loads more of projects that will further populate the OneBlock+ community and this gives the projects the flexibility they desire and also the ease in carrying out transactions without the fear of delay and compromised security. To achieve this, more technical courses will be unveiled, more content will be created and more hackathon will be organized within the eco-system.
In the future, we will focus on the Substrate course series, workshops, hackathons, job fairs and other community events to help developers understand Substrate from 0 to 1 and become entrenched in the ecosystem. We hope to expand our Substrate courses globally and build a multilingual technical community with Substrate tech ambassadors to build the future of Web 3.0.
OneBlock+ will continue to support Substrate developers and entrepreneurs, and continue to identify and help quality projects in the Substrate ecosystem, thus promoting the development of the global Substrate technology ecosystem.

About OneBlock++
OneBlock++ is the first and the largest blockchain developer community in China. At OneBlock++, we provide full support for developers with their substrate studies and further set off their career paths. We host Polkadot Hackathons every season to attract top-notch developers to build and innovate for the prosperity of the ecosystem. As a greater China technology resource integrator, OneBlock++ also partners with developers, communities, business elites, and key media who have business insights and experiences in the blockchain industry to provide educational events, such as technical courses, webinars, AMAs, and offline events for the industry. Want to shape the crypto world together? Come and join us today!

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